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Easy At-Home Pancake Mix Recipes, Including FUNNEL CAKE

Many of us are working from home these days and as all the days of the week seem to blend together, our meals might start looking the same after a while, too. If you’re one who wants to shake up a few things in the kitchen, Foodbeast has been challenging one another to come up with dope at-home recipes with a unified theme each week. This, week: PANCAKES.

Using Krusteaz, who offers a variety of baking mixes that will cater to your pancake cravings, we came up with five recipes that will change how you look at pancake mix.

Foodbeasts Oscar, Marc, Hunter, and Constantine took to their kitchens and came up with four very unique recipes that all incorporate Krusteaz pancake mix. This includes a fluffy omelet, a giant Instant Pot pancake, fish and chips, pancake swirls, and funnel cake.

Check out the video to try and make some of these amazing eats in the comforts of your own homes. As for myself, I’m pretty stoked to try out Constantine’s pancake battered fish and chip recipe sometime this week.

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Take Dessert Seriously With This Funnel Cake Sesame Ice Cream Cone Topped With Kit Kats

If you’re one to plan your Saturday around devouring tons of savory items at a food festival, you’ll want to know where you can find some sweet offerings to refresh your palette every so often. Don’t worry we got you.

Created by Drizzle, an Orange County-based dessert truck, this massive Sweet Sesame Cone can only be found in one place, on one day, for foodies looking to chase rare and exclusive desserts.

The Drizzle truck will debut the item at FOODBEAST’s AYCE Asian food Festival NOODS NOODS NOODS presented by Original Cup Noodles. Mark your calendars because the food festival will take place Saturday, Jan. 27 in Santa Ana, CA.

Guests of the event will get to indulge in a funnel cake cone that’s filled with sesame ice cream and stacked with coconut jelly and whipped cream. If that wasn’t enough to pique your interest, the dessert is finished with Matcha-flavored Kit Kats, sprinkles, matcha powder, and condensed milk.

If you’re interested in sinking your teeth into this sweet sesame ice cream cone, or trying tons of other Asian-inspired dishes, you can purchase tickets to NOODS NOODS NOODS here. Ticket options include Marketplace (buy as you go) or VIP (all you can consume for three hours).

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7 Crazy Foods To Eat At The 2017 LA County Fair

Each year as summer comes to a close, the Los Angeles County Fair begins as a way to bookend a long, hot summer. From the hundreds of vendors, to the delicious-looking and beautifully fried foods, and the variety of exciting exhibits, there’s always has something new people can’t wait to experience. 

Here are seven must-try items from the 2017 LA County Fair.  

1. Chicken Charlie’s: Cotton Candy Ice Cream Sandwich

2017 la county fair

It’s safe to say Chicken Charlie’s is an innovator when it comes to creating amazing fair foods that are just as delicious as they are memorable. This year, Charlie’s is giving us a reason to celebrate dessert with two never-before-seen items.  

Charlie’s Cotton Candy Ice Cream Sandwich is a colorful creation of sugar, sweetness and creaminess. Picture one large scoop of vanilla ice cream, sandwiched between two cotton candy patties and rolled in Fruity Pebbles Cereal.  

2. Chicken Charlie’s: Funnel Cake Burrito  

2017 la county fair

Another sweet creation from the mind of Charlie is the popular Funnel Cake Burrito. Starting with a funnel cake and a giant tortilla, this burrito is topped with cinnamon apples, whipped cream, and powdered sugar. Then, this sweet and savory behemoth is wrapped up burrito-style and ready for consumption!

3. Afters Ice Cream: Strawberry Funnel Cake & Mango Sorbet Milky Buns

2017 la county fair

Afters Ice Cream has quickly become an LA and OC favorite for milk buns and exotic ice cream flavors. With that said, Afters will be showing off its skills with Strawberry Funnel Cake And Mango Sorbet Milky Buns during this year’s festivities. Make sure you swing by!

4. Pink’s Hot Dogs: The Enchilada Dog

la county fair

Introducing, Pink’s Enchilada Hot Dog. It’s a foot-long hot dog topped with cilantro, onions and cheese. But, in order to make this true enchilada-style, the hot dog is wrapped in a tortilla with a bit of enchilada sauce. If you love hot dogs and Mexican food, stop by Pink’s for this 2017 LA County Fair exclusive.  

5. Cowboy Kettle Corn: Unicorn Nitro Candy Pop

2017 la county fair

This isn’t your average kettle corn – it’s Unicorn Nitro Pop from Cowboy Kettle Corn, and it’s dipped in liquid nitrogen. In addition to being delicious, this treat is definitely something to capture on Instagram. Each mouthful of this frozen treat produces a cloud of icy vapor that will keep you entertained for hours.    

6. Plant Food For People: Vegan Jackfruit Nachos

2017 la county fair

It wouldn’t be the LA County Fair without nachos, but you’ve probably never had these nachos before. PFFP, or Plant Food For People, serves an all-vegan, gourmet menu that includes these very popular vegan jackfruit nachos that are potato-based, and topped with jackfruit, tomatoes, onions, and cilantro.

7. Chef Cricket’s Culinary Kitchen: Bug Tasting Bar

2017 la county fair

If there’s one thing you try at the 2017 LA County Fair, make sure you check out Chef Cricket’s Culinary Kitchen and Bug Tasting Bar. Offering an assortment of freeze-dried and chocolate-covered bugs, this is definitely one of the most unique culinary attractions the LA County Fair has seen, and apparently they actually taste pretty good!  

The Fair is open from Friday, September 1st to Sunday, September 24th this year. We hope to see you there!

Photos by Peter Pham

Created in partnership with LA County Fair

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You’re Going To Melt Over This Funnel Cake Ice Cream Cone

Photo: Peter Pham

The only time we’ve been able to enjoy funnel cake is whenever the fair came to town. Unfortunately, this means we only get our funnel cake fix twice a year at best. Turns out a funnel cake-frying ice cream parlor on wheels is squashing our restlessness. Feast your eyes on the Funnel Cake Ice Cream Cone.

Drizzle is the ice cream man for a new generation of dessert lovers keen on vibrant and fantastic dessert fusions. Looking good for Instagram doesn’t hurt, either.

So what’s in this insane funnel cake ice cream cone?

The deep-fried cakes are dusted with powdered sugar and shaped into a cone. Once it cools a bit, the cones are stuffed to the brim with ice cream, fresh fruit, and a variety of other sweet toppings. Finally, each cone is topped off with whipped cream and either a drizzle of chocolate or sweetened condensed milk.

While you can customize your own, Drizzle’s Funnel Cake Ice Cream Cone does come in a few popular base flavors including Funfetti, Crazy for Coco, and Matcha Madness. Drizzle also pairs their desserts with hand-crafted drinks like Strawberry Lemonade, Drizzle Coffee, and a Thai Tea Float.

Photo: Peter Pham

While relatively new, expect to see this up and comer of a truck make waves through the Orange County dessert scene in the months to come.

As with every other ice cream dish whose popularity spreads like wildfire, make sure to get your social media pics taken quickly. No one likes eating soggy funnel cake and melted ice cream.


Knott’s Berry Farm Has A Deep-Fried Cheesecake On A Stick For Its Upcoming Boysenberry Festival


Knott’s Berry Farm’s famous Boysenberry Festival is quickly approaching and we had the chance to eat through their stomping grounds before the crowds. One of the newest items will be what the theme park is calling a Fun Stick.

What’s so fun about this stick, you ask?


The dessert is a trifecta of theme park goodness. It’s a cheesecake on a stick that’s dipped in funnel cake batter. Once it’s deep fried, the Fun Stick is topped with a boysenberry cream that’s made at the park and dusted with powdered sugar.

Since the graham cracker crust is exposed the extreme heat, it falls apart inside the cake batter. Hence, the empanada-like appearance.


You can get your hands on a sticky Fun Stick at Ghost Town Grub during the Boysenberry Festival beginning March 19 through April 3.


Funnel Cake Cupcakes are a Reality at this California Cupcakery

One of our favorite cupcakeries in Southern California — My Delight  based out of Ontario, CA has just outdid themselves, launching what they’re calling a Funnel Cake Cupcake.

According to the Instagram announcement it’ll be available every Friday throughout the month of September. I know it’s damn near mid-month already, but better late than never amiriiite?



Funnel Cake Burger

funnel cake burger

Recipe: Culinary Bro-Down


18 Knott’s Berry Farm Eats Worth Throwing Up On a Roller Coaster For


It’s summer, which means between the barbecues and theme parks and county fairs, there’s plenty of gorgeous, over-the-top eats to go around. But only a few of these warm weather meccas go above and beyond in blending old-fashioned fun with binge-worthy grub.

Since it was just a roadside fruit stand in the 1920s, then just a homestyle chicken restaurant in the ’30s, the food at Knott’s Berry Farm in Buena Park, Calif. has pretty much been made from scratch — providing a surprisingly deft, handcrafted touch to fare most other places might take for granted.

Whether it’s gargantuan cinnamon rolls, Animal-Style fries, or hearty plate of Knott’s famous fried chicken, it turns out that Snoop’s got all your thrill-fueling needs covered.

We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorites. Just, try not to eat them all right before riding Ghostrider, mkay?


California MarketPlace


Mrs. Knott’s Fried Chicken Dinner




Hello, deep fried poultry crack. Cooked in the same factory Mrs. Knott’s used way back when, this chicken plate is an excellent way to work yourself right into a food coma. Pro-tip: slather everything, from the buttery biscuits to the chicken itself, in Knott’s speciality boysenberry butter. So worth.

Mrs. Knott’s Full Chicken Dinner: $17.99 @ Mrs. Knott’s Chicken Dinner Restaurant








Also notable: Chicken Pot Pies ($8.15), Snoopy Cookies ($2.99), and Boysenberry Croissant Donuts ($3.99) @ the Farm Bakery


Fiesta Village


Volcano and Carne Asada Fries




Taking cues from its Southern California locale, Knott’s whipped up its own version of Animal Fries. Like In-N-Out, Knott’s smothers its taters in Thousand Island, grilled onions, and shredded cheese, but if San Diego is more your style, you can also grab Carne Asada fries, which come topped with shredded steak, sour cream, and guac.

Volcano Fries: $7.99
Carne Asada Fries: $8.99 @ Papa Loca


Chicken and Steak Tortas




A nice bit of unfussy Mexican-style food for when you’re craving something a bit more substantial. Choose from either ground chicken or ground steak — both taste great stuffed between garlic mayonnaise, pico de gallo, cheese, lettuce, and fresh teleras bread.

Chicken or Steak Tortas: $9.29 Pancho’s Tacos



Also notable: Horchata, Orange Bang, and Pina Colada: $3.59 @ Pancho’s Tacos




Southwest Burger




A regular chargrilled burger topped with lettuce, tomato, onions, pickles, cheese, barbecue sauce, and garlic aioli — no biggie. The real clinchers here are the fried jalapeño chips, which are just tangy enough to offer a little kick, but not nearly spicy enough to impose on unsuspecting tastebuds.

Southwest Burger: $7.99 at Coaster’s


Pop Rocks Dippin’ Dots




Everyone’s favorite astronaut ice cream, but in cherry flavor and mixed with Pop Rocks. We’re not sure why we didn’t think of it first, either.

Pop Rocks Dippin’ Dots: $5.99 @ Dippin’ Dots


Ghost Town


Giant Cinnamon Roll




Holy hell = what you will say when you see this thing, what your tastebuds will say when you eat it, and what your thighs will say once it’s digested and they feel about one Knott’s cinnamon roll wider. Topped with your choice of maple, cream cheese, sugar icing, and nuts, they’re so fluffy you might actually die.

Cinnamon Rolls: $5.59 @ Ghost Town Bakery




A simple treat, upgraded with the help of Knott’s bakery-made chocolate chip cookies.

Cookiewich: $5.99 @ Ghost Town Grub


Funnel Cake Sundae





We’ll say this, don’t get this if you don’t want other funnel cakes ruined for you forever. Compared to Knott’s version which comes topped with real boysenberry and soft serve ice cream, regular syrup and whipped cream will just seem depressing.

Funnel Cake w/Soft Serve: $9.99 @ Ghost Town Grub


Boysenberry, Strawberry, and Cream-Stuffed Churros




Boysenberry, strawberry, and Bavarian cream make up your filling options for these fresh made cinnamon sugar batons. Grab all three to make your own beautiful churro bouquet.

Stuffed Churros: $5.99 @ Churro Factory



Also notable: Churro Sundaes: $5.99 @ Churro Factory


Boysenberry Soft Serve Cone



Bedecked in chunks of real boysenberry (kind of a big deal around these parts, if you couldn’t tell), consider this purple soft serve Knott’s version of pineapple Dole Whip — perfectly creamy and just the thing for 2 in the afternoon.

Boysenberry Soft Serve: $4.99 @ Churro Factory




Old-style root beer. Super-refreshing. Tastes better when you talk like a cowboy.

Sarsaparilla: $3.79 @ Calico Saloon


Ribs, Flank Steak, Turkey Legs, Roasted Corn, etc.





For saucy, open-air barbecue, head to the Fireman’s Brigade in Ghost Town. Ribs and steaks here are slow cooked for a minimum of 24 hours, and everything is served with a variety of barbecue-y sides like baked potatoes, coleslaw, and Knott’s special baked jalapeño buns.

Pork Ribs or Flank Steak Combo: $14.79
Turkey Leg: $9.99
Roasted Corn: $3.99 @ Fireman’s Brigade Barbecue


Deep Fried Cheese on a Stick

Available in cheddar or pepperjack, this hand-battered, deep-fried milk stick absolutely melts in your mouth, leaving you drowning in a sumptuously unhealthy blend of butter and oil and breading. We’re pretty sure this is what a cheese-gasm tastes like.




Cheese on a Stick: $8.29 @ Strictly on a Stick



Also notable: Hand-Dipped Corn Dogs: $8.59 @ Strictly on a Stick


Gold Trail Kettle Chips, Cajun Lime Salt Riblets, Applewood Smoked Bacon Cheeseburger, Ribeye Steak Sandwich, and Asian Prawn Salad






Gold Trail Kettle Chips: $10.99
Cajun Lime Salt Riblets: $10.99
Applewood Smoked Bacon Cheeseburger: $15.79
Ribeye Steak Sandwich: $21.99
Asian Prawn Salad: $13.99 @ Spurs