Contest: Psy Wants All the Sexy Ladies to Try Out to Be His Own Personal Chef


Somewhere between riding imaginary ponies, pranking the general South Korean public and inexplicably yelling at women’s butts, Korean popstar Psy can get a little hungry, so he’s hosting a fan video contest to find his next personal chef. Why?

Because he’s a mother father gentleman, that’s why.

In partnership with Korean restaurant Bibigo, the Psy Needs a Chef campaign asks contestants to post videos of themselves “mixing it up,” in whatever way they can imagine, in order to prove themselves worthy of coming on tour as Psy’s personal chef for a month. The winner will get $40,000 in prize money, an all expenses-paid plane ride, five-star hotel accommodations, the chance to party up with Psy himself and of course, bibimbap, because that sh*t is delicious.

The best part is you don’t even have to know how to cook. The few video submissions which are already up on the Bibigo youtube feature a DJ, a group of girls parodying painter Bob Ross and okay, one person cooking, but just because that guy can actually cook doesn’t make him any likelier to be picked than your Lean Cuisine-eating ass is, honest.

The contest ends on May 12. Check out or the video below for details, or just because you loved watching Gangnam Style that much.

Also, in case you’re one of the five people who hasn’t seen it yet:

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19 (Sexy) Lattes We’d Rather Frame Than Drink


There are lots of great things about cappuccinos, like how they provide us with the fantastically addictive gift of caffeine. They’re also foamy, which is cool. But do you know the greatest thing about capps? They can transform into frothy, espresso-y, completely awe-worthy creations.

Ladies and gents, we’d like to introduce you to some fancy shmancy foam art. From PSY foam to happy cat capps, here are 19 photos of awesome coffee art we’d rather frame than drink.



19. Ayyy Sexy Latte!


Picthx Foodbeast



18. Just. . . this


Picthx The Gathering Place


17. Sailing Into A Romantic Sunset




16. Sweet Little Coffee Family

Coffee Family

Picthx @deeanthony11


15. Mustachioed Cappuccino


Picthx Bottles & Models


14. Magical Woman

Woman Cappuccino

Picthx @AngelVili


13. The Prez Himself

Barack Obama

Picthx Postmodern Lily

12. But. . . How?

Cappuccino Pattern

Picthx @tuuliitbuushu 


11. Angry Birds Strike Again

Angry Birds

Picthx @debbybosman


10. Dude with A ‘Tude

Cool Dude

Picthx @chiara83


9. Puppy Love


Picthx @tampcoffeeco


8. Earthly Cappuccino

World Cappuccino

Picthx Studio 6 Coffee House


7. Too Cutes to Drink


Picthx Women’s Day


6. “Let’s Juice!”


Picthx @Nowtoo


5. Don’t Feed the Latte


Picthx Imgur


4. Tastes Like Unicorn


Picthx @amazonrita


3. All Smiles


Picthx The Design Tree


2. Kitty Kapp


Picthx @VikiRahardja


1. Wish Upon a Latte


Picthx Art In My Coffee


The Top 5 Foodie Ads for Superbowl XLVII

The Top 5 Foodie Ads of Superbowl XLVII
The outlandish and witty ads that we get bombarded with on game day were at a premium this year, but there were a few standouts sandwiched in between a Destiny’s Child reunion and an exciting, close championship game.




5. Beck’s Sapphire – No Diggity

This one was simple, simply featuring the sleek bottle design of Beck’s Sapphire. However, there’s something about a fish serenading Blackstreet’s “No Diggity” that gives this ad a spot on the top 5:


4. Taco Bell – We Are Young

This one got some buzz on the web when it was released earlier this week and it made its national debut yesterday. The clip earned a good chuckle as the elderly wreaked havoc while a terrible Spanish version of Fun’s “We are Young” played in the background.


3. Got Milk? – The Rock’s Milk Mustache

This commercial portrayed Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as a superhero making his way through the madness of the city, drinking milk (of course) to help him along on his crime-fighting errands.


2. Wonderful Pistachios – Crackin’ Gangnam Style

We thought we left Psy and Gangnam Style in 2012, but he made his way back for the Superbowl. At least for one last time, Gangnam Style was funny.


1. Doritos – Goat for Sale

A man buys a goat and quickly finds out why it was for sale. Well done, Doritos.


Late Addition – Jell-O Pudding Surprise

At the end of the game, Jell-O decided to give a surprise to the losing San Francisco 49ers. In the ad, it promised the city free pudding on Tuesday and mocked Baltimore in the process.


Vodka Gangnam Style — It Was Inevitable

No need to fill space with Gangnam Style’s history, so let’s get straight to the point: Vodka.

Woobo International filed to trademark a Gangnam Style vodka drink in the U.S., along with the phrase “Oppah, Gangnam Style” for marketing purposes.

Woobo probably figured after spending 2012 watching countless Gangnam Style parodies and seeing the endless amount of memes, you’ll want to drink until you forget this phenomenon ever took place.

Woobo filed a trademark for Gangnam Style in its stomping grounds of Russia, but that one is still pending Psy’s approval.

The filing for the Gangnam trademark has drawn skepticism because of the year’s time it would take for the trademark to be processed. By then, Gangnam Style’s popularity will mercifully dwindle, making new products in its name pretty pointless.

If you feel this story didn’t fulfill your daily Gangnam Style needs, check out the Year’s top Gangnam Style food homages and soak in the Gangnam you can until the year ends.

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The Year’s Top 7 Food Homages to Gangnam Style

What does PSY’s viral K-pop hit, Gangnam Style (now at 1 billion views), have to do with food? Absolutely nothing, we’ll admit. In fact, there’s no strong link between food and this sophisticated-looking Korean man in sunglasses gyrating his hips with wild abandon to upbeat music. Both provide nourishment — ahem, in different ways, of course — but that’s about it.

Despite the lack of a direct connection, that hasn’t stopped the food world from jumping on the phenomenon and making Gangnam Style every little bit as relevant. From restaurant parodies of the now-famous dance to the creative likenesses of the pop star’s face in latte foam, there’s no end to the obsession.

Below, our 7 favorite food homages to Gangnam Style.


1. Gangnam Style-inspired Starbucks Coffee Art

Brilliant way to outwardly show your devotion to caffeine and PSY.


2. Gangnam Style-inspired Cappucino


Good morning, sexy lady! What else could you want in a cappuccino, seriously?


3. In-N-Out-inspired Gangnam Style parody

More horse-inspired dancing — related to burgers this time.


4. Farmer Style: What does it sound like?

Ah, straight from the growers of our precious food. From the farmers who brought us “I’m Farming & I Grow It,” comes THIS video.


5. Gangnam Style Food Cart In NYC

Yeah, it’s a PSY-themed bulgogi, bbq chicken and pork cart — originally discovered by Midtown Lunch. Eat your heart out, guys. THIS IS AMAZING.

via gothamist


6. Whole Foods Employees Do it Flash-Mob Style

The store, located in downtown Austin, basically broke out in PSY’s famous dance on a whim. Watch ’em in the bakery section!

via wfmlaura


7. Gangnam Style McDonald’s Fries

Oh yeah, we’d supersize these. This image of Gangnam Style fries is probably fake and photoshopped — but wouldn’t it be great if it were real? The bag features instructions on how to incorporate PSY’s horse dance into your consumption of fried potatoes.

via indonewyork 


More Gangnam Style Coffee Art — Ayeee, Sexy Latte! [PHOTO]

For those of you who’d rather not find PSY’s warm and grinning mug sitting in your morning coffee, one of our readers has just sent us a (somewhat) prettier alternative.

Not sure whether or not this is what happens when you tell the barista you’re a Korean pop star, but it does seem better than a few more racist alternatives (or worse, having them try to do that weird horse-riding dance as they’re mixing your drink).

Thanks to Michael Fournier, whose friend of a friend is a genius, or who may just be too humble to take credit for this masterpiece himself.


Gangnam Style Takes Over Coffee


It’s happened. Gangnam Style has finally infiltrated the world of food via an artfully made cappucino.

The viral video has hit nearly 360 million views worldwide, the craze spreading to every facet of our every day lives (see In-N-Out inspired parody). The song has possibly become the most insanely catchiest beat to hit YouTube, possibly more than any Bieber Fever jingle on the radio. So what do you do when every time you hop on an elevator you get a sudden urge to thrust your hips shake your junk? Nothing. There’s no hope for you at that point.

We can only imagine what the next step for the Gangnam empire will be. Gangnam toasters, so you can munch on PSY while you drink your morning coffee? Gangnam Fruit Loops, so you can be awesome and yummy? Gangnam condoms? Actually, that’s already been done.

One thing’s certain, the day I look down into my machiatto and see PSY grinning at me is the day I stop drinking coffee. Actually, the former is more likely than the latter.

Via 9gag

Fast Food

Finally, an In-N-Out-Inspired Gangnam Style Parody — Oppa Animal Style!

Working in food news, there are plenty of internet crazes we sadly don’t get to play along with, one of the most recent being PSY’s ridiculously entertaining video (and subsequent horse-inspired dance craze) for “Gangnam Style.”

Well my fellow food writers and readers, rejoice. Youtube user ActRecordingly has just released an In-N-Out inspired Gangnam Style parody, just in time to fit into that tiny window of ADD-riddled opportunity before PSY goes from being weirdly awesome to unbearably annoying.

And okay, so the lines aren’t particularly inspired and the production quality is only so-so, reminding everyone of just how far we’ve really come since Youtube’s early days, but it might be worth it just to hear the guy’s respectively creative (and always true) pre-chorus whoop: “I want Animal Style!”

[Via LAist]