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Sriracha Candy Canes Exist, Proof Santa Loves Us


I’ve always wondered if Santa was real or not. I was convinced that the mall version of him was the real thing, until one Christmas he failed to get me the latest NHL for my Sega. After that, he was dead to me, and I began to question everything in my life. Fortunately, these Sriracha Candy Canes are bringing back the faith.

The new holiday-friendly item features your classic candy cane with the year’s hottest trend (ho ho ho). Infused with Sriracha’s spicy flavor, each candy cane is decorated in the Rooster Sauce’s signature colors of red, white, and green. Of course, their resemblance to the traditional peppermint flavor makes for perfect prankster fodder.

With such a troll-worthy, delicious holiday offering, I just might forgive the bearded bloke after all.

Sriracha Candy Canes, 12-pack, $8 @ThinkGeek

PicThx ThinkGeek


Gravy and Wasabi Candy Canes Make for the Cruelest Prank Ever


I like me a good prank. You know– the harmless, slightly terrifying sort. But there are some jokes that just aren’t funny (hint: they’re secretly hilarious), especially when it comes to messing with one of my favorite holiday foods — candy canes.

Yes, gravy and wasabi-flavored candy canes now exist. Sure it sounds like an innocent idea and all, but these candies look like the one’s we’d normally eat. In fact, the manufacturer encourages prankster antics by suggesting we “sneak one in with regular candy canes.” Genius? Yep! (Just don’t pull a fast one on me.)


If the idea of gravy and/or wasabi candy has you running for the hills, perhaps you can incorporate them into a sweet sushi or use ’em as a mashed potato topping. Maybe.

Gravy Candy CanesWasabi Candy Canes, $4.74, for set of 6 @Archie McPhee

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Toast to Technology with An Ancient Cell Phone Flask


Probably one of the more creative flasks on the market, this Bev-Burry Flask is almost the perfect way to get your afternoon fix in the office. Notice we said, almost. With everyone all over the new iPhone, chances are this ancient-looking Blackberry wannabe would get called out, but you could definitely make friends by sharing the booze smuggled within this plastic “faux-n.” Ahem.

The flask holds 3 oz of liquor, ensuring you have enough spirits to get your Irish coffee on or to just sip straight up. No judgment. It even comes with a hand-strap and filling funnel to ensure you don’t lose any of that precious nectar. Slip this filled bad boy into your jacket pocket, go about your work day, and I’m sure no one will notice that Jalapeño tequila on your breath. Just be cool.


Bev-Burry Phone Flask, $16 @Amazon