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McDonald’s Canada Creates a Useless App to Protect Your Fries From Thieves

fry thief

It seems that fry theft is a pretty serious issue in Canada, as McDonald’s Canada claims that 99 to 100 percent of Canadians have, or will have their fries stolen at some point in their lives. That means not even Drake, Ryan Gosling, nor the mighty Justin Bieber are safe. The only safe Canadian is probably Wolverine. Good luck trying to swipe his fries without getting claws to the chest, bub.

There is a feature in the McDonald’s Canada app called the Fry Defender. It has a motion sensor, so you just leave it next to your phone, and if you ever have to take your eyes off your food, you activate the app’s alarm system. If any of your friends think they’re Danny Ocean and try to pull a heist on your fries by hovering their hand directly above your phone, it’s over, as the app will put them on blast and sound an obnoxious alarm.

Watch the video below if you’re OK with a Canadian dude saying, “aboot” and “have bean.”
Thank you, Canada for backing something that’s absolutely worthless. Just stick to ice hockey and Poutine.