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Photo Of FYRE Festival’s Pathetic Dinner Was Actually Not Accurate

It’s been well documented that FYRE Festival was a shit show where rich kids were stranded on a remote island and not given the luxurious show they were promised.

One of the major talking points of the disappointing festival was an underwhelming photo of one of the festival’s supposed meals. The photo featured a takeout box with a couple slices of toast, a couple of cheese slices on top, and a side salad. Not exactly fine dining.

Turns out that wasn’t really the food they served guests there, according to TMZ. It was something they fed staff members, apparently, which still sucks. The concert-goers, however, actually had access to chicken, pasta, burgers, fries, and salad.

That meal doesn’t scream luxury either, but at least it wasn’t the sad cheese sandwich we all thought was served.

For breakfast, FYRE guests had access to donuts, waffles, and coffee.

It’s still not an impressive food lineup, but it wasn’t quite as bad as we were led to believe.