This Couple Just Hosted a Checkers-Themed Wedding Complete with Chicken Tenders Bouquet

Love can be unpredictable. Sometimes we’re attracted by the most unexpected things and it’s usually those unique qualities that spark a connection. Recently wed Arley Smude and Victoria Saunders can attest to unexpected connections.

They met three years ago at a mutual friend’s wedding. Smude happened to be seated behind Victoria, but initially avoided her, thinking she was spoken for after her friend shared his coat. He later discovered that she was in fact single, and mustered up the courage to ask her out. 

Three dates later they found themselves at a Checkers & Rally’s, unaware it would be the beginning of a life-long tradition. Checkers & Rally’s became a staple in their blooming relationship, and eventually Smude proposed to Saunders. There was a catch though: He would only go through with it if Saunders proposed to him in return, but with five Checkers Fry Burgers. 

Saunders decided to take him up on the challenge and one day showed up with 4 out of the 5 fry burgers. Although she only secured four burgers, her friend surprised her with the fifth at their proposal gathering, helping to seal the deal.

In a heartwarming gesture, Saunders got down on one knee, unwrapped one of the burgers and asked for Smude’s hand in marriage; to which he happily said, “I do,” and took a bite.

To celebrate, they decided to take engagement photos at the local Checkers & Rally’s — their epicenter of love. On their wedding day, in honor of their special story and at the request of Smude, Checkers provided the 43-Foot Fry Love Express. The Express treated guests to Checker’s famous fries for free as well as the new Fry-Seasoned Chicken Tenders. The final touch was a beautifully crafted, delicious bouquet of chicken tenders for the bride to be. I’m sure that made for a flavorful flower toss.