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DiGiorno’s Croissant Crust Pizzas Coming To Target Stores Nationwide

Recently, we got a tip from TheImpulsiveBuy that a DiGiorno’s Croissant Crust pizza had been spotted in stores. We’ve been tracking down more info on this new frozen item, and have learned from DiGiorno’s that the novel crust will actually be heading to Target stores nationwide.

The new Croissant Crust Pizzas will come in three varieties: Pepperoni, Four Cheese, and Three Meat. DiGiorno’s describes the croissant base as a “light, flaky, and buttery crust,” while also noting that the pizzas will be a mashup of savory and sweet, that sweetness likely coming from the croissant pastry dough.

Croissant-crusted pizzas would be a first-to-market for both the frozen pizza and pizza delivery space, it seems, but Pillsbury has had a recipe for one on their website for a while as well.

You can find these pizzas at Target stores nationwide starting in May 2020, although some stores may be starting to display them already, as evidenced by what TheImpulsiveBuy found. DiGiorno’s confirmed to Foodbeast that other retailers across the country will be carrying them as well in the coming months.

Photos courtesy of DiGiorno’s.

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Big Rig Full of Frozen Pizzas Crashes and Spills All Over Highway [WATCH]

Whenever an accident involving a big rig occurs, it’s not always as delicious as this saucy situation in Arkansas.

This out of the ordinary trucking accident involves lots and lots of pizza, and broken hearts all over America. According to Arkansas Online, a truck carrying an insurmountable amount of frozen Digiorno and Tombstone pizza was passing through Interstate 30 in Little Rock when it hit an overpass support beam, causing its cheesy contents to be splattered all over the pavement.

There was no one hurt in the accident—other than the pride of pizza lovers everywhere, but it did close the highway for four hours while officials cleaned it all up.


Frozen Macaroni and Cheese Pizza is a Thing

mac and cheese pizza

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See How Frozen Pizzas Are Made (Hint: Sauce Waterfalls and Pizza Cookie Cutters)


Hold up: Before you pop that DiGiorno in the oven, perhaps you’d like to know where it came from? The good ol’ Science Channel created an enlightening five-minute look at how your favorite frozen pizza is crafted.

The video details the steps in constructing this frozen food staple. It starts off well enough, the dough is made from scratch and formed into shape by a pizza cookie cutter of sorts.  However, things start getting a bit iffy once sauce and toppings come into the mix. A waterfall of tomato sauce soaks the pizza dough with the runoff being collected back into the sauce reservoir. After getting a dusting of mozzarella, the discs get showered in curiously grey “meat toppings” before getting blasted in a gigantic freezer and wrapped in plastic sleeping bags. Any “less than perfect pizzas” get mercilessly rejected by a machine.

There is close to zero human interaction during this entire process, save for the occasional sample pizza inspected by a worker. Sorry, no toque-toting chefs dicing up fresh bell peppers here.

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7-Foot NBA Star Caught Planking in the Frozen Pizza Aisle

Oh, stop groaning — we all knew #planking wasn’t going to phase out without a fight. We encouraged it with our Food Planking series, and JaVale McGee, aka @JaValeMcGee34, aka Professional 7-foot NBA center for the Washington Wizards, has just upped the planking game by taking over his local supermarket. With the utmost planking quality form and lifelessness, he has appropriated himself in one of the most prestigious freezer compartments in one of the most prestigious aisles a supermarket has to offer — the frozen pizza area.  That’s 7-feet of freezer space. #planking