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HBO Digitally Removes Coffee Cup From Last Week’s ‘Game Of Thrones’, It Wasn’t Starbucks After All


Warning: Game of Thrones Spoilers Ahead

Fans of the groundbreaking HBO series Game of Thrones spotted what was almost undeniably a Starbucks coffee cup this past Sunday’s episode.

Without going too heavy into it, the scene took place during a feast held in the halls of Winterfell. In one shot you can clearly see a modern cup of coffee on the table in front of the Dragon Queen Daenerys Targaryen.

News spread of the botch and wild theories ranging from time travel, revenge of the cinematographer, and even Starbucks product placement all invaded social platforms.

HBO debunked those rumors in a statement that pretty much squashed all the theories and simply owned up to the fact that it was an accident…and has corrected it.

Subscribers of HBO Go and NOW will notice that the cup has been digitally erased from the episode. At the time of reporting, you can still see the cup if you have the HBO extension of Hulu, but it’ll probably be a matter of hours before they wipe that footage too.

It was also confirmed by The Wall Street Journal that the cup wasn’t from Starbucks, but simply craft services. There goes the Starbucks advertisement theory.

HBO also mentioned that with a production as big as Game of Thrones, items from craft services have occasionally been missed and made it on camera. Though luckily none as noticeable as that coffee cup.

Game of Thrones fans, the final two episodes will be airing on May 12 and May 19. With two episodes left, which will presumably be some of television’s moved viewed content for years to come, you bet your sweet ass fans will dissect every scene for the tiniest of details. Hopefully nothing else slips by.

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Shake Shack’s Secret Game Of Thrones Menu Is Launching Nationwide

For the past few days, Shake Shack has been hiding a secret Game of Thrones menu at their Madison Square Park location. Starting on April 12th, that exclusive collab will be made available at locations nationwide.

Photo courtesy of Shake Shack

Unlike the hidden menu at the Madison Square Park location, you don’t have to order in Valyrian if you don’t want to. There is a pronunciation guide available, though, for those who want to channel their inner Game of Thrones geek.

Both items on the collab menu, the fiery Dracarys Burger and minty Dragonglass Shake, will have different availabilities. The Dragonglass Shake, which is a mint chip shake with shiny black toffee shards on top, will be sold at locations nationwide except for those at airports, ballparks, stadiums, and transit centers. You’ll be able to get it through May 19th.


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The original @ShakeShack location in Madison Square Park is serving 2 new @GameOfThrones themed menu items until April 21st—but you may only order them while speaking Valyrian! But fear not, Shake Shack has released a guide to help you pronounce the words necessary to procure your fire & ice themed delicacies. (Find the guide in our Story highlight.) • 🔥🍔 The Dracarys Burger is a double Monterey Jack cheeseburger topped with bacon and “fiery Shack Sauce” which contains a blend of Carolina Reaper and chipotle pepper. This burger is actually everything we’d already want from a cheeseburger, plus the fiery sauce which elevated the experience in ways ketchup and mayonnaise cannot. We don’t like jalapeños, but we aren’t afraid of heat either, so this sauce helped deliver that sensation in a tastier way. “Caution: may be too hot for non-Targaryens.” • 🐉 The Dragonglass Shake is made with minted white chocolate custard topped with shards of “Dragonglass” (shiny toffee). When it comes to mint flavored treats; we are not the biggest fans. But from time to time, we do find an exception. This shake is one of them! The mint flavor is not too strong, and the toffee combined with it really blew us away. I want more toffee now. #mnmtwinzEats • #ShakeShack #GameofThrones #ForTheThrone #Targaryen #WhiteWalkers #Cheeseburger #Burger #Bacon #Milkshake #Shake #Toffee #food52 #thekitchn #foodgawker #f52grams #beautifulcuisines #thefeedfeed #foodstyling #eater #thrillist #tastingtable #onthetable #Foodie #FoodNews #IIFYM #FlexibleDieting #Macros #Diet

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As for the Dracarys Burger, its availability will be much more limited. This spicy bacon double cheeseburger will only be sold at the following Shake Shacks:

  • Montrose in Houston
  • Uptown in Dallas
  • MGM NY-NY in Las Vegas
  • West Hollywood
  • Madison Square Park
  • River North in Chicago
  • Logan Circle in DC, Miami Beach
  • RiNo in Denver
  • Center City in Philly
  • Newbury Street in Boston

All of these locations will have the burger available through April 21st.

Featured Image courtesy of Marcus and Matthew at @mnmtwinz on Instagram.

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Game Of Thrones Wings Are Coming To Buffalo Wild Wings For One Day Only

Buffalo Wild Wings is throwing their hat into the Game of Thrones collab ring with ghost pepper-sauced wings.

Photo courtesy of Buffalo Wild Wings

Buffalo’s contribution is called “Dragon Fire” wings, and they are an exclusive, limited-time option that will only be available on Sunday, April 14. That’s the same day the final season of Game of Thrones premieres.

The Dragon Fire wings are coated in a soy-ginger glaze that’s imbued with ghost chilies for an added boost of heat. That spice gets even more intense with a fresh jalapeno garnish.

Buffalo Wild Wings will have these available in-store, via online order, or through Doordash, so you’re not limited to just picking up these wings in a restaurant. It also makes them a thematic option to get delivered when the first episode drops.

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Shake Shack Created A Special ‘Game Of Thrones’ Menu For The Show’s Final Season

The Game of Thrones food collabs leading up to the show’s final season have been drool-worthy. From custom-branded OREOs to a chilly can of Mountain Dew, folks are definitely getting creative in how to celebrate the TV saga.

Shake Shack is getting in on the action as well, as their original location in Madison Square Park is serving up two different themed items.

Photo courtesy of Shake Shack

Each new menu item, the Dracarys Burger and Dragonglass Shake are meant to evoke key figures in the final season. The Dracarys Burger, for example, is themed after dragons, with a fiery ShackSauce made with Carolina Reapers and chipotle peppers accentuating the flavors of Monterey Jack cheese and bacon. Meanwhile, the Dragonglass Shake combines the refreshing notes of mint chip with shards of shiny black toffee, which represent the mythical obsidian that can slay White Walkers.

Ordering the Game of Thrones items can be tricky, as you have to speak Valyrian to the cashiers to score them. There’s a pronunciation guide below that you’ll want to keep on handy when doing so.

Photo courtesy of Shake Shack

You can find the Dracarys Burger at the Madison Square Park location through April 21st, while the Dragonglass Shake will stay around until May 19th.

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Custom Game Of Thrones Designed OREOs Hit Shelves April 8th, Here Is A Sneak Peek

We’ve known that official Game of Thrones OREOs were gonna be a thing since the cookie giant confirmed the news a while back. With that launch date coming soon, though, we’re officially getting a first look at the custom-designed OREO cookies that will be a part of this collab.

Photo courtesy of OREO

In each package of Game of Thrones OREOs, there will be four different types of cookies, each representing different houses from the show. The Starks, Targaryens, Lannisters, and the Night King will be featured, showcasing the Great Houses that remain in competition for the Iron Throne as well as the enemy White Walkers.

OREO has confirmed that these will drop in stores nationwide just a week before the final season’s premiere, on April 8th. They also mentioned that it’s their “largest limited-edition launch” yet, so hopefully that means everyone will be able to snag a few packs to munch on during some of those feature film-length episodes.

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Brace Yourselves: Official Game Of Thrones OREOs Are Coming

We knew that Game of Thrones was gonna go big on their promotions for the final season, but the writing wizards of Winterfell have conjured up an unexpected surprise nobody expected: Official show-branded OREOs.

First reported on by packaged food Instagrammers like TheJunkFoodAisle and CandyHunting, Foodbeast has received official confirmation from OREO’s team that these Game of Thrones OREO packages are launching soon.

OREO wouldn’t provide any more detail than that confirmation, but promised to share additional details about the HBO collab as soon as possible.

For now, we just know that these will be dropping some time around April 14th, when the final season of Game of Thrones begins.

Featured Image courtesy of @TheJunkFoodAisle on Instagram. 

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‘White Walker Whisky’ Has Arrived To Get The ‘Game Of Thrones’ Hype Started

We’re getting ever closer to the final season of Game of Thrones, and to build the hype, a special White Walker Whisky has been released to get into the Westeros spirit.

white walker whiskyPhoto courtesy of Johnnie Walker

HBO, the network that airs the beloved series, teamed up with Johnnie Walker for the unique blend and bottle of Scotch whisky. It’s meant to be served straight out of the freezer, as the flavors imbued into the spirit — berries and vanilla — are best enjoyed cold.

Johnnie Walker also took a page out of the Coors playbook with their bottle design that makes this a true collector’s item. When frozen, a chilly “Winter is Here” graphic will appear on the label, evoking the White Walkers and their ensuing conflict with the rest of Westeros that’s sure to come in the new season.

The limited-edition bottles make for some interesting Game of Thrones memorabilia, especially as a keepsake for when the show does eventually reach its ending.

Johnnie Walker’s GoT-themed whisky is going to be available well ahead of GoT’s return date, as bottles will be distributed globally this month.

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Sophie Turner From ‘Game Of Thrones’ Reviews Sausages On A Secret Instagram

You gotta live the life mayn

A post shared by Passionate Bout The Saus (@sophiessausagereviews) on

We’re all eagerly waiting for the final season of Game of Thrones to air, as 2019 cannot come soon enough.

Until HBO makes a more official announcement regarding the premiere date, we’ll need some content to snack on to curb our GoT appetite. Lucky for us, one actress is passing the time with a secretive Instagram account dedicated to one of our favorite breakfast meats.

Sophie Turner, best known for her role as Sansa Stark on the acclaimed series, revealed that she has a secret passion: sausages.

She loves sausages so much that she actually created a secret Instagram account where she eats and reviews sausages.

The actress shared a screenshot of the account (@sophiessausagereviews) on her Instagram story and asked for a follow, reported Business Insider. The account has since gained more than 40,000 followers.

Below is her first post:

Followed by gems like this:

And this:

You can catch Sophie Turner in the eighth and final season of Game of Thrones next year. She’ll also star as Jean Grey in X-Men: Dark Phoenix, set to premiere February 2019.

Hopefully from now until then, we’ll be stuffed with all kinds of new sausage reviews from the actress.