These Remarkable Japanese Knives Just Became Kickstarter’s Most-Funded Knife Set Of All Time

A good knife can mean all the difference in the world when you’re in the kitchen. You definitely have to make sure your tool is up to par, lest you hurt yourself prepping food. If you’re in the market for a new set, you might want to take a look at these futuristic looking blades that just made Kickstarter history.

Named the Kuroi Hana, the beautifully designed knives just became the most funded set of knives of all time on Kickstarter, reports BroBible.

At the time of publication, more than $1.8 million has been pledged towards an initial goal of $32,236. It’s likely they’ll hit $2 million with only a few days left to go.

Using 67 layers of premium Japanese steel, the knives were designed by London designer Christian Bird, drawing inspiration from local architecture. During the forging process, the blades create a mesmerizing pattern that only comes from Japanese steel. This makes each blade as unique as a snowflake or a fingerprint.

You can get the complete 6-piece set for a pledge of $293 which, according to Foodbeast’s Reach Guinto, is a steal.

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The Heartbreaking Tale Of The Boy Selling Lemonade To Pay For His Adoption

My eyes are welling up and I haven’t even gotten past the first sentence.

Tristin Jacobson was dealt a painful and unfair hand. At the tender age of five, Tristin’s mother abandoned him, leaving him on the doorstep of a homeless shelter on a cold winter night. According to the Springfield News-Leader, Tristin’s mother suffered from drug addiction and was prostituting herself for money in order to fund her habits.

Now pushing nine, Tristin longed to be adopted by his kinship guardian, Donnie Davis. Certainly not due to a lack of love, Davis was unfortunately unable to adopt him, and this broke her heart. She simply didn’t have the funds to adopt him, and adopting is a thorough and very expensive process.

Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 4.09.22 PM

Tristin, however, was not ready to give up, not by a longshot. Tristin decided to put his math skills (his favorite subject in school) to work by opening up a lemonade stand, doling out refreshing drinks to passersby for $1. Day in and day out, this brave young man found the courage and drive to pick himself up each morning and head back to work, a lifestyle normally reserved for adults who have had the blessings of growing up with a loving family. He didn’t depend on others for help though; he made his own way, and nothing as ridiculous as money was going to impede him from making it to the top.

“She will be my parent,” he said in regards to Donnie. “I’m happy because I have a new mom who loves me.”

Despite all the legality issues surrounding parenting, Donnie assures everyone that regardless what anyone says, her love for Tristin makes her his mother, no matter what. “It means everything. He is absolutely our son. He is in our hearts. This is more for reassurance for him, knowing that he has his forever family and he has our name.”

Although he did eventually receive help from others (out of the kindness of their hearts and not because he asked), the young entrepreneur set a goal for himself of $5,000. In order to generate a little more cashflow for her little man, Donnie also set up a funding campaign on and raised a whopping $6,900. Coupled with the $7,100 Tristin made from the lemonade stand and a garage sale Donnie and Jimmy (Donnie’s wife and Tristin’s other kinship guardian) put together, the little family of fighters raised a grand total of $14,000.

Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 4.08.57 PM

Donnie embraces Tristin in a way that only a loving mother could.

Suffice it to say, Tristin (now Tristin Davis) climbed his way out of this heartbreaking story and into the arms of a loving family, making this a happy ending infinitely more gratifying than any Disney film could ever fabricate.

“There’s not enough words to say ‘thank you’ to everyone who has shown support or given us donations,” Davis said. “Everyone has made this possible. We will make sure this child will forever be ours.”



Source: Springfield News-Leader, WGNTV, The Ant Media, Saboteur 365, Fox2Now

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Parent Company of Hellmann’s Mayo Drops Suit Against Vegan Alternative Just Mayo

Unilever, the parent company of Hellmann’s and Best Foods mayonnaise, dropped their lawsuit against Hampton Creek’s eggless Just Mayo today. The suit was filed on Halloween, citing irreparable damages due to Just Mayo’s false representation of itself as mayonnaise.


A quickly formed petition against the suit gained as much traction as the PR backlash that has rained down on Unilever in the past month.

This news comes on the heels of California start-up Hampton Creek announcing a new round of funding totaling $90 million.

Hampton Creek Founder and CEO Josh Tetrick maintains that he wants his company to be a major player on a global scale and never even filed to dismiss the suit. He told FoodNavigator-USA last year that he doesn’t want Hampton Creek “just to sell products to vegans in Northern California.”

Just Mayo has gone from zero to 15,000 locations in the US and Japan within the past year with rapid growth expected in 2015.

H/t FoodNavigator USA