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6 Super Bowl Recipes You Can Make In Under 30 Minutes

The Super Bowl is coming up this weekend, and you’re probably here looking for some recipe ideas for the big game. If you don’t have a lot of time on your plate, or if you want to make a bunch of quick but easy dishes for Sunday, we’ve got a few recipe ideas for you to check out here.

Each of the recipes below can be made in 30 minutes or less, given you have the ingredients ahead of time. Prep time is very quick for these, so you don’t have to slave in the kitchen and stress about making it to the game on time – or, if you’re hosting, missing parts of the game while you’re trying to get everything cooked and ready.

Take a look at the recipes below, and if you like one of them, definitely give them a shot for Super Bowl Sunday!


Spicy BBQ Chicken Sliders 



While you definitely want to marinate the chicken ahead of time for optimal flavor, grilling chicken thighs is extremely fast and is still tender with a ton of flavor. Go ahead and use the slaw recipe in the recipe above as well for a quick coleslaw – or use premade coleslaw for an even faster slider that just requires you to marinate and grill chicken.

Chicken Teriyaki Handrolls


These are a fun, portable spin on chicken teriyaki that will get people talking about them on game day. Filled with homemade teriyaki chicken (easily done in an oven in under 30 minutes), rice, and greens of your choice, this isn’t something you’d normally see at a Super Bowl party. Like everything else, however, it’s quick and simple to make, and will definitely be a memorable party dish.

Tortellini with Chili, Leeks, and Tomatoes



Fresh tortellini can easily be picked up at the supermarket and cooked in mere minutes, and is usually enough to fill a large bowl and feed a crowd. What you add in after that is up to you. I love this combination of tomato, leek, and chili flake that gets elevated with a kick of Parmesan cheese. This dish is extremely cheap, making it a great way to quickly supply food for the party without breaking the bank.




This traditional Cuban stew of ground beef and olives can be done in a flash. It’s not spicy, but packs a ton of flavor and will go a long way at a large gathering.

Seafood Ceviche


With all of the heavy, greasy food you’re likely to find at a Super Bowl party, it’s good to have something light and refreshing to balance it out. This ceviche is the cure for you, with tons of fresh seafood, citrus, and avocado to lighten up the party. This particular version uses seafood that is either raw (tuna) or cooks in a short amount of time (scallops and shrimp), meaning that you can make this ceviche FAST.

Spiced Caramel Popcorn 



If you’re looking for a quick sweet treat to make, and don’t want to break out the baking equipment, this popcorn is the recipe for you. With a quick sticky caramel, and popcorn that you can make in the microwave in just a couple of minutes, it’s an overall easy recipe that will turn into a crowd favorite for dessert.

Making all of the above recipes takes under half an hour for each. However, if you’re crunched on time and need to make multiple recipes in under an hour, here are the best way to group the above recipes, so you can get multiple dishes done in an hour or less:

Ceviche, Teriyaki Handrolls, and Picadillo – Ceviche is super quick to make since most of it is raw. You can cook the seafood and mix it up while baking off your chicken for the teriyaki handrolls. Since you need rice already for the chicken, it can also be served alongside the picadillo.

BBQ Chicken Sliders and Tortellini – The BBQ chicken sliders just need a grill (or grill pan if you don’t have one) for the chicken, meaning that the rest of your stove is free to boil the tortellini and saute the tomatos/leeks or whatever else you choose to add in.

Popcorn, Ceviche, and Teriyaki Handrolls – The popcorn requires a microwave and a stove burner for the caramel, the ceviche requires a stove burner for the scallops/shrimp, and the teriyaki handrolls just need the oven (and rice), meaning that you can make all 3 at the same time in one kitchen!

Hopefully, these swift but simple recipes should make prepping for your Super Bowl party a breeze, giving you more time to enjoy the big game (or the commercials) with your friends and family. Have a fun and safe weekend!



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