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Wine and Cannabis Pairings That Go Perfect With Your Friendsgiving Dinner

Photo: Raw Garden

The holidays are fast approaching. Retailers already have their jingle playlists on repeat and temperatures have noticeably dipped. Whether you’ve been holed up at home or have returned to work, we could all use a break from our daily 1, 2 step. 

Since social gatherings are back in effect, no doubt you’ll see Friendsgiving invites popping up in your DMs. Friendsgiving is like an “adult” Thanksgiving. While regular Thanksgiving is like going back home to be a kid again, in adult form. Each serves its purpose, but back home there’s no passing of anything to the left other than plates of food, if you know what I mean. 

Photo: Raw Garden

In honor of Friendsgiving, I’ve put together three wine and cannabis pairings with the help of Khalid Al-Naser, Head of Product at Raw Garden Farm. Raw Garden is a 50 acre all organic cannabis farm with a focus on sustainable cultivation practices. Located in Santa Ynez Hills, they’re one of the largest cannabis growers in California. Beyond growing quality flowers, much like Friendsgiving, Raw Garden is about bringing people together.

These pairings were especially matched to compliment the full-bodied flavors of a Thanksgiving dinner. What better way to show thanks than over a delicious homemade meal, elevated by a tasty bottle of wine and a complementary strain of quality cannabis? 

Below, from appetizer to dessert, we’ve laid a roadmap that’ll take you and your friends to a whole new level of thankfulness:

Photo: Raw Garden

1. APPETIZERS: Mac & Cheese Bites, Cornbread Bites, Cheese & Veggie Platter

WINE: Columna, Albariño (Rias Baixas, Spain)
A crisp white wine with mild sweetness and a clean minerality that compliments more subtle meal pairings.

CANNABIS: Raw Garden, Peach Blossom Pen
Soft notes of sweet peaches and floral undertones that give a pleasant taste and uplifting high.

SUGGESTED ORDER: Smoke / Drink / Eat / Drink

Photo: Raw Garden

2. MAIN MEAL: Candied Yams, Mashed Potatoes, Collard Greens, Green Beans, Stuffing, Turkey

WINE: The Hilt, Pinot Noir 2014 (Santa Barbara, Central Coast, California)
A drinkable, medium-bodied red – savory, dark and perfumed wine. The Hilt Estate in the Santa Ynez Valley produces award-winning wines like this delicious Pinot Noir.

CANNABIS: Raw Garden, Paradise OG Pen
Fruit forward with a gassy, diesel-like boutique that finishes with soft notes of tropical funk.

SUGGESTED ORDER: Drink / Eat / Drink / Smoke

Photo: Raw Garden

3. DESSERT: Sweet Potato Pie

WINE: Royal Tokaji, 5 Puttonyos Azus (Mád, Hungary)
Hungarian dessert wine with a long history and a great story. Sweet, high in sugar, with excellent acidity that acts as a wonderful finish to any meal and a great palate cleanser.

CANNABIS: Raw Garden, Blackberry Cookies Pen
Big notes of ripe berries and cream, with a hint of classic cannabis “kushiness”.

SUGGESTED ORDER: Smoke / Drink / Eat / Drink / Smoke

Aside from being specially curated to compliment a Friendsgiving meal, there’s also a suggested order in which to enjoy the experience. Different orders prepare the palate for interesting twists.

Whichever side of the holiday pool you wish to dive in, one thing’s for sure, it will be lit. To try out these pairings, visit the links above. Hope you enjoy the Friendsgiving festivities as much as I plan to!

Celebrity Grub

Watch Awkwafina Make Friendsgiving Dishes With Chef Brooke Williamson In This Hilarious Cookalong

This Friendsgiving season, things might be a little more different for many of us, especially with the vicious pandemic still active. Our gatherings may be much smaller if they even happen at all, and many of us will have to rely on our own two hands in case that top chef friend isn’t coming this year. 

For those stressing over such a feat, the cavalry’s arrived. 

Photo courtesy of Chase Sapphire

Awkwafina is teaming up with lauded chef Brook Williamson, in a partnership with Chase Sapphire, to create a Friendsgiving-themed cook along.

The pair will be tackling dishes like cheesy souffle potatoes with mushroom gravy and a spicy pomegranate mezcal margarita. 

“There’s this kind of emphasis lately with staying indoors while still exploring what’s possible for trying to make those connections with the outer world. And we really can’t do that nowadays without a system,” Awkwafina told Foodbeast. 

While an artist of many talents, Awkwafina admits she’s not the best in the kitchen.

“My relationship with food and cooking was not a great one,” she laughed. 

 “I was raised by my Chinese grandma, who pretty much dominated the kitchen and wouldn’t let me cook because she thought I would mess everything up.” 

Photo courtesy of Chase Sapphire

Fans of Awkwafina’s Comedy Central series Awkwafina Is Nora From Queens may remember a scene where Nora and Cousin Edmund were making dumplings. Nora, played by Awkwafina, was failing pretty terribly at stuffing and folding the dumplings. 

Awkwafina revealed to us this actually happened growing up. Once, her grandmother even had to scold her for eating a dumpling raw in front of guests. ”I love food. I love all kinds of foods. I’m not a picky eater.” 

“Last [Friendsgiving], I’m going to be honest, I ordered 500 Korean fried chicken wings out of pure laziness,” she admitted. “Friendsgiving, I think, is always better than a normal family Thanksgiving, it’s a little bit looser. It’s a little less formal, which is nice about it.” 

Photo courtesy of Chase Sapphire

Sure many of us won’t be able to spend Friendsgiving, or even Thanksgiving, with our loved ones due to current circumstances.

That doesn’t mean that we can’t enjoy a delicious home-cooked meal with digital media assistance and celebrate with them regardless. 

“The best thing I learned from Chef Brook from our Friendsgiving is that she said something really interesting: ‘Cooking is knowing what you like in outside places and duplicating them with your own items. You can recreate it at home and add more of what you like.’ 

Photo courtesy of Chase Sapphire

Before parting ways, I asked Awkwafina if there was any bit of culinary advice she could give us from her experiences. 

“Definitely don’t add seltzer to an alcohol shaker because that’s an explosion.” 

Check out the hilarious digital cook along in the video above. Maybe it’ll spark some culinary inspirations, perhaps it’ll calm your nerves this holiday season, or maybe it’ll just make you laugh. Stay safe out there, everyone. 

Packaged Food

Pringles Just Made A Turducken In Chip Form

The Turducken is a Louisiana holiday staple that combines a turkey, duck and chicken all stuffed within each other. Not to be confused with PETA’s Tofucken, the Turducken really caught on nationally around the late 90’s, and is arguably the original shocking food mashup.

Well, Pringles is taking a cue from the monstrous bird with its Friendsgiving Feast Turducken pack, available November 7 for $15.99.

The pack includes six different flavors, including the turkey, duck and chicken, along with a stuffing flavor, pumpkin pie, and cranberry sauce, for a complete meal in chip form.


While you don’t get the flavors of all three birds in one chip, you can take one of each flavor and stack them together for a bite that has all three seasonings swimming in your mouth at once.

Getting a chance to try the new holiday pack, we can confirm that each chip has its own distinct taste. The turkey flavored chip has a pretty strong gravy-like taste to it. The duck flavor is a little hard to sort out, though it does taste like a particular meat seasoning, but the chicken does taste like it has some chicken seasoning to it.

These make for a cute gift, or if you’re spending Thanksgiving alone, it’s a pretty easy way to enjoy a whole meal in one sitting.

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Matthew McConaughey Gives Away Turkeys All In The Name Of Goodwill And Bourbon [WATCH]

With Thanksgiving around the corner, it only makes sense that Wild Turkey Bourbon is looking to spread goodwill and capitalize on their fowl name.

The brand recently teamed with Matthew McConaughey to donate 4,500 turkeys to the residents of the distillery’s hometown of Lawrenceburg, KY — the donation included giving more than 500 turkeys to the local food pantry.  Along with a team of more than 250 Wild Turkey volunteers, the Academy Award-winning actor surprised Lawrenceburg residents by showing up on their doorsteps with turkeys generously donated by Butterball.

McConaughey, who serves as the brand’s Creative Director, celebrated his 48th birthday with 250 Wild Turkey volunteers by making an appearance at the Wild Turkey Distillery before he, Master Distillers Jimmy and Eddie Russell, and volunteers set out to give back.

“In one of our very first conversations, Master Distillers Jimmy and Eddie Russell told me that the town of Lawrenceburg is what keeps the Wild Turkey family running,” says McConaughey. “The support system in this community is amazing – in one form or another, everyone has some kind of relationship with Wild Turkey – and that’s why we were so grateful to have the resources to give back and say thanks to Lawrenceburg residents. We thought, let’s give everyone a turkey, one less thing for them to worry about this season.”

In addition to the deliveries in Lawrenceburg, Wild Turkey has also made a donation equaling 50,000 Thanksgiving meals to the anti-hunger organization Share Our Strength to help families in need across the country. Wild Turkey is encouraging fans to join them in their Friendsgiving to End Hunger campaign to support those who could use a hand this holiday.  Fans can host a Friendsgiving fundraiser in their own hometown or make a donation to support Share Our Strength’s work to end hunger in America.

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Trader Joe’s Creates $13 Holiday Turkey Bake That Wins Friendsgiving

If you’re looking to do Friendsgiving on the cheap this year, Trader Joe’s has got you covered. They just an unveiled a holiday turkey bake called “Turkey & Stuffing En Croute” that can feed a squad of four for just $13.

A post shared by Trader Joe’s (@traderjoes) on

The entire meal, which weighs in at 40 ounces, consists of a turkey tenderloin and stuffing encased in puffed pastry. The holiday turkey bake just needs to be thawed and baked, and comes with sides of turkey gravy and cranberry sauce, essentially completing the entire Thanksgiving spread in a single box. The only thing missing is mashed potatoes and pie, both of which can be acquired on the cheap just about anywhere.

Considering that you’re probably paying at least $13 for just the turkey alone for a typical holiday meal, this frozen Thanksgiving amalgamation comes through in the clutch for those looking to pinch pennies but get the whole traditional Turkey Day experience. Since the Turkey & Stuffing En Croute feeds 4 people, the total cost per person of this meal checks in at about $3, making it extremely affordable.

Trader Joe’s will have the bake available throughout the entire holiday season, so if you’re not sick of the turkey and trimmings after Thanksgiving, you can still pick it up afterward if you’re down to save bucks on a family meal.


This Fancy Friendsgiving Menu Includes Taco Bell in Every Dish [WATCH]

Last week, Taco Bell invited a bunch of YouTube celebrities to a well-cheffed Friendsgiving dinner at their SoCal headquarters. As Bustle already reported, “unless you’ve got thousands of Twitter followers, a huge crowd of YouTube fans…you probably won’t be able to attend [the dinner] yourself.”

Until today. We went behind the scenes at the event, sat at the dinner table, and talked to the chef about his boner-ific 15-course menu that he infused with signature Taco Bell items.

First, the menu:



Here’s What It Looked Like for Those Following Through Social Media:




Then dinner started. Here are some highlights:

A Nacho Cheese Sauce Shooter with Taco Seasoned Popcorn:



Then Brussels Sprouts Came out…Topped with Chalupa Shell Gremolata:

brussel sprouts


Deviled Egg with Border Sauce Vinaigrette and Candy Bacon:



Red Strip-Crusted Jumbo Lump Crab Cake with Red Pepper Aioli:



Crispy-Skinned Turkey Roulade with Cinnabon Delights Mole and Cranberry:



Chipotle-Whipped Yukons and Crispy Potato Bites Lyonnaise:



Sweet Potato Chorizo Stuffing made with T-Bell’s Seasoned Beef:



We also had Taco Bell send us some recipe cards for some of the good food we had that day so you can recreate ir for your own Friendsgiving. Enjoy:

quick-caramelized-brussel-sprouts-friendsgiving-tacobell cinnamon-twist-ice-cream-friendsgiving cool-ranch-doritos-infused-garlic-butter mountain-dew-sangrita-blast friendsgiving-cinnabon-delights-mole friendsgiving-taco-bell-cheese-shooter