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This Machine Is The Keurig Of Froyo And We Can’t Wait To Take It Home

Interested in getting your own custom froyo experience at the push of a button? Thanks to Wim, the Keurig of Froyo, you can now do that with incredible ease.


Photo courtesy of Wim

The startup, which began selling their machines a month ago, takes your choice of milk and a freeze-dried organic yogurt mix and turns them into frozen yogurt in mere minutes. Current ice cream machines in the market are quite bulky, require a base that takes up space in your freezer, and can take up to 20 minutes to achieve the perfect ice cream. They also require that you know how to make an ice cream base. If you don’t know how to make ice cream (or don’t have time to) and want to save on time and space, Wim’s is a pretty solid choice. The gadget is about the size of a Nespresso machine and has a clean process where the appliance doesn’t even touch your froyo.

The frozen yogurt choices are also totally customizable. There’s a variety of flavors to choose from on Wim’s website, including Milk & Cookies, Passion Fruit, and Cinnamon Toast. For those of you that want vegan froyo, there’s a trio of flavors (Chocolate peanut butter cup, banana bread, and raspberry) that are made with coconut yogurt for you to choose from. A serving of Wim’s froyo is about 150 calories, with 10 total grams of added sugar, and is about 4-4.5 ounces. Each bowl containing the freeze-dried mixes costs about $3, while the whole machine costs $299.

The customization capability doesn’t end there, however. You can choose any type of milk, from regular to coconut to macadamia, to incorporate into your final froyo product. The result is a machine and froyo experience that you can easily mold to your tastes, is relatively healthy, and checks in at a reasonable price point.

Wim’s website has all of the purchasing options and info you need if you’re down to try this machine out for yourself.

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Food Fight: Froyo VS. Ice Cream


This week’s battle pairs two frozen favorites against each other to find out which one can melt the competition. Aside from being equally delicious frozen treats, ice cream and frozen yogurt have unique characteristics on their own.

Determining which is superior, however, can cause a brain freeze.If you were forced to pick one for the rest of your life, but can’t decide, here’s a food fight to help you make up your mind.


Did you Know?

ice cream scoop

Early forms of ice cream were enjoyed during the Roman Empire, it was made by combining ice and different flavors of cream made with fruit and milk.

Yogurt, on the other hand, was exported into the U.S. from the Middle East during the early 1900s. The frozen version has been a relatively newer creation in the U.S.; TCBY (This Can’t Be Yogurt), claims to be the first commercial frozen yogurt producer.


Calories (Vanilla, per 100 grams)

Ice Cream: 207 calories

Frozen Yogurt: 159 calories


Taste and Consistency

Ice cream: Unique in texture as it’s soft, with a hint of rugged frigidness. The initial taste is sweet and creamy, but then the softness settles in and feels like you are jumping into a tub of chilled whipped cream. The chilly shock awakens the senses, but the cream quickly melts away into a thick milky puddle of sugary goodness.

Frozen Yogurt: It isn’t exactly yogurt, but it’s not exactly ice cream either, although it has similar characteristics. At first, the consistency is a bit firmer than ice cream, but not as creamy. The first spoonful of froyo almost disintegrates instantaneously, leaving behind a sterile, almost bland aftertaste.


What’s working for you

Both: A bowl of ice cream or frozen yogurt on a hot day can be an absolute god send. Adding fresh fruit and other toppings can enhance an already delicious snack while supplying some calcium.

Frozen Yogurt: This treat can be associated as ice cream’s diet-friendly alternative because it’s definitely less fattening than ice cream. Just go easy on the toppings.

Ice Cream: Other than supplying you with your daily dose of dairy and soothing your tonsils after a tonsillectomy, ice cream isn’t doing much for health.


What’s working against you

Both: Like other amazing desserts, eating too much ice cream or frozen yogurt can have ill effects on teeth, weight, and overall health.

Ice Cream: Contains more fat and calories, due to the sugar and heavy cream.

Frozen Yogurt: This might sound healthier, but the process of freezing the yogurt eliminates the probiotic enzyme found in regular yogurt, meaning that your digestive tract won’t get the probiotic benefits yogurt delivers.


Winner: Frozen Yogurt


Photo: Wikimedia

While ice cream is traditionally the classic favorite, this food fighter can see a clear winner in frozen yogurt. It comes in a variety of blended flavors, like chocolate and vanilla swirl, and convenience alone is a big advantage. It’s almost unfair having to compare these two desserts, but with less calories and a lighter, more manageable aftertaste frozen yogurt is a simple and semi-healthy dessert.


This Is How The World Eats Ice Cream

Aw, summer, the time for barbecues, pool parties and of course ice cream. Whether it be off a truck, out of a freezer, or out of your favorite parlor, ice cream is a summer necessity.

But did you know your favorite frozen treat doesn’t have the same look everywhere? While Americans tend to scoop it into a bowl, or cone other countries have taken wildly different interpretations of the frozen treat we know and love. The treats may look different, taste different and have different ingredients, but at least we can all agree on one thing, we all scream for ice cream.

Fairmont Hotels & Resorts put together an infographic showing what ice cream looks like around the world. Check it out below.




If It Rains Soon, Yogurtland Is Gonna Hook Us Up With Free Yogurt


If it rains in Southern California this weekend and through the month of April 2016, Yogurtland will be rewarding the wetness with some free frozen yogurt.

The offer is being chalked up to a “rainy day special” and the yogurt chain is offering buy one, get one free at participating Southern California locations every time it rains. That’s fitting, because I thought I was the only one who craves ice cream or frozen yogurt as soon as it starts raining.

A Yogurtland representative confirmed with us the offer is only valid if it rains — but I would just shoot a quick phone call to your local Yogurtland before you make any slippery drives for Yogurt.


Deals Sweets

Yogurtland Is Giving Away FREE Frozen Yogurt For One Day Only

Yogurtland is going above and beyond to make Mondays tolerable again by giving away free frozen yogurt on February 8th in light of National Frozen Yogurt Day.

The company opened the doors to it’s first location in Fullerton, California, in February of 2006, also making this the 10 year anniversary for the healthier ice cream substitute.

The promotional campaign will only be available on Monday from 4 PM to 7 PM in all participating locations, which should be all of them. This deal also includes free toppings, because it would be pointless without them.

Fans of the yogurt chain will receive a commemorative cup to go along with their collectible Hershey’s spoon, all free in honor of the great accomplishment Yogurtland has achieved.

Now to find a way to have National Yogurt Day every day…



Photo Credit: Fetch Deals, Princess Gourmet


Samoa Cookie-Flavored FroYo Debuts Nationwide


Try as we might, it’s hard to justify a Girl Scout cookie’s place in a healthy diet. At 70 calories per cookie, caramellly, coconuttty, and chocolatey Samoas are the worst of the bunch. But thanks to a new collaboration between the Girl Scout brand and frozen yogurt chain Menchie’s, you can now get your favorite guilty pleasure in froyo form. Suh-weet!

The catchily named Caramel Coconut Cookie Craze is the first Girl Scout-approved frozen yogurt flavor of its kind. Available at select Menchie’s locations until the end of April, it features a blend of real cocoa, caramel, and coconut flavors that you can then top with — yep — actual Thin Mint or Samoa pieces.

As far as nutrition goes, each 1/2 cup of the Caramel Craze is 120 calories, which, if you think about it, isn’t all that healthier than just eating the cookie. But at least you’ll feel better about it. That’s the important part.


Free Froyo and Toppings at Yogurtland on February 3rd


Who: Yogurtland

What: Free Frozen Yogurt in honor of National Frozen Yogurt Day.

Where: Any participating Yogurtland locations.

When: Feb. 3 from 4 pm to 7 pm


Pinkberry Co-Founder Young Lee Found Guilty of Beating Homeless Man

Young Lee

Pinkberry co-founder Young Lee was found guilty on Friday of beating a homeless man with a tire-iron.

The attack originally occurred in LA in June 2011 when the homeless man, Daniel Bolding approached Lee’s car and displayed a racy tattoo of two figures having sex to Lee and his fiancee. Lee and a friend returned to the scene later and proceeded to beat the homeless man down with a tire iron.

It’s unclear whether it was Lee or his friend who wielded the tire iron but what is clear is that the homeless man endured traumatic bodily harm. The brutal attack coupled with the evidence that Lee attempted to intimidate witnesses was enough to convince jury members to convict Lee after two days of deliberation.

Sentencing will occur January 14 where Lee will face seven years in state prison but until then Lee is being held without bail as he is considered “a threat to the community”.

Pinkberry was founded in 2005 by cofounders Young Lee and Shelly Hwang in West Hollywood. Lee is no longer associated with the frozen yogurt chain.

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