Mountain Dew Debuts First-Ever Drink Designed For Gamers

I wouldn’t call myself a gamer, but I’ve been known to crush it during a Simpsons: Hit and Run sesh on occasion. The problem is having open drink cans near a gaming console is simply asking for an accident to happen if things were to get heated, and now that an entire industry has been built from professional gaming, it makes sense that there should be more beverages not only help you focus on your objective, but also keep you from ruining your carpet.

Mountain Dew just announced the launch of their newest beverage: MTN DEW AMP Game Fuel, the first-ever drink created specifically for gamers.

It includes a combination of caffeine and theanine to improve alertness and accuracy, which are essential for gaming, as well as Vitamin A and a combination of B vitamins. The newly designed cans also feature a no-slip grip and resealable lid to ensure no accidents happen in the heat of the moment.

MTN DEW AMP Game Fuel is set to launch in 2019, with pro gamers getting a sneak peak of the beverage during the Call of Duty World League competition in Las Vegas this December.

We spoke to professional gamer and fried chicken enthusiast FaZe Cheo of the FaZe Clan to hear his thoughts on such a drink.

“The idea of Mountain Dew coming out with a gaming drink is awesome!” Cheo shares. “To have a resealable lid to keep the carbonation fresh, to have a no slip grip on the can during high pressure situations is key.”

Cheo, also the in-house chef of FaZe clan, also adds that having vitamins to boost alertness and accuracy is crucial to make sure you’re always bringing your A game.

Super Smash Bros: Ultimate does come out in a few days. This sure would come in handy once it debuts nationally. Those interested in trying Mountain Dew’s new gamer drink as soon as it launches can pre-order it through Amazon or

Fast Food

Nintendo Introduces New Video Game Flavors For Yogurtland


Probably the only thing that pairs nicely with the bright, vibrant, colors of Nintendo games are desserts that are just as colorful. Yogurt, perhaps. The video game company partnered with Yogurtland to create some awesome new flavors for both yogurt lovers and gamers alike.

New flavors include: Mario’s Chocolate Gelato, Luigi’s White Chocolate Pistachio, Toad’s Rocky Road and Bowser’s Dragon Berry Tart.


The popular Yogurt chain has also added some Nintendo-themed toppings to accompany the frozen dessert. You get spooky Boos and Super Stars as tiny little marshmallows.


Yogurtland is also doing a #GameOn contest where you can win a Nintendo Wii U, a year’s worth of Yogurtland and other Nintendo games each week. You just have to show up, buy some yogurt and follow the steps at the register to enter.

The promotion will be available from July 1 through Sept. 8.


Gamers Order Over $1 Million Worth of Pizza Via Xbox 360


Back in April we reported on Pizza Hut’s Xbox 360 app that allows gamers to order pies from the convenience of their console. Through the app gamers have the ability to customize their pizza to their tastes and have the option for delivery or pick-up. Let’s be real, if customers are ordering pizzas through their Xboxes chances are 99.9 percent of them are getting delivery, picking up your order is for noobs.

Anywho, given that Pizza Hut basically made it easier for us to avoid being social it should come as no surprise that the pizza giant sold over $1 million worth of pizzas in the first four months of the app’s launch. New generations of gaming consoles hit the market back in November and although there’s still no sign of a Pizza Hut app on WiiU, Xbox One or PlayStation 4 Doug Terfehr, public relations director for Pizza Hut says “Conversations are still ongoing with us. Wherever you are, we want to be.” For now you’ll just have to deal with ordering through your phone… no not dialing an actual pizza place I mean using the app, sheesh.

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Donkey Kong Nespresso Display for Your Inner Vintage Gamer


Are you the kind of person that busts out the old Nintendo on a Friday night and pops in some Super Mario Bros. 2 or Earthbound? Do you appreciate the aesthetics of 8-bit designs? Then maybe this Donkey Kong Nespresso Wall Mount is just the thing for you!

Created by Hologramer, this work of art was inspired by the classic Donkey Kong game. CapsuleKong is a unique wall-mount that rolls out your morning Nespresso capsules in Nintendo fashion. The design of the mount captures the nostalgia of the original game level with beautifully carved characters.

Holding exactly 50 capsules, the mount is designed to roll perfectly from top to bottom. At 360mm wide and 440mm high with a 10mm diameter, the wall-mount is the perfect treat for video game aficionados who pre-date the era of Angry Birds and Candy Crush. If this was hanging on my kitchen wall, I’d definitely be more of a morning person.

CapsuleKong $170 @FancyThings

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This Tokyo Cafe is a Slice of Video Game Heaven


Pico Pico Cafe is situated atop an 8-story building in Kichijoji, Tokyo and has won the heart of gamers and coffee lovers alike.

Joseph White and his wife, Natsuko White, created a warm abidance that greets you at the door. The decor appeals to gamers, as Rocketnews points out, by incorporating “subtle dashes of video game culture in every other nook and cranny.” I’m not a gamer myself, but the small details, like the miniature farmer placed in the soil of a planter and the dated video game consoles, are what wins me over. This is certainly a go-to spot if you’re ever in Tokyo, and a place that hopefully unearths around our own hometowns.

More photos of this slice of video game heaven here.


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