Recreate Iconic TV Show Kitchens Using These Computer Rendered Floor Plans

We’ve all dreamed of living in the worlds of our favorite TV shows. Many of them took place in homes or apartments, so one of the more realistic ways to feel like part of the show would be to remodel our kitchens. Those on shows like Friends, Stranger Things, and The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air have become iconic because of how integral they were to the plot and setting, whether we realized it or not.

If you want to step into the fictional realm through your kitchen, check out the floor plans to some of the more memorable ones below. Sketched by website Home Advisors, these would be great mock-ups to take to a home designer/contractor if you really want to make the remodel happen. There’s no telling just how much these would cost to recreate in your home/apartment, but how legit would it be to host the squad in one of these TV show kitchens?


tv show kitchens

Monica’s kitchen is easily one of the most memorable in TV, but it would also be tough to recreate at home. The difficulty would be that oddly-designed cabinet with a shelf right above the stove. It may seem simple enough in the above design, but those top shelves are pretty high up. Imagine having to grab spices or other cooking supplies from up there all the time.

The Big Bang Theory

To be honest, I’ve never seen anything outside of scrambled eggs made in this kitchen. But it’s still pretty spacious and simple to construct, so if you’re a huge fan of Sheldon Cooper, this could be a fun project to start on soon. No bowel movement calendar on the fridge required.

The Handmaid’s Tale

The gloom of the kitchen here matches the menace that is Commander Fred. It’s a very simple kitchen, with not much in terms of intricate designs or fancy cabinets. That makes it easy to recreate at home, but the colors may be a little to drab for some people’s taste.

New Girl

This kitchen may be a little more meant for TV than real life, especially with the shelves of cereal boxes hanging above the fridge. However, the large island in the middle is a nice touch that can make for both a kitchen/dining table and a gathering area for your squad mates.

Mad Men

Mad Men is set in the 1960s, so it’s obvious that this kitchen would come with quite a bit of nostalgia. Having the kitchen prep and cooking areas set in the middle of the kitchen could also make for an awesome studio or video setting, for those of you that like to shoot recipe videos.

Malcolm in the Middle

You’re probably not going to need two dining tables (although the second table was mainly used for studying/homework on the show). But the spacious kitchen is quite intriguing to those who like to cook with a bit of show and flash. Guess that could work for me and my love of flambe.

Stranger Things

Joyce’s kitchen from the show honestly isn’t that strange, especially for the 1980s. However, I would like to know where you get those camo-print chairs, which are definitely the odd ball out in this otherwise typical kitchen setting.

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

This is definitely the kitchen of the bourgeois, and is fitting for a place like Bel-Air. There’s tons of counter space for all different kinds of cooking activities, and the stove is on an island, meaning you can show off or just sit right next to where you cooked, eliminating a need for serving up to a bunch of people. This remodel would undoubtedly be on the more expensive end, but with all that open space and the ability to rock the Fresh Prince theme in the Fresh Prince kitchen, why not go for it?

All photos courtesy of HomeAdvisor.

Celebrity Grub

This Is Exactly How Much Coffee The Cast Of FRIENDS Drank in 10 Seasons

Sometimes we have to thank people with too much time on their hands, because they often provide us with information we didn’t know we needed.

The perfect example are these charts made by Twitter user Kit Lovelace, which show the exact amount of coffee the cast of Friends drank throughout their 10 seasons of being the funniest show ever.

Lovelace said he watched every single one of the 236 episodes and counted every time one of the six main characters poured, purchased, or drank a cup of coffee.

Of course, a good deal of the crew’s time was spent at the good ol’ Central Perk Cafe, but Lovelace made sure to keep a careful eye on non-Central Perk scenes.

Right off the bat, we learn that the ever-quirky Phoebe Buffay tops the leader board with 227 cups of coffee. Right behind her was Ms. Chanandler Bong, I mean, Chandler Bing, with 212 cups.

This may or may not be surprising, but in last place was Rachel Green with only 138 cups. For someone who worked at Central Perk, you’d think she’d have poured more coffee, but then again, she was always a terrible waitress.

Going even deeper into this research, he broke down the coffee stats by season, to see how drastically their habits changed over the years. With that chart, it looks like Rachel didn’t drink much coffee through the first two seasons, which is probably why she fell so far behind everyone else, while Monica and Chandler had a crazy spike in season five. That was the season where the two started dating, so maybe that had something to do with the sudden influx of caffeine.

Going even deeper than any human ever could on this subject, Lovelace estimated how much the six friends spent on coffee, averaging each cup at $1.50 a cup, and assuming they’re decent tippers, they spent a total of $2,077.20 on coffee over the 10 seasons.

If you aren’t stoked about this information, I’m sorry, but for hardcore Friends fans, this is everything.

Adventures Features Hit-Or-Miss

The Huge Crawfish Boil That Became So Much More Than Just A Dinner

Memorial Day Weekend is one of the best weekends in America for a multitude of reasons. For one, it’s a day set aside to honor the men and women who have laid down their lives for this country, which is awesome. Secondly, it’s a holiday that virtually marks the beginning of summer, and that’s equally just as awesome. Finally, Memorial Day is a day typically spent cooking up some of the most delicious foods people can come up with, from the simplicity of dogs and burgs to the rare delicacy of shark fin.


(left) Alligator being fried for the masses. (right) Setup for the boil begins.

One of my closest friends (we’ll call him “Jim”) invited me to his family’s lakehouse for Memorial Day Weekend. His wife was out of town, so he needed an attractive individual to take her place. It makes sense that I was chosen.


The lake, which was manmade roughly 30 years ago, is a small, quiet lake that places an emphasis on privacy. It’s a veritable oasis, so it comes as no surprise that the founders of this summer goldmine see it as a well-kept secret. The lake itself is an elongated oval shape, perfect for the water sports that all the residents of the Ski West Village community enjoy. It’s also home to the biggest friggin’ crawfish boil my sheltered eyes have ever seen.


We pull up to the lakehouse Friday night and Jim’s brother “Jay” greets us with a variety of beers. Getting drunk at the lake is a quintessential part of the entire experience, so I drink– not by choice, but rather to immerse myself into the culture, and to blend in amongst these seasoned lake veterans well enough to– ok, it was by choice. I want to get hammered, sue me. As we drink, Jim regales me with tales of the famous crawfish boil. He tells me about the variety of people that are going, and how the couple hosting the boil were born and raised in Louisiana. He finishes by telling me the hundreds of pounds of crawfish that are brought in are frozen for the trip (from Louisiana) then thawed when they arrive, bringing them back to life in a way that would make Captain America proud. My excitement, along with my bladder, is now bursting at the seams.


After a long and fulfilling day of swimming and drinking, the crew and I begin walking over to the crawfish boil sometime around 6 pm. A soft breeze gently guides the pungent smell of garlic and spices through the crowds of people beginning to gather. The sound of alligator meat being fried whispers an intoxicating crackling, drowned out by “oohs” and “aahs” from young onlookers baffled at the thought of eating alligator. People begin shuffling in around the tables, preparing for the feast…that’s when several men come out holding the coolers filled with crawfish, the pallbearers for a crustaceous funeral.


The deliverers of deliciousness begin dumping the coolers onto the table.  The slightly different shades of red throughout the mounds of shellfish give off a crimson glow in the setting sunlight the likes I’ve never seen before. The mountains of food mostly consist of crawfish, but that’s certainly not all. The boil also included (as is tradition) large chunks of corn, sausages cut in half, garlic cloves, mushrooms, onions and small red potatoes you could pop into your mouth like a Mentos.

Once that’s done, it’s no holds barred. Old people, children, and everyone in between start bustling around looking for the best spot on the table.


As I pluck the shells off of my victims and throw the tiny portions of meat into my mouth like a ping pong ball into a cauldron, I become crushed under the weight of an intense “ah ha” epiphany, and the crawfish boil suddenly makes perfect sense to me. I look over to where Jim is and see him shaking hands with a family friend, reveling in their wakeboarding discussion. I see a young boy giving this whole “flirting” thing a try with a female friend while his buddies hide behind a few chairs, pointing and snickering. I see a mother holding her baby with one hand and digging into the sausage with the other while her husband rips a crawfish apart with his fingers. Then, without uttering a single word or taking their eyes off the prize, mom hands the baby off to dad and he takes it in stride, as if it were a running play up the middle.img_2511_720

I scan my surroundings and see all these things happening. At that moment, I realize that the crawfish boil isn’t just dinner. It isn’t just a community meal. It’s a catalyst. It’s a jumping-off point for a storied life. It’s the “Your mother and I met when…” story for that young boy. It’s the “We’ve been friends since…” tale that Jim will tell his own kids one day. It’s the “First thing I remember as a baby…” story that the football handoff child will tell in high school. For this community, the crawfish boil isn’t just their dinner. It’s their history.


Things like the boil are what keep us together. It’s what helps us forget about the troubles of today and the stresses of tomorrow, and the thought of having to vote for one of those three morons running for President. Find your “crawfish boil,” whatever that may be, and your own story will surely follow.

News Video

Man Is Shot And Killed By His BFF Over A Restaurant Bill [WATCH]

I’ve heard of disputes over who has to pay the check at the end of the meal, but never like this.

Being a Middle Eastern man myself, I understand many of the customs when it comes to dining out with friends. One of them, and probably the most common, is the virtually necessary argument between the men on the table over who gets to pay the bill. In America, we call this a “big swinging dick” contest.

Well, two Turkish men were enjoying their soup at a quaint, little restaurant nestled in the heart of Istanbul when the bill finally arrived. Hasan Erdemir and Idris Alakus (who were also accompanied by several other unnamed friends) were talking and eating their meal until Alakus said he had to leave. He tried to pay for everyone’s meal, but was informed that Erdemir had preemptively taken care of it.

This act of kindness somehow threw Alakus into a fit of rage, leading him to storm out of the restaurant. Erdemir and the others thought that the scene had ended, only to learn moments later that things were about to get substantially worse.

After handing his friend a few more bucks to tip the staff, Alakus stormed back into the restaurant with a quick but surefooted pace. Out of nowhere, Alakus pulled his gun from the back of his pants and pointed it directly at Erdemir’s genitals, taking the first shot. As Erdemir hunched over and began falling down, Alakus took another shot at the victim. Based on the footage from the bloody scene, it looked like Alakus hit him near his back left side. After a moment, Erdemir fell to his knees on the floor, then collapsed onto the ground.

Subsequently, Alakus then headed over to the payment counter where Erdemir’s two friends were and shot them as well. Thankfully, their injuries were not fatal and they both survived; unfortunately, the injuries that Erdemir sustained were too criticial, and resulted in him passing away at the hospital.

Alakus managed to temporarily escape for the time being, but was apprehended by authorities a short time later.

The moral of the story here, and it baffles me to even have to say this, is that if somebody offers to pay for your meal, let them pay for the meal. It’s not worth dying over.



Video Source: Liveleak

Hit-Or-Miss Humor Opinion

10 Foods From Television I Desperately Wish Were Real

There are few things in this world that are greater than food, sex and sleep, particularly in that order. Since this isn’t sexbeast or sleepbeast, I figure I can focus on the food. Just as we daydream about having threesomes with celebrities, or how we long for our beds while at work, we also have borderline sexual fantasies about food.

I’ve compiled a collection of the most desirable foods from movies and television that I would sacrifice my firstborn child to taste. In fact, you can have the follow-up children as well, they’re never as good as the first one anyways.

1. Harry Potter – Butterbeer

Screen Shot 2016-03-08 at 3.18.09 PM

Now, I know what you’re thinking. “But Sean, Butterbeer DOES exist! Look, here’s the recipe I found that some lady in Albuquerque named Ruth came up with!” Well, that’s kind of the issue. Butterbeer is described as “a little bit like less-sickly butterscotch.” On top of that, it has some alcoholic content to it, albeit a tiny amount. Still, I scoured the interwebz for a recipe that sounds as close to the description in the book as possible. Alas, they all cover the butterscotch portion but fail to bring the alcoholic factor into the equation. All I really want is to enjoy a sweet, crisp Butterbeer with my friends at the Three Broomsticks, is that so much to ask?

2. James And The Giant Peach – The Peach

Screen Shot 2016-03-08 at 3.19.51 PM

“Ew Sean, all the bugs were walking around in the peach and shitting in it and stuff, what’s wrong with you?” Yes, bugs were walking around in it. But you know what? Those bugs were as humanoid as they come, and if you’re going to have walking, talking, fashion-conscious bugs, will you really have the balls to say, “Get out of my peach“? Furthermore, I’ve seen some of you share ice cream cones with your Rottweilers and shit, you know who you are. Besides, everything is better when it’s bigger, right? Have you ever been floored by a rack of chicken ribs? No you haven’t, liar.

3. Lord Of The Rings – Lembas Bread

Nutritious, delicious, sustaining and long-lasting. What more could you ask for in a simple piece of bread? Created by the Elves of Rivendell and the Woodland Realm, this bread was made to last months without going stale, as long as it stays wrapped in the green mallorn leaves it comes in. This square-shaped pastry was the staple meal for Samwise and Frodo on their long, treacherous journey, giving them just enough strength to make it to Mordor and free humanity from the clutches of that big eyeball guy. Besides, it’s not like you’re going to find a White Castle in Middle Earth. It’s either Lembas bread or the rotting corpse of “filthy orcses.” Your call, hobbits.

4. Spongebob Squarepants – Krabby Patties

Screen Shot 2016-03-08 at 3.28.04 PM

Widely considered the greatest food in Bikini Bottom, this burger has retained its insanely large fanbase ever since sea sponges, crabs, squids and starfish began walking, talking and weightlifting. Invented in his younger days by Mr. Krabs, the money-hungry proprietor of the Krusty Krab, this burger has all the standard ingredients in a burger except for two things: the undersea cheese and the secret formula. Over the years, Spongebob and the Krusty Krab krew have come up with a wide variety of burgers, including the pretty patty, the double triple patty deluxe, the jelly patty, the monster patty and the chopper burger. The recipe for the flabby patty (a patty made to garner friendship between enemies), my personal favorite, is:

  • Four pounds of “grade A love”
  • One tablespoon of “listening”
  • Two tablespoons of “cooperation”
  • Mix ingredients
  • Hold in warm heart

5. Hook – The Lost Boys’ Feast


I often fondly recall my time as a child, with my vivid imagination running wild and free, like a flying velociraptor that shoots fire and money out of it’s mouth, but not at the same time. In order to really enjoy this feast, you have to BELIEVE. Despite the fact that the only thing I can identify with certainty is the turkey, this scene always made me wish so badly that I could be there for this magnificent feast. I have to believe that the adventurous Christmas music playing during that scene is also part of my desire to partake in the meal, because it gets me really excited. Plus, you KNOW it’s going to turn into one of the most amazing food fights ever. Who wouldn’t want that? Barbarians and funsuckers, that’s who.

6. Friends – Chandler And Rachel’s Cheesecake

Screen Shot 2016-03-08 at 3.29.20 PM

It’s fairly common knowledge that New York Cheesecake is one of the best types of cheesecake you can find, and many would argue that it is in fact the best. So how is one supposed to act when one finds the best New York Cheesecake IN New York!? Like a pair of bloodthirsty savages, of course. That’s how Chandler Bing and Rachel Green acted when the most amazing cheesecake they’ve ever had appeared on their doorstep. After eating the entire thing, the Gods looked down upon them favorably and sent them another cheesecake! They decided to split this one evenly, only both of their pieces ended up on the floor. The reason this cheesecake makes the list is because it was so good that they continued to eat the cheesecake…off the floor. Of course, who else shows up with a fork in hand, ready to join in on the ground grub, other than Joey Tribbiani? This time, Joey DOES share food.

7. Dr. Seuss – Green Eggs And Ham

Screen Shot 2016-03-08 at 3.30.34 PM

“You know what, man? Keep following me around and shit, see what happens. I’m serious, Sam. I will knock your bitchass out right here, right now, fo’ real. I don’t want your green eggs and ham, fuckin’ weirdo. Shit is wack.”

That’s what the exchange in the beloved children’s book Green Eggs and Ham would sound like if it was modernized and dropped the rhyming scheme. Still, this meal (despite its questionable color) has made many a mouth water over the years. What kind of lonely shut-in would say no to sharing a meal with a fox in a box? I’ll tell you one thing, Sam, I would definitely eat them in a house with a mouse. By the end of the book, the guy who hates on them the whole time ends up loving them.

Wait, what? The green eggs and ham are actually green eggs and green ham? I thought they were a metaphor for acid? No? Oh. Ok, never mind, not so into them anymore.

8. Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory – Everything

Screen Shot 2016-03-08 at 3.31.13 PM

This movie, perhaps above all else, is likely the sole reason for at least 80% of children’s cavities in the last 45 years. It was virtually impossible to watch this movie and not crave some sort of candy or chocolate. From the Chocolate River to the Fizzy Lifting Drinks to the Everlasting Gobstopper, the infinite number of things to put in your mouth in this fairy tale factory are overwhelming. In one room in particular, you can eat everything, and I mean everything, from the plants to the rocks to the river. Of course, all of the children suffered gruesome and horrific fates, whether it was drowning, blowing up, shrinking down or being burned alive in a furnace. Still, totes worth it.

9. Popeye The Sailor – Spinach

Considering the number of junk foods that have made it on this list already, it’s understandable that I feel the need to throw in some greenery. Even so, I wouldn’t do y’all dirty like that. Yes, it’s spinach, but not just any spinach. This spinach boasts the ability to make consumers so strong that their muscles begin growing within seconds of ingestion. Popeye’s love for the leafy green vegetable increased profitability in the spinach market (yes, that’s a thing) so much so that four different statues of the animated character were erected around the Unites States. FOUR. That’s five more Popeye statues than there should ever be. Still, if spinach gave people super strength, who WOULDN’T be eating that shit every day?

10. Family Guy – Pawtucket Patriot Ale

Screen Shot 2016-03-08 at 3.39.04 PM

I’m a red-blooded American, and every red-blooded American likes a nice frosty beer every once in a while. Of course, if you’re Peter Griffin, you like a nice frosty Pawtucket Patriot Ale every 20 seconds. The fictional ale, made to look similar to Samuel Adams’ Boston Lager, has been the staple beverage on the show for the last 14 seasons. Peter’s love for the drink is so great, he even begins working at the brewery just to get his fair share of free brews. Some of the wild and adventurous shenanigans that Peter, Brian, Quagmire, Joe and Cleveland get into after polishing off a couple of pitchers of the hoppy nectar make me think that the beer has something to do with it. Either that, or Stewie has been lacing their drinks with LSD. Yeah, that’s a thing.



Photo Credit: Wiskt, YoutubeDaily Mail, Blogspot, Spongebob Wiki, Twitter, Basement Rejects, Clip Art Panda, Gif Mania, The Geeked Gods


‘The One with the Free Coffee’ — Real ‘Friends’ Coffee Shop Coming to NYC


In case that Friends reunion on Jimmy Kimmel left you feeling a little ho-hum, you may soon get a chance to bum around at 11 am on a workday on the actual big orange couch from the show, thanks to the upcoming Central Perk pop-up in New York City.

In honor of the upcoming Friends 20th anniversary, Warner Bros. has partnered with Eight O’Clock Coffee to bring an actual pop-up replica of Central Perk to Manhattan. The shop will come complete with themed decor, bizarre folk musical performances a la Smelly Cat, and, as we mentioned, chances to take #SofaSelfies on the same plush orange couch the “Friends” sat on.


Speaking of, Ross, Rachel, Monica, Chandler, Joey, and Phoebe have not been scheduled to make appearances, but there will be free “Central Perk Roast” coffee on hand and chances to win Friends merchandise, which is kind of or in other words nowhere near as nice.

Central Perk will run from September 17 through October 18, Monday – Friday from 8 am to 8 pm and weekends from 10 am to 8 pm.

H/T Time

Fast Food

TIL: Burger King Once Offered a Free Whopper for Every 10 People You Unfriended on Facebook


Once upon a time, the power of true friendship was worth approximately 37 cents. That distant time was 2009. Burger King once offered Facebookers the option of un-friending ten people on the social media site in return for a free Whopper. Back then, the suggested retail price of a Whopper landed at a measly $3.69, leaving each un-friended person a sentimental worth of 37 cents.

The best part of the Whopper Sacrifice promotion was that whenever a person was removed through the Burger King Facebook app, the lost friend would also receive a notification specifically to their Facebook. It flat out told them that (insert name) chose to have free burger over their friendship. That’s gotta sting, right?

Facebook responded to Burger King’s hilarious campaign with a request that they change the application so that folks would not receive notifications once they were un-friended, much like the actual site. Burger King, however, decided to delete the Facebook campaign altogether rather than make the changes.

Before doing so, however, Burger King tracked 233, 906 broken friendships. Or 233,906 delicious free Whoppers.

H/T NY Times Blogs



Science Says Drinking Guinness Makes You Bitter


Next time you and your friends are our for a pint, maybe hold off on the dark stout.  As tempting as it might be in this wintry weather, scientists have recently released a study suggesting that stout beer, Guinness in particular, might make you bitter. The study links tart and bitter tastes with, you guessed it, a tart and bitter mind.

When consumed in “delicate situations,” bitter drinks might lead people to “voicing thoughts they’ll later regret.”  The study asked people to rate certain scenarios on how morally questionable they were.  Those with bitter drinks were much harsher on the subject of each scenario.

Other drinks that might have this effect are gin and tonics, which means I need to find replacements for two of my favorite drinks. I’m pretty bitter about it.

H/T Daily Mail + Picthx The Pub Scout