Ramen Burgers, From Top Sirloin to Top Ramen


I’ve seen a lot of fusions come about in the food world but never did I imagine that ramen would get friendly with a burger and pop out a hybrid baby of epic proportions. Meet the Shoyu Ramen Burger.

This frankenburger  is made up of a prime beef patty glazed with a secret shoyu sauce, nestled between some fresh scallions, arugula and some fresh noodle ramen buns. Because who needs bread when you can fry up some noodles instead?

The ramen burger made its New York debut this past weekend at Smorgasborg in Williamsburg, Brookyn. Master creator Keizo Shimamoto perfected these unique burgers back in Tokyo and whipped up 100 of these bad boys for the Brooklyn-based flea market.

Ugh, not fair. Howabout we make this a permanent thing, guys?

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Donut Poutine Exists and It’s Positively Drool-Worthy

donut poutine

Listen America, donut poutine exists. If you’re a fan of the traditional ridiculousness that is fries and gravy and cheese, then we have a sneaking suspicion you’ll drool gross amounts over this decadent dessert.

The folks over at California’s Psycho Donuts have come up with the most genius twist on the Canadian dish, using french fry-like glazed donuts drizzled with a healthy dose of caramel, AKA “the gravy of the dessert world.” There’s also what looks like dollops of cream or maybe even melted vanilla chips. Basically, you’re feasting your eyes upon a heap of pure sugary bliss. *Dreamy sigh*


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Food Trucks

[VIDEO] White Rabbit Truck’s Filipino Fusion

White Rabbit Truck OC Foodie Fest

FOODBEAST got the chance to chat with Mike Dimaguila, the Finance and Operations Manager for The White Rabbit Truck. Check out their backstory and of course their grub in the video below!


Asiadog in Los Angeles


Cultural fusion is at an all time high in the quick service food world right now. Thanks to streetwear mafioso Bobby Hundreds, we get a quick look at Asiadog, a product of love from NYC, consisting of hot dogs with Asian-inspired toppings. The Asiadog group setup shop for one night out in LA, and sure enough, the people came out in droves.