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Every Time Gordon Ramsay Has Told Someone To ‘F*ck Off’ [WATCH]

Gordon Ramsay has built a bit of a reputation for getting angry and throwing a few “F Bombs” on his TV shows, so much so that you can make a compilation video out of it.

Ramsay has told quite a bit of people to “fuck off” in his life, and if you’ve ever wanted to see 15 full minutes of him doing so, you’re in luck.

The Facebook page ‘That Tickled Me,’ posted this uncensored compilation video, so we finally get to hear him curse everyone out without those annoying bleeps getting in the way.

Also keep in mind that although Ramsay can be a bit of a dick on Hell’s Kitchen, when the cameras are off, the dude is nice as hell in real life. Anyone who has met him can definitely vouch for his amicable personality.

Still, it’s fun to watch him rip everyone around him like a pissed off battle rapper.