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You Can Now Buy Popsicles Made Out Of Pickle Juice

The latest food fad on the internet may be one of the more bizarre, but at least it may also be beneficial.

People have been going nuts recently for pickle popsicles. Made by Bob’s Pickle Pops and Van Holten’s, they consist of frozen pickle-flavored juice in a flexible tube that were already popular in some southern States like Texas and Arkansas, but have also become a favorite for cyclists and serious athletes.

While Bob’s Pickle Pops admits their claims aren’t FDA-sponsored, they do say that athletes who have tried the pickle pops praise them for their ability to quench thirst and prevent muscle cramps from occurring. Van Holten’s adds electrolytes to theirs to further prevent cramping.

If you’re down to try these hip new health products for yourself, Van Holten’s can be found on Amazon and several nationwide grocers while Bob’s Pickle Pops are available predominantly in the southern United States. You can see for yourself if you’re ready to get your pickle juice game on.