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Custom Game Of Thrones Designed OREOs Hit Shelves April 8th, Here Is A Sneak Peek

We’ve known that official Game of Thrones OREOs were gonna be a thing since the cookie giant confirmed the news a while back. With that launch date coming soon, though, we’re officially getting a first look at the custom-designed OREO cookies that will be a part of this collab.

Photo courtesy of OREO

In each package of Game of Thrones OREOs, there will be four different types of cookies, each representing different houses from the show. The Starks, Targaryens, Lannisters, and the Night King will be featured, showcasing the Great Houses that remain in competition for the Iron Throne as well as the enemy White Walkers.

OREO has confirmed that these will drop in stores nationwide just a week before the final season’s premiere, on April 8th. They also mentioned that it’s their “largest limited-edition launch” yet, so hopefully that means everyone will be able to snag a few packs to munch on during some of those feature film-length episodes.

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Brace Yourselves: Official Game Of Thrones OREOs Are Coming

We knew that Game of Thrones was gonna go big on their promotions for the final season, but the writing wizards of Winterfell have conjured up an unexpected surprise nobody expected: Official show-branded OREOs.

First reported on by packaged food Instagrammers like TheJunkFoodAisle and CandyHunting, Foodbeast has received official confirmation from OREO’s team that these Game of Thrones OREO packages are launching soon.

OREO wouldn’t provide any more detail than that confirmation, but promised to share additional details about the HBO collab as soon as possible.

For now, we just know that these will be dropping some time around April 14th, when the final season of Game of Thrones begins.

Featured Image courtesy of @TheJunkFoodAisle on Instagram.