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This Machine Is The Keurig Of Froyo And We Can’t Wait To Take It Home

Interested in getting your own custom froyo experience at the push of a button? Thanks to Wim, the Keurig of Froyo, you can now do that with incredible ease.


Photo courtesy of Wim

The startup, which began selling their machines a month ago, takes your choice of milk and a freeze-dried organic yogurt mix and turns them into frozen yogurt in mere minutes. Current ice cream machines in the market are quite bulky, require a base that takes up space in your freezer, and can take up to 20 minutes to achieve the perfect ice cream. They also require that you know how to make an ice cream base. If you don’t know how to make ice cream (or don’t have time to) and want to save on time and space, Wim’s is a pretty solid choice. The gadget is about the size of a Nespresso machine and has a clean process where the appliance doesn’t even touch your froyo.

The frozen yogurt choices are also totally customizable. There’s a variety of flavors to choose from on Wim’s website, including Milk & Cookies, Passion Fruit, and Cinnamon Toast. For those of you that want vegan froyo, there’s a trio of flavors (Chocolate peanut butter cup, banana bread, and raspberry) that are made with coconut yogurt for you to choose from. A serving of Wim’s froyo is about 150 calories, with 10 total grams of added sugar, and is about 4-4.5 ounces. Each bowl containing the freeze-dried mixes costs about $3, while the whole machine costs $299.

The customization capability doesn’t end there, however. You can choose any type of milk, from regular to coconut to macadamia, to incorporate into your final froyo product. The result is a machine and froyo experience that you can easily mold to your tastes, is relatively healthy, and checks in at a reasonable price point.

Wim’s website has all of the purchasing options and info you need if you’re down to try this machine out for yourself.

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For The First Time Ever, Yogurtland Is Serving Ice Cream

For froyo fans, Yogurtland has always been on the cutting edge of deliciousness and craveability. Now, starting August 29, Yogurtland will be giving ice cream lovers a sweet reason to celebrate, as it is adding two ice cream flavors to the menu.

Yogurtland is the originator of several unique froyo flavors, like Spicy Sweet Chili Mango Sorbet and Fresh Strawberry, which can now be combined with premium chocolate or vanilla ice cream.

Considering the more than 50 different fruit, candy, cereal, nuts and cookies toppings to choose to choose from, Yogurtland just added to its endless list of completely customizable flavor combinations.

“One of the many joys for Yogurtland fans is to build their creation to perfectly suit their taste buds,” said John Carlson, Senior Vice President of Marketing, Development and Operations at Yogurtland. “Now, froyo fanatics and ice cream lovers alike will have the chance to do so, all under one roof at Yogurtland.”

There’s nothing quite like having the ability to build your own sweet, swirly masterpiece, with indulgent toppings strategically piled high. Now with serve-yourself-ice cream options available, there are no limitations to personalizing your own hand-crafted Yogurtland experience.

Grab your friends and head down to your nearest Yogurtland, before this limited time offer melts away.

Photos by Analiese Trimber

Created in partnership with Yogurtland

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Food Fight: Froyo VS. Ice Cream


This week’s battle pairs two frozen favorites against each other to find out which one can melt the competition. Aside from being equally delicious frozen treats, ice cream and frozen yogurt have unique characteristics on their own.

Determining which is superior, however, can cause a brain freeze.If you were forced to pick one for the rest of your life, but can’t decide, here’s a food fight to help you make up your mind.


Did you Know?

ice cream scoop

Early forms of ice cream were enjoyed during the Roman Empire, it was made by combining ice and different flavors of cream made with fruit and milk.

Yogurt, on the other hand, was exported into the U.S. from the Middle East during the early 1900s. The frozen version has been a relatively newer creation in the U.S.; TCBY (This Can’t Be Yogurt), claims to be the first commercial frozen yogurt producer.


Calories (Vanilla, per 100 grams)

Ice Cream: 207 calories

Frozen Yogurt: 159 calories


Taste and Consistency

Ice cream: Unique in texture as it’s soft, with a hint of rugged frigidness. The initial taste is sweet and creamy, but then the softness settles in and feels like you are jumping into a tub of chilled whipped cream. The chilly shock awakens the senses, but the cream quickly melts away into a thick milky puddle of sugary goodness.

Frozen Yogurt: It isn’t exactly yogurt, but it’s not exactly ice cream either, although it has similar characteristics. At first, the consistency is a bit firmer than ice cream, but not as creamy. The first spoonful of froyo almost disintegrates instantaneously, leaving behind a sterile, almost bland aftertaste.


What’s working for you

Both: A bowl of ice cream or frozen yogurt on a hot day can be an absolute god send. Adding fresh fruit and other toppings can enhance an already delicious snack while supplying some calcium.

Frozen Yogurt: This treat can be associated as ice cream’s diet-friendly alternative because it’s definitely less fattening than ice cream. Just go easy on the toppings.

Ice Cream: Other than supplying you with your daily dose of dairy and soothing your tonsils after a tonsillectomy, ice cream isn’t doing much for health.


What’s working against you

Both: Like other amazing desserts, eating too much ice cream or frozen yogurt can have ill effects on teeth, weight, and overall health.

Ice Cream: Contains more fat and calories, due to the sugar and heavy cream.

Frozen Yogurt: This might sound healthier, but the process of freezing the yogurt eliminates the probiotic enzyme found in regular yogurt, meaning that your digestive tract won’t get the probiotic benefits yogurt delivers.


Winner: Frozen Yogurt


Photo: Wikimedia

While ice cream is traditionally the classic favorite, this food fighter can see a clear winner in frozen yogurt. It comes in a variety of blended flavors, like chocolate and vanilla swirl, and convenience alone is a big advantage. It’s almost unfair having to compare these two desserts, but with less calories and a lighter, more manageable aftertaste frozen yogurt is a simple and semi-healthy dessert.


‘And Now It’s a Fucking Froyo Place’ Shames New York’s Latest Froyo Locations


New Yorkers love grumbling about how the neighborhood (doesn’t matter what neighborhood, always just the neighborhood) is going. Now, there’s a Tumblr dedicated to their curmudgeon-ry, and it’s pretty bleak. It’s also hilarious.

And now it’s a fucking froyo place is dedicated to retail locations that have been converted into, you guessed it, froyo places. The website posts pictures of what shops used to be, before showing the same location with a frozen yogurt store in its place.

It’s amazing how many different places fall victim. Day spas, local restaurants, even moving companies are taken over by a dizzying array of frozen yogurt shops and stands. Even more interesting are the last portraits of New York’s personality, as it gets swept up and washed away for convenience and (supposedly) virtuous treats.

Check it out for yourself. You might laugh, you might cry, and you’ll probably end up craving some froyo.


Oktoberfest Stout-Flavored Frozen Yogurt Has Hints of ‘Hops’


If you think your October was just starting to wind down, think again. 16 Handles released a new Oktoberfest Stout flavor, and it’s all you’ve ever wanted from dessert — think beer and cold, creamy froyo. The flavor is “a new spin on artisan flavor by merging the dessert-like base notes of Oatmeal Stout craft beer with farm-fresh dairy. The result is a creamy and earthy blend of Fro-Yo with familiar hints of hops and barley.”

It’s also low fat, so you can get your brew on without all the calories. We recommend topping this brew-flavored froyo with a generous helping of peanuts, which sounds to us like the perfect bar snack.


Cider Doughnut-Flavored Frozen Yogurt Satisfies Fall Cravings


Even though summer’s not officially over, Fall flavors are already rolling out, like Kahlua Pumpkin Spice and the good ol’ Pumpkin Spice Latte. But luckily it’s not all squash talk, because the folks over at 16 Handles have come up with the tastiest (and most festive) of fro-yo flavors — Cider Doughnut.

The newest 16 Handles treat is now available at all locations, and features brown sugar, cinnamon and a dash of ginger.

While this dessert is no doubt delicious on its own, we highly suggest topping it off with bits of a real cider doughnut. That way, it’s like a Fall party in your mouth.


From Pinkberry to Yogurtland: A Breakdown of Chemicals Found in Frozen Yogurt [VIDEO]


Here I was, thinking frozen yogurt was good for me, a light treat that was both virtuous and conveniently healthy. Turns out, I’ve been living a lie for the past five years.

“It’s not an alternative to yogurt, it’s an alternative to ice cream,” says David Katz, a doctor and founding director of the Yale University Prevention Research Center.  “The fact that there’s yogurt in the name in no way exonerates what’s in your cup.”  Great. Just great.

According to the report by Huffpo’s Unreal Eats, many frozen yogurt brands have tons of added sugar and delicious sounding (not) additives like maltodextrin, sodium citrate, cellulose gum, and disodium phosphate. Because nothing says delicious like a heavy dose of chemical stabilizers.  Or beaver butts, apparently.  Yeah, that “natural flavor” in your white chocolate raspberry, graham cracker, and chocolate sauce creation? It’s found in nature alright, but castoreum, often used for berry flavorings, is an extract from beaver perineal glands.

Watch the full breakdown of the chemicals your favorite frozen yogurt chains are packing:

So, um, I’ll be over here, drowning my tears in some equally “healthy” ice cream I just pulled from the freezer. And don’t you dare ask me if I want to go to Pinkberry to make it better.

H/T Huff Po


Peach Sangria Frozen Yogurt is Probably Delicious, Sadly Not Boozy

76_peach_sangria sorbetto_Shadow_resize


Popular east coast based fro-yo chain 16 Handles is launching a new Peach Sangria Sorbetto flavor in honor of the end of Summer. With the August heat on it’s way, this new flavor is for froyo lovers who have a “thirst for something a little more refreshing.”

Debuting as part of the chain’s Artisan Collection, the flavor is described as a fat free sorbetto with “the sweet taste of ripe peaches enhanced with fruity sangria flavor.” Before you head over to your neighborhood 16 Handles to get slizzered you should know that there’s probably not any actual alcohol in this frozen treat, so leave the wine glasses at home. I blame the kids.


If a frozen boozy beverage doesn’t float your froyo lovin’ boat you might want to check out the PB&J. This low-fat flavor brings your childhood to life with memories of raspberry jam getting cozy with some peanut butter.

Both flavors made their official debut this week and can be found at all 16 Handles locations.