China is Eating Pears that Look Like Babies


Remember when Japan “cornered the market on square fruit” with blocky watermelon? What, did you not know there was a square fruit market? Lame. We’ve been on our novelty fruit game for weeks now.

Well, a few years ago, China decided geometric shapes were old hat. They wanted to upgrade — fruit shapes with actual meaning, substance, y’know? So, logically, farmer Hao Xianzhang came back at Japan with pears that look like babies (called Buddha pears), grown in little snap-on plastic molds. The concept is the same: Tuck the fruit inside when it’s teeny-tiny and wait for it to fill its parameters. Voila! Suddenly, you’re serving up potential sacrilegion for just $7.25 (or 50 yuan)!


H/T + PicThx Toxel