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Burger King Tried Being Cute On Twitter And Wendy’s Destroyed Them

Wendy’s is known for savage comebacks on Twitter, and its latest victim is Burger King., who was just doing its due diligence by responding to a fan.

It almost felt like Burger King was being set up by this Twitter user, as she complimented them, but threw shade at Wendy’s at the same time:

Burger King bit, and responded with, “Treat her like the princess she deserves to be.”

As soon as Wendy’s saw the tweet, they went along with the royal theme, saying, “If you’re looking for a princess, you might want to let it go. Not interested in the frozen beef kingdom.”

It was almost like they had this Frozen pun in their back pocket, just waiting for Burger King to pop off.

Everything about the tweet was perfect, and in this fast food game of thrones, Wendy’s now sits atop.