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This Is The World’s First Edible ‘Operation’ Board Game And It Actually Works

Playing Milton Bradley’s popular Operation board game was an ordeal for us as a kid. Not only were our hands constantly shaking, but we got pretty squeamish at anything related to surgery. The thought of sticking pliers into a grown man’s abdomen for the purpose of entertainment just didn’t sit well with us.

There’s a new version of the iconic board game, however, that’s a little sweeter to swallow than its plastic predecessor.

Food scientist Ann Reardon from YouTube series How To Cook That, created a fully-functioning Operation cake that kids can both play with and eat. She uses a plethora of sweet ingredients including chocolate, cake, jam, and Twizzlers to bring this classic game to life.

During the creation of the sugary pastime, Reardon wires the cake to replicate the voices and buzzing sounds Operation is famous for. The wiring, obviously, is the only part of the dessert that shouldn’t be eaten.

Check out the video to see exactly how to make an edible cake version of Operation. Maybe if we had this when we were younger we would enjoy playing it a little more.

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This 24-Hour Coffee Shop Has Video Games, Books, Costumes & More

Nerds, dorks and dweebs, unite! A young man named Kristopher Irons had a dream to create a 24-hour coffee shop that panders to geeks and gamers alike, so what did he do? The next logical thing of course: he started a Kickstarter campaign to create his dream coffee shop, Requiem.

Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 5.19.06 PM

Final Fantasy fans might recognize the font and style of the coffee shop’s name.

Irons realized that outside of the world’s largest geek conventions (such as Comiket with 590,000 people, gamescon with 335,000, Japan Expo with 240,000 and San Diego and New York Comic Cons, with 130,000 and 150,000 people, respectively), there is no place that’s not online for friends and fans of anime, comics, games, movies, tv shows, books and other mediums of geekdom to gather, discuss and socialize.

“Sports fans have sports bars where they can go for countless hours…why don’t fans of anime, books, cartoons, comics, movies, tv shows, or video games?” 

He even made a pretty good observation about how large groups of people are (and should be) catered to: “Sports fans have sports bars where they can go for countless hours to feel at home, surrounded by people who understand their passions — why don’t fans of anime, books, cartoons, comics, movies, tv shows, or video games?”

Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 4.47.03 PM

Anyone who has ever played a game like Zelda will recognize these colorful “potions”

Being a gamer, I can proudly say I’ve spent countless hours playing video games, often going into the ridiculous hours of the morning. Irons can relate, which is why his startup coffee joint will be open 24 hours a day! Being a nerd myself, I’m very familiar with the whole “bullies and nerds” culture. Irons seems to also know it, since he puts a big emphasis on the fact that no harassment at all will be tolerated in his coffee shop. It’s meant to be a safe haven where people can feel comfortable being themselves.

Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 5.23.14 PM

Irons will also be implementing a “stop and go” system of sorts. If someone is happy to socialize and willing to let people approach his or her table, he’ll turn his table cone over to reveal the green cone. If he or she simply wants to snuggle up with a book, a cup of coffee and their thoughts, they can flip the cone over to the red side.

The coffee shop will have four general areas based on common themes throughout a variety of popular games. One area will be a Sci-fi area similar to those seen in games like Halo and Destiny, another corner will be a woodland shire-type area, much like Zelda and Skyrim, one corner will take inspiration from castles, cathedrals and other large structures commonly found in RPGs, and the last corner will feature the retro-modern stylings often associated with steampunk trends and the 50s/60s.

Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 4.48.02 PM Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 4.47.55 PM Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 4.48.35 PM Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 4.47.46 PM

Requiem will be located in Anaheim, California, close to the Disneyland area, so that guests anywhere from LA to San Diego will be able to take a short trip to reach their mini Comic Con destination. The shop will also have cosplay items for use, board and card games, high speed internet for gaming, art supplies for artists, a community board to find others with the same interest, and a huge supply of books and comics at your disposal. If you want to donate to this genius idea, check out the Kickstarter campaign here!

Well, it looks like I’ve found my new home…so who’s coming with me? In the words of Super Mario, “Let’s a-go!”



Photos: Kickstarter


This Adult Coloring Book Features Your Favorite Chefs And Food Icons


Back in kindergarten, coloring was our jam. We’d stay in the lines, we’d mix it up with different shades and we’d sharpened our crayons by whittling them with our teeth. We didn’t care, we were babies. Crayons tasted bomb.

Harkening back to our formative years, we were introduced to Small Thyme Cooks. The novelty coloring book features 52 pages of culinary activities that remind us of our youths while, at the same time, challenges us with games and puzzles that test our knowledge of the culinary world.


The book was created by Andre Hueston Mack. The owner and winemaker at Mouton Noir Wines. Mack worked for years in the culinary world and established a boutique graphic design firm.

Small Thyme Cooks is available for $15 through Amazon. The activity book features many culinary icons ranging from Charlie Trotter, Roy Choi, Graham Elliot, Homaro Cantu, Marc Vetri and Michael White.


The Nerdtendo GAMEBOOZE is Your Grown-Up 1-Up


I was performing a deep clean of my childhood bedroom the other day, and unearthed many a treasure from my earlier years: Beanie Babies, collectible (read: spendable) state quarters, and an original GAME BOY that could have easily doubled as a bulky and fashionable murder weapon.

I mean, seriously, given how compact everything is nowadays, those things seem implausibly huge. How on earth did we, as children, manage to get anywhere in Pokemon Red, Blue, White, Black, Gray, Teal, and/or Chartreuse, when the old Gameboys were half our weight? Kids today have it easy. If you’re going to carry around all that bulk, may as well use it for something good. Really good.

Like booze.

Twenty years later, Etsy user Athena’sWink has the answer to all our problems. Or at least one of them. The Nerdtendo GAMEBOOZE (get it?) successfully incorporates our childhood of hard knocks into our resultant, alcohol-soaked adulthoods, and will run you the cost of less than one 3DS game. So, you know. Win-win.

Buy it here, and then rage drunkenly to anyone who’ll listen about how much you miss the 80s/90s.

Nerdtendo GAMEBOOZE: $20 @Etsy

H/T + PicThx that’s nerdalicious


Why Not Win Your Fancy Seafood Dinner from a Lobster Claw Machine?

lobster zone full

This is one of those things that seems completely obvious the second you see it. Seriously, everyone needs to have gotten onboard with this  centuries ago, or whenever claw games were invented.

Apparently, it’s not all that different from traditional claw machines. You put in your money (albeit, a little extra) and fish around for a while until you get your lobster. These things, with names like Sub Marine Catcher and Lobster Zone, are available at restaurants where, once you’ve got a lobster, they cook it for you. If you’re good at the game, you can probably save a good 80 percent on your meal, so that’s cool.

Ugh, but of course, here comes The Atlantic to ruin our fun by making us think about, like, ethics and stuff. C’mon, guys. Can’t we eat our traumatized crustaceans in peace?

But, seriously, if you’re a fan of lobster (eating, not rescuing), don’t read the article. It’s kind of depressing.

H/T The Laughing Squid/PicThx The Atlantic


Chocolate Battleship Game

How do you make a classic board game even sweeter? Add chocolate, naturally. Personally, I think this adds a completely new dimension to traditional Battleship. The stakes of any game are raised when there’s chocolate involved and your strategy changes completely when candy is on the line… if you’re 12 years old. In any case, no one wants to be completely blown out of the water in a game like this because that means no chocolate for you. Ahhh, victory never tasted so sweet. ($11 @ Firebox)


Langer’s, Post Cereal & Arby’s Among Brands Partnering with Mattel Games

Games and food always seems like a winning combo, but food advertisement in a game is a whole different ball game. Mattel Games, known for making childhood favorites such as Apples to Apples, UNO, and Whac-A-Mole, has recently secured promotional partnerships with major food and beverage industry leaders such as Arby’s, Tyson Foods, Mama Rosa’s pizza, Langers juice, Post cereal, Edible Arrangements, and many more. Why? Apparently, Mattel Games wants to secure a year round marketplace for its products. However, a different side of the story will convey that food companies want to expand their presence especially to a very impressionable younger-age demographic. Who want’s to ask the Magic 8, what’s for dinner?