South Carolina Restaurant Allegedly Resold Costco Pizza At 700% Markup

Yes, having a Costco membership can be a godsend in some regards. You can stock up on frozen foods to last you until the end of time. But if you were a restaurant, would you go as far as to buy some Costco brand frozen pizza and pass it off as your own?

Apparently that’s what a restaurant in South Carolina did, reports The Post and Courier.

Coquin, a wine bar in Charleston, is selling “Roman-style” pizzas for $18 and $20 depending if they are plain or have toppings as a way for the restaurant to transition into delivery during this worldwide pandemic. However, the Post and Courier had been alerted by both patrons and employees of the restaurant that the pizza they were offering for delivery had in fact been pre-purchased from Costco’s frozen food section .

According to the Post and Courier, a reporter spotted the owner of Coquin receive a delivery order and walk up to his private residence leaving with “Fresh Pizza, Oven Baked” boxes. Afterwards the reporter discovered four-pack boxes of Kirkland’s Signature Cheese Pizzas with Breadcrumb Crusts (about $10 for four pizzas) in the restaurant’s dumpster.

When asked directly, however, the owner denied that the pizzas sold for delivery were from Costco.

Even with fresh toppings thrown onto Costco’s already existing $2.50 cheese base, this comes out to about a 700% markup. Which is arguably just as bad as hoarding toilet paper and disinfectant and selling it at a higher price during these times.

Coquin’s website for pizza delivery is currently down at the time of publication.

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There’s A FROZEN 2 ICE CREAM CAKE At Your Grocery Store Right Now

When Frozen released a couple years back, it was inescapable. Olaf, Elsa, and Anna’s faces were plastered on everything from soup cans to toilet seat covers. Even if you managed to not watch the movie, the song Let It Go became a smash hit and blared from every minivan on the block. Now, years later, it appears Disney is commencing the second half of their plot for Frozen’s department store domination, as they prepare to release a Frozen 2 ice cream cake in collaboration with Carvel.

The new cake is a spinoff of Carvel’s ice cream cake that’s long been in stores. Instead of the normal white exterior, the Frozen cake features a design that mimics a snowflake.

Underneath that sits vanilla and chocolate ice cream, along with chocolate crunchies and a whipped frosting on which the aforementioned design sits. 

The cake will be available for a limited time at major retailers such as Walmart, Publix, Kroger, and select others. If you want to buy one, check out this product locator to find stores nearby that carry the Frozen treat. 

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People Are Saying McDonald’s New ‘Cold Brew’ Tastes Better Than Starbucks, Here Are Our Thoughts

McDonald’s McCafe menu has always been on the tails of Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts since its conception. In the fast food chain’s latest bid to take the “Best Fast Food Coffee” title, McDonald’s has begun offering their take on a popular caffeinated drink: cold brew.

The Golden Arches has revealed a new line of cold brew-inspired drinks like the Cold Brew Frozen Coffee and the Cold Brew Frappe.

Now, the recipe behind a cold brew is pretty simple: just steep some coarse-ground coffee beans in cold water for 12-plus hours. The new drinks, however, have a tad more inside than that.

According to McDonald’s, a Cold Brew Frozen Coffee clocks in at about 290 calories and contains the following ingredients:

Ice, Cream, Skim Milk, Sugar, Cold Brew Coffee Extract (Water + Cold Brew Coffee), Water, Caramel Color, Dipotassium Phosphate, Guar Gum, Mono and Diglycerides, Tripotassium Citrate, Disodium Phosphate, and Carrageenan.

Hanging around with resident food scientist Constantine Spyrou over the years, I’ve picked up a layman’s understanding for some of these ingredients. My best guess is that all these additional components are to make the “Cold Brew” supply last in the restaurant, unlike coffee chains who typically run out a little after noon.

Constantine gives me a nod of approval from across the newsroom. 

Despite the bevy of additional ingredients, including cream and sugar, McDonald’s patrons seem to have taken to the new beverages, probably comparing it to Starbucks’ regular Frappuccinos rather than a traditional cold brew.

I picked one up and brought it back to HQ to share with my colleagues. Here’s what some of them had to say:


I think it’s personally a bit too bitter for me, especially with the amount of milk, cream, and sugar in there. It definitely drinks to its price point though.


It doesn’t really taste like anything that Starbucks has. It has more of a mocha/ice cream flavor than anything. 

Only time will tell if the Cold Brew drinks will have a permanent place in the year-long menu. Until then, curious coffee heads will want to try one of these frozen brews out as they’ll only be available for a limited time.


This Specialty Coffee Shop Is Making Coffee Slushies Just In Time For Summer

As summer approaches, we’re all going to need something cool to sip on to beat the heat. But, for specialty coffee lovers, it seems cold brew and sugary blended drinks are the only applicable solutions. Yet, cold brew leaves you wired, and most blended coffee drinks quickly become an unnecessary sugar bomb.

Still, in the specialty coffee industry, there seems to be no room for sugary substitutes or frilly beverages, as super specialty coffee consumers prefer less sugary drinks that focus on the flavor of the coffee itself.

That’s why a Southern California coffee shop is working to redesign the Frappuccino — by creating a frozen coffee beverage in a slushy machine.

The result: the Frozen Sweet Latte, created by Hopper & Burr, a specialty coffee shop located in Downtown Santa Ana, Califorina. It’s a frozen coffee beverage that keeps an icy consistency and carries the robust flavor of quality coffee until the very last sip.

Truman Severson, coffee maker and owner of Hopper & Burr, who has worked in the specialty coffee industry for more than a decade, explained the inspiration for H&B’s new frozen beverage came from frozen alcoholic tiki drinks, which are traditionally served out of a slushy machine.

By adding the ingredients of Hopper & Burr’s Sweet Iced Latte (whole organic milk, raw sugar, and espresso) to a slushy machine, the drink’s primary characteristics — the sweetness of coffee and cream — remained intact, while adding a smooth, icy texture without diluting the drink.

“The slushy machine does a couple of things,” Severson explained. “It freezes the water in the milk which means the drink doesn’t get diluted at all. It also freezes it in constant motion, so the ice crystals that do form, are very very small which makes the texture really soft and not chunky.”

The idea, in Severson’s mind, was that the Frozen Sweet Latte might help shrink the divide between the lovers of blended coffee beverages and those who enjoy specialty coffee.

“The high majority of blended coffee drinks are Fraps and they are loaded with non-food ingredients and they’re sickly sweet and way too big,” Severson added. “There’s nothing wrong with this preparation method, it just had a bad period in time, and I feel like that’s exactly the same thing with blended coffee drinks.”

Look out Starbucks, there’s a new summer coffee drink in town.

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Velveeta Is Now Selling Stuffed GRILLED CHEESE In The Frozen Foods Section

We don’t see as many grilled cheese options as we’d like in the frozen foods section of our local grocery stores. This is more likely because they are so easy to make, with minimum effort. If you’re looking to quell those grilled cheese pangs without having to fire up that stove, however, then there’s a box of liquid gold at the end of the rainbow of frozen food packages.

Velveeta has introduced a new line of Stuffed Grilled Cheese, reports Brand Eating.

Essentially, its a biscuit turnover that’s filled with Velveeta cheese. You pop it in the microwave and the cheese becomes a molten gold ooze hidden inside the flaky crust. Simple, yet effective.

Velveeta also introduced a line of Cheesy Bites, which are crispy breaded poppers filled with original cheese or salsa con queso. Might as well fire these up, too , since your microwave’s already warmed up.

You can get the new Grilled Cheese and Cheesy Bites in 8-oz and 16-oz boxes at participating grocery retailers now.

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I Fed My Coworkers A Donut Cheeseburger From Walmart And Here’s What Happened

On a recent stroll down the frozen food aisles of Walmart, we found a peculiar box of microwaveable cheeseburgers that you would find at a county fair: Donut Cheeseburger.


As we sat in morning traffic, the 57 freeway crawling like a complacent toddler, we took joy in the fact that ridiculous food trends were slowly leaking into the frozen dinner world. We now live in a time where a Deep-fried Twinkie and Donut Cheeseburger won’t cost you at ticket to the fair. Don’t get us started about parking prices.

You just pop them into the microwave for a couple of minutes and you’re ready to enjoy this stoner dish in the comfort of your own – well, anywhere with a fridge and microwave. That’s the point, right?


The Donut Cheeseburger featured chopped beef steak topped with American cheese, pepper berry bacon jam, and is sandwiched between two donut cake buns.

Upon removal from our beloved microwave, home of many frozen meals, we were surprised by the enticing aroma emanating from the once-frozen sandwich. Hopefully it tasted as good as it smelled, because we’d like to see the best in most packaged foods.

We passed the burgers around the bullpen to see what the brave Foodbeasts who dared to partake had to say:


It’s not even a good “2am” food. I don’t know who this was made for.


It tasted like a McGriddle, but it was supposed to be a cheeseburger.


It was half-decent stoner food that tasted like couch cushions when sober.

The frozen packaged food item was sold under the Great Value brand and comes in packs of 2. It seems that they’re only available at the Walmart Supercenter.



Summer Just Got A Lot Cooler With These Frozen Vodka Pops

As most people know, hard alcohol is a very difficult thing to freeze, especially when using commercial freezers. A lot of people keep their hard alcohol in the freezer simply to make it a little thicker and cooler, making it easier to take shots of.

One fairly new UK company has not only found a way to freeze it (albeit in a small amount), but they also flavored it and put it in a sleeve. This wonderful company (known as Icycl) has just virtually created the alcoholic counterpart to Otter Pops. Let that sink in.

Screen Shot 2016-08-03 at 2.33.06 PM

Screen Shot 2016-08-03 at 2.30.50 PM

When it comes to the target demographic, the brand makes it pretty clear: party people. The Icycl vodka pops were made to be enjoyed with music around, specifically EDM, and the photos accompanying the product make that abundantly evident.

Screen Shot 2016-08-03 at 2.28.09 PM

With a 6.4% ABV for each sleeve, you will actually be able to get drunk just by eating these and never actually drinking. Each box comes with six sleeves – two apple, two blackcurrant and two lemon & lime flavors. All you have to do is throw them in the freezer for a few hours and enjoy!

These Icycl Pops can be found on Firebox for $18.19 plus tax, a small price to pay for being the coolest person at any pool party this season.

Just don’t let your kids mistake them for actual Otter Pops.


Watch Chefs Taste Microwaved Dinners For The First Time


To be a decent chef, you kinda have to have a halfway decent palette. This means you can’t always be eating microwaved dinners at home. Y’know, the ones you find in the frozen foods section of your supermarket.

The folks over at Facts gathered a few seasoned chefs and sat them down to try various microwaved dinners.

Some of the items include Irish beef dinner, a microwavable burger, vegetable spaghetti and sticky toffee pudding.

Watch as they taste and react to the frozen and reheated meals.