Red Lobster Cooks Up Kung Pao Noodles With Fried Lobster

Photo courtesy of Red Lobster

I’ve tried many a dish over at Red Lobster over the years, probably my favorite creation in recent memory being their Fried Lobster and Cheddar Bay Waffles. It appears Red Lobster is bringing back that Fried Lobster in a new, more savory form this fall season. 

The house that Cheddar Bay cravings and buttery seafood dunks built has just released a new Kung Pao Noodles and Fried Lobster dish. 

Made up of hand-battered fried lobster tail, the dish is paired with noodles tossed in a sweet and spicy soy-ginger sauce. Edamame, cabbage, crispy onions, cashews, and green onions are added to round out the dish. 

Luckily, no peanuts for anyone with allergies itching to try this. 

It looks like you can find this Kung Pao Noodles and Fried Lobster now at your local Red Lobster. You can also order alternative proteins to the dish, including crispy shrimp or chicken.