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These Fried Chicken Cream Puffs Can Cause Some Sweet Confusion

The ubiquitous favor that fried chicken holds is a testament to how undeniable it is. Even in other perplexing forms like ice cream, the mere correlation to fried chicken stirs up interest and oohs and aahs. And though we think we’ve seen it all when it comes to fried chicken, today we learn that fried chicken cream puffs exist.

Go Cakes out in San Marino, California has come up with this whimsical form of fried chicken by reimagining a standard pastry cream puff into the shape of a drumstick. The new item comes in three flavors: vanilla custard, osmanthus ginger, and hazelnut chocolate.

The mere thought of biting into fried chicken-shaped puff pastry and getting into the creamy center of it has my whole mouth flooded. And if you’re a fried chicken lover like me, yours would be, too.

Fast Food Hit-Or-Miss

Imagine The Crunch On This New TRIPLE Down From KFC Singapore

KFC’s Double Down, which features two fried chicken pieces serving as the bun to a sandwich, lives on in fast food lore as one of the most indulgent creations to ever grace our caloric intake. Though it’s been a long hot minute since its graced KFC locations in America, KFC Singapore decided to revive the legend in a big way by making it a triple.

The new KFC Cheesy Zinger Triple Down is a trifecta of crispy chicken and levels and is supported by a savory cast of turkey bacon, American cheese, and cheese sauce. According to Brand Eating, the Cheesy Zinger Triple Down only appeared on the KFC Singapore menu for about a week, though, so it looks like this crazy fried chicken offering will now go forth in infamy as a rare boss stage of fried chicken sandwiches.

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Introducing A Chicken Sandwich That Comes In 50 Different Flavors

With National Fried Chicken Day right around the corner on July 6, it’s only appropriate that a chicken sandwich that comes in 50 different flavors finds itself on my radar. The Chicken Sandwich Wars rage on and Smokey Bones’ virtual brand, The Wing Experience, is looking to enter the fray by offering a sando that can be graced with the same 50 flavors that their wings come drenched in.

So picture a fried chicken sandwich that can be tossed in any of The Wing Experience’s 50 different flavors, from West Indies Curry to Hot Cinnamon Candy Apple to even Harissa Honey. All the delicious possibilities are already square dancing in my fried chicken-lovin’ mind. Round and round they go.

This saucy wonder is now available at all 62 locations across 16 states. For more information, visit

Fast Food Hit-Or-Miss

Popeyes Launches A Loyalty Program

Dubbed “Popeyes Rewards,” the new loyalty program from Popeyes looks to bless hungry patrons with exclusive offers like menu item deals, celebrations, merchandise, and member experiences.

It’s a genius move for the chain, given their recent boom in popularity due to their tremendous chicken sandwich, one that set off an intense fried chicken sandwich war all throughout the fast food industry. But those who know have already been championing Popeyes as the best fast food fried chicken for years now — myself included — which makes a loyalty program a brilliant stroke for rewarding regulars for their unwavering devotion.

To celebrate the launch of Popeyes Rewards, the fried chicken chain will be offering a “Welcome To The Popeyes Fam” meal that’s exclusive to members, featuring eight-pieces of fried chicken, four biscuits, and a large side of your choice. Customers who cop the mail from June 17 to July 1 will rewarded 500 bonus points.

You can sign up to Popeyes Rewards through the app or online via the Popeyes website, with each sign-up receiving an offer for a free apple pie, regular side or small drink.

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Wingstop Launches New Thighstop Concept

Wingstop has just unveiled a new concept, called Thighstop, that addresses many folks’ fears over a wing shortage in America. With recent demand for chicken wings skyrocketing, Thighstop takes aim at the issue and opens a lane for the tender, juicy thigh to get some shine.

Thighstop will be located at over 1,400 locations nationwide and has an exclusive partnership with DoorDash to make sure fried chicken lovers all over are covered.

Thighstop will draw upon the same 11 Wingstop flavors to be used on its crispy thighs, along with breaded boneless thigh options being available as well.

It’s a genius idea, really, since you’re getting more crispy, tender meat dolled up in the same beloved sauces and flavors that have made Wingstop a mainstay for fried chicken aficionados everywhere.

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This Ice Cream That Looks Exactly Like Fried Chicken Has The Internet Perplexed

Photo: Twitter – @_ashleyc_

Twitter’s my morning paper. It’s my favorite news source. Why? Simply put, it’s entertaining, it’s informative, it’s insightful. And this morning on the old timeline, there happened to be one tweet that encapsulated all those tent poles:

What in the plot twist did I just see here? Twitter user @_ashleyc_ shared photos of what appeared to be a perfectly good piece of fried chicken that actually revealed itself as an ice cream bar. The sorcery is strong and mystifying with this snack. This is why people have trust issues.

A closer look at the packaging reveals that this pump fake in dessert form is identified as ‘Not Fried Chicken’ by Life Raft Treats, made up of waffle ice cream, a chocolate cookie bone, caramelized white chocolate, and corn flakes serving as its crunchy batter. Now since I enjoy a good smoke and mirrors show as much as anyone and have fried chicken as my favorite dish of all time, I knew I had to get my hands on some ‘Not Fried Chicken’. A quick Google search revealed their availability on Goldbelly, which lead to an immediate purchase of a 9-piece bucket of ‘Not Fried Chicken’.

Stay tuned for the subsequent content and commentary coming once they arrive and here’s hoping that I don’t swan dive my mouth face first into the bucket before I capture said promised content.

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The Most Popular Fast Food Fried Chicken In Each State [INFOGRAPHIC]

Photos courtesy of TOP Data and Shutterstock

Fried chicken is one of the go-to items when pulling up to fast food spots. Many of today’s more popular chains, including Popeyes, Raising Cane’s, and Chick-fil-A, have built their empires upon its crispy goodness.

When it comes to which is the best, we’ve already got a ranking. In terms of what the country thinks, however, there is some new data that shows which chains are the most popular by state.

Photo courtesy of TOP Data

This data set comes courtesy of agency TOP Data, which looked at GPS tracking and spending data at the seven largest fried chicken chains across the country. Data does include from what consumers purchased during the ongoing pandemic, which also indicates that fried chicken had the lowest drop of any category in an industry that’s taken a massive hit.

TOP Data did not look at data from Alaska or Hawaii, though, but across the contiguous states, KFC reigned supreme, being the most popular in 14 different states. Raising Cane’s and Church’s Chicken followed at 9 states apiece, Zaxby’s took home 7 states, and Popeye’s was the favorite in 6. Regional favorite Bojangles also netted three states in the counting.

While Chick-fil-A’s data was evaluated, and it does show up in the top five for many states, it was not the most popular chain in any single state. Chick-fil-A actually never finished higher than third overall in a single state, signifying a possible shift away from the chain in recent months.

You can view the full rankings for each state in the data set below, as well as additional info in TOP Data’s full report.

Photos courtesy of TOP Data
Fast Food

KFC’s Massive Chicken Sandwich Gets An Official Nationwide Release

Photo courtesy of KFC

Last spring, Kentucky Fried Chicken tested their champion for the Chicken Sandwich Wars with a massive new item in Orlando. 

Looks like that test was a success, and the fried chicken chain’s new sandwich is making its national debut.

The sandwich features a quarter-pound, double-breaded, all-white meat chicken breast filet atop a buttery brioche bun slathered with your choice of mayo or spicy sauce and thick and crispy pickles. 

McDonald’s has also announced the debut of three chicken sandwiches to their menu earlier this week, rounding out the major fast-food chains in the country selecting a contender for the fried chicken sandwich title currently held by Popeyes. 

KFC’s new Chicken Sandwich is now available at select markets. It will be at all 4,000 US locations by the end of February. Definitely excited to try this one, even in a crowded class of chicken sandos.