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Galactic Gushers Are Back From The ’90s And Now At Walmart

Sure, we just started a brand new decade, but let’s take a second to venture back to the beloved ’90s — a time of iconic Robin Williams movies and nostalgic grocery store treats. One of which we were pleasantly surprised to discover is making its way back to the candy aisle nearly thirty years later.

For the month of January, Walmart is exclusively bringing back a taste of the ’90s with the return of Galactic Fruit Gushers.

Galactic flavors include Asteroid Apple and Berry Star Clusters as well as a Mystery Flavor in each box. If you can correct the Mystery flavor, you could also win a prize for yourself by giving your answer at Prizes include merchandise, apparel, and gift cards.

You can find the flavors exclusively at your local Walmart, or can purchase them online here. Wonder if this means Jurassic Gushers are coming back in the not-too-distant future?


How the F*ck Do You Chew This Thing? The Fruit by the Foot and Fruit Roll-Up Wrapped Super Gusher


It’s a dentist’s worst nightmare: a “Super Gusher,” composed of at least three packs of its namesake, wrapped in layers of Fruit Roll-Ups and covered by a quilt of bright pink Fruit by the Foot like a rubber band ball.

Gawk at its glory. Marvel at its high-fructose corn-syrup-laden mastery. Contemplate how f*cking hard it must be to chew.

5 minutes of requisite net-digging did not reveal the original source of this monstrosity, though chances are he’s now probably sitting in his dentist’s office, wondering if there’s such a thing as fruit-flavored Polygrip.



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Last Week To Create Welch’s Fruit Snacks Jingle

Welches Fruit SnacksIf you’re anything like the FOODBEAST crew, you love fruitsnacks. We’ve seriously contemplated eloping to Vegas with its sugary-chewy goodness, but we’re just afraid of commitment since we’re always tempted by seductive fruit leather or ravishing dried fruit. Side note, did you know that organic dried apricots are black? It weirded me out.

Earlier this year Welch’s launched a Facebook Contest for users to write their best jingle for its Fruit Snacks, and the winner will receive $1,000 prize with an iPad. Yes, this is a real contest where you can win an iPad versus the Facebook spam we all receive. October 31st is the last day to enter, and we’d especially like it if a FOODBEAST reader won the contest. So if you’ve got some awesome music talents like our very own @Rudeluv, win this fruity contest.