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Secrets for Cooking Frittata And Mistakes To Avoid

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Make a frittata for brunch, they said. It will be easy, they said. But it’s still not working out? Sometimes we miss some details when reading recipes, instructions and how to articles. It doesn’t have to be a disaster. Here are some secrets for cooking frittata and a few mistakes to avoid.

Frittatas are sometimes the best, but I know from experience that sometimes they can be the worst and just not work out. They can have exquisite flavor and texture, on they can be a rubbery, chewy, flavorless mess. I am here to help you avoid all of that. And enable the frittata to become one of your go-to meals: cheap, easy to make, and good for all seasons and times of the day.

What’s even better is that cooking frittata means you can use whatever leftover veggies and meats you have in your kitchen.

For starters, try to make this onion and walnut frittata, with lots of garlic and flavor!

7 tips and tricks for cooking frittata to perfection

1. Always use full-fat dairy

You don’t have to use milk or other dairy products in a frittata, but can I urge you to try it (Of course, only if you’re not lactose intolerant – I am not a monster)? You can use whole milk, yogurt, creme fraiche or even sour cream, and it enriches your experience fully.

Just make sure that the product you use is not too low-fat because that would be like adding water. And nobody wins when we do that!

2. Cook the fillings before adding the eggs

Frittata is an amazing delivery system for your dinner leftovers, like cooked veggies, roasted potatoes, or pieces of sausage.

But if you use raw ingredients, you have to cook them first, before adding the eggs on top. Foods rich in liquid like tomatoes or mushrooms could water down your eggs if you don’t precook them and let them release their moisture before assembling the frittata.

The cooking time for the eggs is so fast, that items like onions or potatoes might end up almost raw in the frittata. Saute everything first!

Secrets for Cooking Frittata and Mistakes to Avoid
You can use a muffin pan to create lovely frittata muffins.

3. Be mindful of proportions

Even if you’re creatively improving upon a recipe, be mindful of the proportions between the eggs, the fillings, and the dairy.

Too much dairy could make your eggs runny. Too many fillings won’t have enough egg to stick them together.

4. Don’t overwork the eggs

When you whisk your eggs, keep it light and keep it short. Just enough to blend the egg whites and the yolks evenly. If you overdo it, you might end up with a collapsed egg layer when the frittata comes out of the oven and cools a little.

5. Don’t overbake

A great frittata has a consistency similar to custard. It should be barely set, not completely solid. How do you watch out for that? Well, if the crust is golden, that means your dish is already overcooked. Check the frittata in the oven five minutes before the recipe says it’s done. And if you really want that crust on top, use cheese to create the crispy effect. It cooks much faster than the eggs.

Don’t throw away old bread, add it to a frittata and witness the magic!

6. Season wisely

Add salt and pepper to your eggs before they hit the pan or the skillet. If you just sprinkle some salt over the pan, when all the ingredients are there, it will mostly make the top part incredibly salty and the interior under-seasoned and bland, and that’s not the right way of cooking frittata. You should also season your fillings whenever you cook them, so they get the most flavor improvement possible.

7. Choose your cheese mindfully

Choose the cheese to use with a purpose in mind. If you want something that melts and that you can feel in every delicious bite of your frittata, then shred your cheese and stir it in the eggs before adding to the pan. A harder cheese like parmesan doesn’t melt that well and is better added to the top of the frittata, for a salty, crunchy layer. Cheddar and gruyere cheese will make the texture of the frittata creamier.

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Meal Prep Like A Boss With These 4 Easy Recipes

As an adult, it’s pretty cool being independent and living on your own and shit, but if you’re like me, there are certain moments when you totally crumble under the pressure.

Like for instance, when your clothes are super creased and there’s a thing called an iron but you aren’t entirely sure where to get one or how to use it so you keep hanging your clothes in the bathroom and taking hot showers in an attempt to steam out all the wrinkles.

Or when you’re applying for a credit card and the bank person on the phone asks you what kind of card you want but you just keep saying “Whatever you think is best…” because you legitimately don’t understand the difference between the hundred million credit card options on the market today.

While I don’t have much advice on the first two matters, I definitely have some tips on the whole feeding yourself thing. It’s called meal prep, people, and it’s basically every lazy cook’s sacred Sunday ritual.

Essentially you just make a shit ton of easy food to nosh on throughout the whole week. If you get a set of spiffy tupperwares, you can even take your food with you to places so you don’t have to eat out all the time. It’s kind of revolutionary.

Since you shouldn’t ever have to sacrifice taste for convenience, here are four easy meals to make today that’ll hook you up for the week, done in collaboration with Meal Prep On Fleek:

Chicken Tenders

It’s pretty impossible to go wrong with chicken breaded in parmesan and breadcrumbs. Luckily this recipe calls for green beans and tomatoes, so that if they ask, you can tell your friends you’re eating healthy. Although idk why you’d wanna be friends with people like that anyways.

Lemon Pasta

You know when a recipe starts out with butter and garlic, it’s gonna be a good one. Once they started adding the cheese and pasta I started feeling excitement in places besides just my stomach. Damnnnn son. This will definitely be the dopest meal to set foot in your kitchen.

Baked Frittata Bites

This one is perfection because it addresses our favorite yet most difficult-to-prepare meal of the day: breakfast. I’m not sure about you, but getting out of bed in the morning is hard enough. Sometimes breakfast is just out of the question. But if you prep for the week with these baked frittata bites, all you have to do is heat a few up in the morning and you’re good to go.

Apricot Chicken and Shrimp

Chinese takeout has been my saving grace on more occasions than one, but that shit gets expensive. Next time, whip up some sweet and sour chicken and shrimp, for the sake of double the protein, and both your wallet and stomach will thank you. All it takes is a few ingredients and only one pan so you don’t really have an excuse.


This Restaurant Does A Philly Cheesesteak Frittata That Looks INSANE


Elephant Bar Restaurant, a popular restaurant chain, has introduced a brand new weekend brunch menu that’s sure to turn a few heads. One of the most noteworthy items from that selection comes in the form of this Philly Cheesesteak Frittata.

This amazing-looking frittata features an open-faced omelet with seared Philly steak. It’s topped with caramelized bell peppers & onions, pepper jack queso and a chipotle pesto sauce. The frittata is served with breakfast potatoes.


Other items include the Sunrise Breakfast Tostada and the Raspberry Passion Pancakes.

Elephant Bar’s weekend brunch began May 7 and will be available for the foreseeable future. You can find it at any of the restaurant’s 28 locations.

Photos: Christian Bourdeau


Frittata + Waffle = Frittaffle


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