How the F*ck Do You Chew This Thing? The Fruit by the Foot and Fruit Roll-Up Wrapped Super Gusher


It’s a dentist’s worst nightmare: a “Super Gusher,” composed of at least three packs of its namesake, wrapped in layers of Fruit Roll-Ups and covered by a quilt of bright pink Fruit by the Foot like a rubber band ball.

Gawk at its glory. Marvel at its high-fructose corn-syrup-laden mastery. Contemplate how f*cking hard it must be to chew.

5 minutes of requisite net-digging did not reveal the original source of this monstrosity, though chances are he’s now probably sitting in his dentist’s office, wondering if there’s such a thing as fruit-flavored Polygrip.



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Cupcake Palette Helps You Find Your Inner Picasso


I was pretty excited when I saw this photo of iced cupcakes on a palette and the paintbrush with long, thick bristles. At first, I assumed that it was an ad featuring a tool I could buy for artistically challenged people like me. You know, the sort of artistically inept unfortunates who make cupcakes that come out of the oven looking like boils, which you then try to cover up by slathering icing in an uneven hotmess. But the reality is that All You provided a tutorial on how to make an edible paintbrush made of a bread stick, Fruit by the Foot and Tootsie Rolls. No reason to be disappointed here.

Sounds like the perfect activity to share with Kindergartners and a clever usage for the plethora of gathered Halloween candy. All it requires is that you microwave Tootsie Rolls, lay the softened slab on a cutting board, roll it out and slice it into fringes, leaving a solid piece holding the slithers together, then tape it onto a bread stick using Fruit by the Foot. This recipe is from the book What’s New, Cupcake? By Karen Tack and Alan Richardson in which they write, “What’s your favorite canvas? Cupcakes, of course!” I can’t guarantee that any one will ever ask you that question, but I can guarantee that you already know the answer.

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Chocolate-covered Fruit By the Foot

Fruit snacks covered in chocolate, it’s actually not as weird as it sounds. This snack comes from our friend Becky’s kitchen, an experiment that follows up her last fruit-snack and chocolate creation in the form of Chocolate-covered Gushers. Don’t let the novelty of the title throw you off, the flavors are there and the portability of the finished product (put them a plastic sandwich bag!) really comes together nicely. (Recipe @ CerealBaker)