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5 Ways To Properly Throw Out Cooking Oil After Frying


Working at Foodbeast all these years, we’ve dealt with our fair share of frying. A common problem we’ve run into when working with oil or fat in the kitchen is how to properly dispose of the liquid after you’re done making a Southern-fried mess.

We’re pretty sure anything more than a quart of oil is illegal to just dump in the trash. Don’t even think about pouring it down the sink, either.

With those disastrous shortcuts nixed, here are a few different methods to disposing of used cooking oils and fats.

Paper Towel

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If you’re simply frying a couple of eggs, you’re probably not using that much oil to begin with. Just set your pan aside to let it cool and wipe it down with a paper towel once the oil isn’t searing hot.

Then, simply check that piece of paper into the trash.



If you’re cooking with animal fat, you won’t want that precious resource to go to waste. Pour the excess grease (filtering out the food bits) into a glass or plastic container once it cools down a bit, then store it in the refrigerator for future use.

Animal fats add tons of flavor to whatever you’re cooking.

Sealed Plastic Bag

If you have about 3/4 cups or less of leftover cooking oil you don’t plan on reusing, let your cookware cool and dump it into a sealed plastic container (or sandwich bag) and throw it out in the trash.

Just make sure that container is airtight.


Serious Eats tested a pretty cool oil hack that incorporates the use of gelatin. Once you’re done with your oil, set it aside to let it cool. While you wait, heat up some water and mixed in some powdered gelatin. Combine your gelatin mixture with your oil and set it in the fridge overnight. The gelatin will sink to the bottom and take all the gross food remains with it, leaving the purified oil floating perfectly at the top.

There will be some water droplets that remain in the oil, but that’s alright as it will cook off once the pan is heating up. You could probably re-use this process once or twice before thinking about starting with some new oil.

You can then just wrap that piece of food-packed gelatin up and toss it in the trash.

Oil Drums

Mostly for restaurants, but if you’re cooking with a massive amount of oil on a daily basis you might want to invest in an oil drum or trap. Just simply pour whatever oil you don’t want to re-use into the vat and properly dispose of it at a waste center every time it’s full.

Though if you’re frying up that much stuff at home, you might want to get your cholesterol checked. Just saying.


Yes, That’s A Chili Cheese Egg Roll. Here’s How To Make It


Whoever came up with the brilliant idea to put chili and cheese together should get a statue made in their image. With that chili cheese passion in our hearts, we met with chef Josh Elkin to knock out another wondrous creation in the FOODBEAST Kitchen.

Since we’ve been on an egg roll kick, Chili Cheese Egg Rolls were born.

Here’s what you’ll need:

An egg, egg roll wrappers, cheese, chili and oil or deep frying.

Here’s what to do:

Beat an egg and use it as a wash for your egg roll wrapper. Then, place a chunk of cheese at the center. Velveeta’s a pretty solid choice for meltability, but any cheese will do.

Spoon your chili on top of the cheese. The chili should be either room temperature or colder to make the folding process go as smoothly as possible.

Start wrapping your egg rolls carefully and place it into the deep fryer. Allow it to cook until it’s golden brown.

Now, you’re ready to serve and chow down. Check out the video for the complete recipe.


Skull-Shaped Egg Mold Makes for Macabre Mornings


We’re you in the market for something to match that spooky skull-shaped pancake mold? Well, we may have a winner, folks. This neat little frame allows you to mold your eggs to look like an adorable little skull so that way you can munch on eggs and symbolically conquer your fear of death at the same time!

Simply crack open two eggs into the the rings and soon you’ll be feasting on the most macabre of breakfasts. Just make sure to serve it with a side of bacon. Mmm, death never tasted so delicious.

Skull Egg Coral @Fred and Friends