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22 Incredible Photos Of In-N-Out’s Animal Style Fries


In-N-Out is a huge guilty pleasure for us here at Foodbeast. Between the juicy burgers and the mouthwatering fries, we can’t get enough of that burger chain. Especially when we upgrade to Animal Style Fries.

In honor of National French Fry Day, we dug around Instagram and found some of the sexiest Animal Style Fries In-N-Out it had to offer. Any excuse to look at beautiful fry photos.

If you haven’t gotten lunch yet, leave now and come back with fries.


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Truckload of French Fries Crashes Along Highway, Causes Ketchup Puns


A 53-foot tractor trailer rolled over Saturday night in Richmond, Maine, and spilled boxes of french fries all over I-295. The trailer was full of the fries and had to be completely removed before the truck could be towed away.

Charles Ohalloran, the 28-year-old driver of the truck, was distracted by a water bottle, reports WCSH6. He swerved and went off the road, causing the truck to roll over the grass and into the trees paralleling the freeway. The police arrived at the scene just as Ohalloran was climbing out.

Bowdinham and Richmond firefighters responding to the accident had to make an assembly line to remove each 36-pound fry box.

It should be mentioned that a similar accident near the crash site had occurred earlier in the year with a trailer full of potatoes. Maybe someone should just set up a ketchup stand along the freeway. We’re sure they’ll make a killing.

Sorry, we just had to get that ketchup one in.


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Burger King Launches Reduced-Fat, Reduced-Calorie French Fries


In an attempt to offer patrons their own version of “guilt-free” snacking, Burger King is introducing Satisfries to the menu. The new item features crinkle-cut fries with “40% less fat than McDonald’s French Fries” (11.2 g vs. 6.3 g per 70 g serving) and “30% fewer calories than McDonald’s French Fries” ( 226.8 calories vs. 150.5 calories per 70 g serving).

Burger King assures that Satisfries is still made with “real whole potatoes.” Apparently, the fries are made using a special recipe that enables them to absorb just enough oil to keep their outside crispy, but still less oil than usual.

While Burger King’s reduced-fat and reduced-calorie fries are an interesting addition for a fast food chain, I’m still a bit wary. I like my fries laden in all that bad-for-you excess, they are fries after all. Still, for those of you willing to give these a go, Satisfries will be available at every Burger King nationwide starting September 24. You can swoop up a value size for $1.29, a small for $1.89, a medium for $2.09  and a large for $2.29, with prices varying depending on location. 



Gratuitous Food Porn: National French Fries Day


As if french fries needed their own day. The way we see it, public adoration of the thin and crispies has never been in short supply. But just in case you needed a reminder of how golden fried potatoes have always been both the bane and boon of your existence, we’ve compiled some of the web’s best french fry recipes for your gawking pleasure.

Feel your veins clog, imagine salt grains skirt across your tongue, drown in vats of gravy and chili and even Chardonnay dipping sauce (mind-blowing, we know). It’s National French Fries Day, folks. Could you really settle for anything less?


Lemon Parsley French Fries


The lovely thing about fries is they don’t take a lot to be delicious. The added bonus here is that these are baked so with all the fresh flavors and lack of grease, they’re practically healthy.

Recipe: Call Me Fudge


Balsamic Herb Oven Fries


Olive oil and vinegar make for some amazingly artisan-y looking patatas.

Recipe: Wannabe Chef


Carne Asada Fries


It’s hard to mess up Carne Asada fries, but the added pico de gallo definitely feel fresher than anything you’d find at your typical Cali-Mex dive.

Recipe: Damn Delicious


Seasoned Grilled Fries


I suffer from the unfortunate condition of thinking grill marks equal flavor, but until I’m blatantly proven wrong, I will continue to enjoy my ignorance. You should too.

Recipe: Slow Roasted Italian


Prosciutto-Wrapped Truffle Fries


All the savoriness of bacon in melt-in-your-mouth prosciutto form and then wrapped around french fries? Death has never tasted so good.

Recipe: Traditional Home 


Buttermilk Ranch Fries


These are basically Cool Ranch Doritos fries, or in other words, OMG GET IN MAH BELLAY.

Recipe: Savory Simple


Baked French Fry Poutine


The only problem here is that the recipe uses instant gravy instead of the real stuff, which would be more of a travesty if the thing didn’t look so DAMN DELICIOUS anyway.

Recipe: BS in the Kitchen


Baked French Fries with Herb Olive Oil


Another baked recipe saved by excess herbs, proving that pseudo-healthy eating really doesn’t have to be torture.

Recipe: Heart of Gold and Luxury


Buffalo Bacon Cheese Steak Fries


The “buffalo” here comes from Frank’s Red Hot Sauce. I’m sure we don’t need to tell you where to put that sh*t.

Recipe: Lucky Penny


Black Pepper, Olive Oil and Basil Steakhouse Fries


Okay, I admit, some of these I just included because they look pretty. But look at that black pepper, guys. Just look at it.

Recipe: Picture Perfect Meals


Chili Lime Fries with Cotija Cheese


Made for a “Reinvent a Classic” cooking challenge, this zesty rendition will probably go great with beer.

Recipe: Kitchen Runway


French Fries with Roasted Black Sesame Seeds, Sea Salt and Yuzu


The “yuzu” is a kind of Asian fruit said to taste like a cross between “a mandarin and a grapefruit,” which, when combined with the sea salt and sesame seeds, provides a  perfectly balanced range of flavors all in one fairly simple dish.

Recipe: Kitchen Runway


Truffle Fries with Chardonnay Dipping Sauce


The coup-de-grâce dipping sauce combines Chardonnay wine, heavy cream, flour, butter and parmesan cheese. Can you say, “Oh-Em-Jay”?

Recipe: Taste for Adventure


Baked Steak Fries and Smokey Ketchup


Liquid Smoke adds a nice, barbecue-y texture to the ketchup. Just make sure to add it sparingly, unless you want your fries to taste like lighter fluid. (Unless, you know, you’re into that.)

Recipe: Coupon Clipping Cook


French Fries that Don’t Suck


Their title, not ours, but based on the photos alone I think it’s safe to take their word for it.

Recipe: Pepper


Roasted Rosemary Fries


Perfect for anyone afraid of unseemingly hot oil burns, these roasted potatoes come out magically even crispier than their fried counterparts. Score.

Recipe: Call Me Fudge


Pizza Fries


Garlic fries are the usual pizza side dish, may we suggest mozzarella, pepperoni and marinara-topped french fries as a viable alternative?

Recipe: Kirbie Cravings


Spicy Oven Fries


The recipe writer describes these as smelling “so good when they are cooking, it actually hurts. Hurts so good.” Now you’re talking.

Recipe: Local Kitchen Blog


Bacon Cheese Fries


Just try to bake a batch and not immediately go to whip up another. We dare you.

Recipe: Just Putzing


DIY Animal Fries


Years from now, In-N-Out’s legendary Animal Fry recipe will have long outlived its crazed fanbase, so if you haven’t been able to head westward to try it for yourself, this DIY-version is the next best way to take a bite of history.

Recipe: Pepper


Brown Butter Gorgonzola Fries


Brown butter is exactly what it sounds like — butter that’s been allowed to slowly melt until it turns a nice, toasty brown. This sauce imparts a nice nuttiness to the french fries and with the gorgonzola, makes everything look absolutely gorgeous.

Recipe: Little Kitchen


Baked Chili Cheese Fries


Most chili-cheese fries are messy and salty, but this recipe eschews the soggy chili sauce with chili-flavored seasoning. Yum for your tastebuds, yay for your pants.

Recipe: Joy the Baker


Better than McDonald’s French Fries


Again, don’t take our word for it, but feel free to give yourself a Nobel Prize if your batch is able to live up to its title.

Recipe: Picture Perfect Meals


H/T Tasteologie, Tastespotting


Today is 3/14, So Eating These Cinnamon ‘Pi’ Fries Is Totally Justified


Happy Pi Day, y’all! While today is the perfect opportunity to nerd out with fellow π fans, it’s also a great excuse to whip up these awesome fried bits of goodness. This recipe takes your average ho-hum 3/14 pie and takes it up a notch.

You know those extra dough scraps you get when making the dessert? That’s where these genius pie fries are born. Just take the excess crust, slather on some butter, top with cinnamon and sugar and pop those bad boys in the oven until golden brown. The best part? You dip them in jam. Can we get an aww yeah?!

Learn how to make ’em here.

H/T Serious Eats + PicThx Cakespy


George Forman: Deep Fryer

Can it be? A healthy deep fryer? Just as George Forman’s epic Lean Mean Grilling Machine did for grilling, this new product from George Forman’s line seems to promise a healthier frying experience. The descriptors on this product mention knocking out up to 55% of the fat that a normal fryer may induce. The technology that allows for this fat reduction is apparently in the new Smart Spin technology, which sends the food spinning around the compartment leading to the dismemberment of many grams of fat! I guess only time will tell if this machine will fair as well as Mr. Forman’s previous efforts. Regardless, if you’re trying to get your healthy fry on, you can pick up one of these bad boys for around $100 at