Here’s How To Make Arrested Development’s Bluth’s Frozen Bananas


Arrested Development is set to make its season four return on Netflix next week and what better way to celebrate such a momentous occasion than with Bluth’s Frozen Bananas. With all fifteen episodes being released at once, you’ll definitely need some themed snackage.

You can essentially top your frozen bananas with any toppings you choose but Eat The Love decided on the sweet and salty combination of chocolate and pistachios. Head over here for their wordless recipe.

Photo and Recipe Courtesy of Eat The Love

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Arrested Development Inspired Frozen Bananas

Anyone who’s seen Arrested Development knows the frozen banana stand, which was inspired by a couple of real ones on Balboa Island in Newport Beach. Bananarchy is a frozen banana stand in Austin, Texas that is turning out frozen bananas like these! One of their frozen bananas are topped with peanut butter and coconut shavings, which sounds orgasmic! One of their bananas that caught my eye was called the “Hippy Dippy” which includes granola, craisins and cinnamon! If I’m ever in Texas I am going to pay Arrested Development honor and go to Bananarchy!