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For This Weekend Only, Starbucks is Releasing a FRUITCAKE FRAPPUCCINO


Photo: Starbucks

In their holiday tradition of making as many new holiday-themed beverages as possible, Starbucks has revived a classic dessert in their newest drink – and you can only get it for a limited time.

From today through the rest of the weekend, Starbucks is selling a Fruitcake Frappuccino. Their tribute to this timeless holiday dessert starts off with with a Hazelnut Creme Frappuccino base. Dried fruits and cinnamon are added into the blended beverage, which finishes off with whipped cream, matcha powder, and caramel.


Photo: Delish

If Starbucks Rewards members wait until tomorrow (aka National Ugly Sweater Day) to try this new creation, they can also get an ugly sweater coozy to go with their frappuccino – similar to the one sold during last year‘s holiday promotion. Ugly sweater gingerbread cookies will also be sold tomorrow to celebrate National Ugly Sweater Day.

We got our hands on one, and it definitely tastes better than the real deal. While fruitcakes are often a flavor bomb in the worst way possible, this frappuccino is nutty and fruity without being too jarring on your palate. I ended up enjoying it, although it didn’t really taste like the fruitcakes I remember. Fellow Foodbeast Rudy gave it two and a half eggplant emojis (he usually doesn’t go higher than 5 on the Unboxed video series, so that’s about the equivalent of a “meh”).

The Fruitcake Frappuccino won’t be sold after Sunday, so make sure to head into a Starbucks and taste it for yourself.


Spread Christmas Cheer With These 6 Caroling Treats

Christmas carols are your one chance to break from holiday songs blaring from a stereo—and instead hear them from real people. But they’re a whole experience, for both singers and listeners. Neighborhoods look better with Christmas lights and they sound better with carolers. But can’t they taste better too? Here are a few foods to up your carol game.

1. Candy Canes


They’re cheap, they’re classic, they’re always welcomed. They’re just a little extra to your sing-song soirée. You can entrust any child caroler to carry the basket and hand them over to homeowners with the sweetest of smiles. If you were purchasing an online Christmas carol package experience, this would be the first level of the non-free kind.

2. Cookies


If you want these to have any kind of impact, these will have to be homemade. Cookies made in the kitchen of a local are always the way to go. Store-bought holiday cookies can be spotted a mile away, and that’s where everyone wants to keep them. They’re terrible. They taste like the secret ingredient is lukewarm awkwardness instead of love. Stop giving these to people unless you’re trying to start a hometown civil war.

3. Hot Cocoa


This is the way to do things. It’s a class-act move to pour some hot cocoa for your listeners. Some of the carolers just have to carry a thermos. If you have kids, let them offer your audience members those tiny marshmallows. The only thing that will melt faster than them are those listeners’ hearts. It puts everyone in a listening mood—nay, it forces everyone into a listening mood!

4.  Fruitcake


This is the only way you’re going to get rid of fruitcake. All of you carolers should repackage this concrete swan-dive of a holiday snack, since you each have one just kicking it indefinitely on your countertop at home. Oh, were you saving that infuriatingly irresponsible gift from a neighbor for a rainy day when you’d use it to absorb a leak? Because, otherwise, it’s time to get rid of that thing.

5. Canned Goods


Transform your seasonal carnival of song into an important act of local charity by asking your beloved all-ears listeners to donate a few canned goods. It’s taking the holiday spirit and turning it into holiday action. Sure, Christmas is about cherishing loved ones and the tiny beautiful moments that make up your golden days, but use the guilt of good nature to trick your neighbors into listening to you serenade them.

6. Soup


While you could warm the stomachs, hearts, and ears of your neighbors with soup and song, it could get a bit messy. You want them to enjoy a snack, not take down a full meal, in their doorway. However, soup is the best way to get your caroling crew back on the right track to recovery once the night has wrapped. It’s not easy trudging through the east coast snow, and it’s a bit of a setback heading through the politely crisp west coast air.

Happy caroling, whether it’s your mouths or ears at work!


70-Year-Old Fruitcake Sold for $525

1941 was a pretty crazy year for America. FDR was running the country and the United States had just entered into a second world war. But even in the midst of all that, people were still doling out fruitcakes to one another during the holidays, much like today. And just like today, people were still avoiding them like the plague.

That’s more or less what happened to one Kroger Company fruitcake made in 1941. The fateful fruitcake returned to a Kroger store still sealed where the manager kept it for years in its original packaging. It wasn’t until the manager’s son stumbled across the exiled dessert and handed it off to an Ohio company that auctioned it off on the internet.

The 70 year old fruitcake sold to an Arizona buyer who wished to remain anonymous and the money earned from the auction went to the homeless in southwest Ohio.

(via The Huffington Post)

[THX and photocred to FlickrCommons]


Here’s Some Stuff You Should Know About Fruitcakes [INFOGRAPHIC]

Snowflakes, terrible Christmas sweaters and fruitcakes. Tis’ the season, am I right?

Growing up in a household where fruitcake was not a staple, the sticky little dessert was always the focal point of family jokes. We were ignorant to the dessert, thought it was only something our white neighbors brought over (sue us), but now I’m older, had the chance to try a few slices of fruitcake, and still think it’s as weird as ever.

Considering it’s National Fruitcake Month, we wanted to approach the question, What is actually in FRUITCAKE? After a bit of research, we came upon this good looking infographic that visually reproduces one particular example of what ingredients go into the elusive Christmas “treat.”

Did you know that fruitcakes date back to ancient rome? And adding alcohol can add to its longevity? Damn. My apologies to my white neighbors across the street, I didn’t realize the history of that cute little cake you brought over every year.

Enjoy the knowledge:



Christmas Beverage Flavored Cupcakes

Christmas Dinner Flavored Cupcakes - Brown Sugar Ham, Fruitcake Cupcake, Spiked Egg Nog, Tomato Soup

Tiffini Soforenko from LA Bakeshop Yummy Cupcakes has created a Christmas Beverage 4-Pack of cupcakes including (from very left clockwise) Hot Chocolate Cupcake, Ski Lodge Cupcake, Hot Buttered Rum Cupcake and a Spiked Egg Nog Cupcake. AKA Yum City.

Yummy Cupcakes also has a Christmas Dinner 4-Pack (not pictured) that includes a Brown Sugar Ham Cupcake, Spiked Egg Nog Cupcake, Tomato Soup Cupcake and the Fruitcake Cupcake. Based on the online menu, prices range from $3.25-$5.25 per cupcake.



Inflatable Toast, Turkey, Meatloaf and Fruit Cake

The folks at Archie McPhee are at it again with their ridiculous product launches, this time around they grace us with a line of inflatable food. Meatloaf, Toast, Turkey and Fruit Cake are accounted for, all packaged uniquely and inflate to life-size equivalents of their edible alter-egos. Prices range from $2.95 to $11.95 are sure to be a perfect attribute to your kid’s play kitchen…or your real kitchen, if you’re so inclined. Eat on (kind of).


Kobayashi Wants Fruitcake Title

Takeru Kobayashi is world-renowned for his ability to scarf down hot dogs at a rate Lance Bass could only dream of. The latest news from the Coney Island frequenter is that he will be attempting to break the fruitcake-eating world record the day after Christmas (December 26th, 2008, 11 a.m. in Manhattan). He will attempt to consume all fruitcake leftover from the holidays as part of a charitable initiative set forth by the Major League Eating for the Food Bank For New York City. According to CEN, “Kobayashi – who holds records in noodles, rice and cow brains — will perform a sanctioned fruitcake-eating demonstration in an attempt to beat the current record of four pounds 14 ¼ ounces in 10 minutes as set by Sonya Thomas in 2001.” There’s a little bit more than just competitive eating going on here, feel free to head over to and learn a bit more about the donations.