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Your Summer Road Trip Should Include These Iconic KFC Locations in the US

Sure gas prices are at astronomic levels right now, but for those looking to get outta the house for a good summer road trip, perhaps paying a visit to these iconic KFC locations would be a good idea.

The Modernist Architecture KFC
Koreatown, Los Angeles, CA

Photo: Alex Scordelis/Twitter

The Koreatown landmark has been called everything from ugly to beautiful and everything else in between. Often misunderstood as being downright wacky, the dynamic and attention grabbing building was designed by architect and art publisher Elyse Grinstein and Frank Gehry protégé Jeffrey Daniels.

The Big Chicken
Marietta, Georgia

Photo: KFC

This KFC storefront just outside of Atlanta is affectionately called by locals as “The Big Chicken,” which features a 56-foot-tall chicken that even has a moving beak and eye.

Crystal Bucket
Painted Post, New York

Photo: KFC

Some have dubbed this the most beautiful KFC, and it just might be, with floor-to-ceiling glass and a cathedral wood ceiling. Formerly a bank, this KFC storefront also has a ‘Vault Door’ inside that houses the Colonel’s iconic blend of 11 herbs and spices. 

Sanders Cafe & Museum
Corbin, Kentucky

Photo: KFC

The OG location that started it all, Sanders Cafe & Museum is where The Colonel developed his secret recipe and birthed the legend that is Kentucky Fried Chicken. This location has been restored to its original 1940s aesthetic so fans can get a feel of its bygone vibes.

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Jack Harlow Breaks Down Details of His KFC Collaboration Experience in Exclusive Interview

Jack Harlow’s exclusive KFC combo meal has been causing quite a buzz in fast food, with fans enjoying the specially curated meal featuring the brand’s Spicy Chicken Sandwich, Mac & Cheese, Seasoned Fries, Lemonade and a side of Ranch.

I caught up with the star Kentucky-bred rapper out in Atlanta, Georgia to talk shop about his new KFC collab. Harlow nonchalantly shared details of the whole collaboration experience with an infectious brand of mellow, even relaying how he tried to mix lemonade with KFC Mac & Cheese at the fast food chain’s headquarters.

Check out my interview with Jack Harlow above and you’ll even catch who he’d pull up with to the KFC drive-thru to order his exclusive meal.

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KFC Partners With Proflowers to Send Fried Chicken ‘Buckquets’ Out For Mother’s Day

Mom deserves the best. And what’s better than a lovely bouquet of flowers that somehow include Kentucky Fried Chicken?

Thanks to a partnership with Proflowers, Kentucky Fried Chicken will be celebrating mom with a one of a kind Kentucky Fried Buckquet — pronounced ‘buck-kay’. Say what? Just think of it as a DIY finger lickin’ good fried chicken floral arrangement.

The Kentucky Fried Buckquet will feature your choice of KFC’s Extra Crispy chicken tenders or chicken skewered and tucked into a vase alongside an arrangement of a dozen multi-colored roses. Truly we gotta give mom her flowers while she can smell them — doesn’t hurt to sneak in some intoxicating whiffs of fried chicken, too.

Here’s all the details on how you can score a Kentucky Fried Buckquet for mom on Mother’s Day:

  • Order a KFC Sides Lovers Meal for Mother’s Day via the KFC mobile app or (offer online only, not available in restaurants) from May 1-3, and receive a free promo code to redeem your very own Kentucky Fried Buckquet kit from Proflowers.  
  • The Kentucky Fried Buckquet kit from Proflowers will include 12 colorful and vibrant roses, a glass vase, a KFC vase applique, eight skewers (for KFC’s fried chicken previously purchased and not included in kit) and a greeting card for mom.
  • Once you get your order of fried chicken from KFC via Quick Pick-Up, assemble the Buckquet and give mom what she deserves.

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Social Media Roasts Paula Patton For Her Awkward Fried Chicken Recipe


y’all come watch paula make chicken 🤦🏾‍♀️

♬ Italian Dinner Party – Italian Restaurant Music of Italy

Paula Patton is getting obliterated on social media for a fried chicken recipe that the Four Kids and It star had posted to her Instagram last month.

The controversial recipe was initially posted on March 4, yet began trending on social media after TikTok user @thetrackqueen, AKA Olympic medalist, Ashley Spencer, gave her own recap of the awkward fried chicken tutorial.

Off the jump Patton gets called out for the way she washed (or didn’t wash) her raw chicken, then continues to violate fried chicken protocol by failing to season the flour and then seasoning the chicken while it’s frying in the oil — which of course, will burn the spices and render them useless. Patton then slices into a piece of chicken, revealing undercooked, pinkish meat.

Social media was swift with their condemnation with Twitter and TikTok roasting the ‘famous fried chicken’ recipe that Patton learned from her mother.

“Paula, don’t eat that,” pleaded Spencer on the above TikTok clip.

Thankfully this story wasn’t all bad vibes, as it lead folks to chime in with their own surefire and foolproof fried chicken recipes. Let’s hope Paula Patton rolls with the punches on this one and takes notes on the reliable recipes shared.

Perhaps taking a look at Los Angeles’ best fried chicken can help cleanse ourselves of this unfortunate recipe.

Feature photo: Gage Skidmore

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KFC To Launch Plant-Based Beyond Meat Fried Chicken

The demand for more plant-based fast food options keeps ramping up, with KFC now getting in the mix with its new Beyond Fried Chicken debuting on January 10.

This new menu item launch adds an interesting wrinkle to plant-based fast food, as most options have been seen as burgers. But with fried chicken now going green as well, the question is now which other fried chicken chains will follow suit? As a fried chicken aficionado myself, the option of plant-based fried chicken would be a welcome alternative that will help prolong my fried chicken-loving ways.

KFC first tested Beyond Fried Chicken in August 2019 during a limited run in Atlanta. The response then was overwhelming, as it sold out in hours. In 2020, Beyond Fried Chicken was tested at select restaurants in Nashville and Charlotte, garnering the same positive feedback and support.

Beyond Fried Chicken will be available for a limited time and is served with KFC dipping sauce, as a combo with Secret Recipe Fries and a medium drink, or as six and twelve-piece orders, with prices starting at $6.99.

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Taco Bell’s New Crispy Chicken Wings Will Be Available Nationwide

Last year we spotted a Taco Bell location in Fullerton, California that was testing actual chicken wings. Dubbed Crispy Chicken Wings, the test item at the time drew much buzz and had fans wondering if they will make it to menus nationwide anytime soon.

Thanks to the positive reaction to the wings, that time is now, as Taco Bell has just announced that Crispy Chicken Wings will be available nationwide for a limited time starting January 6, after 2pm.

This limited time menu item features five, bone-in Crispy Chicken Wings coated in flavorful Mexican Queso seasoning then served alongside Taco Bell’s signature spicy ranch dipping sauce.

Fans can munch on the Crispy Chicken Wings on-the-go box for $5.99, available for a limited time.

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Jollibee Kicks Things Up a Notch With Spicy Chickenjoy

Jollibee is the house that the legendary duo of fried chicken and gravy built. The iconic combo of crispy, savory fried chicken dipped in luscious gravy is a testament to the legions of fans the international fast food chain has. Jollibee’s newest menu item looks to turn up the heat for them.

Spicy Chickenjoy is Jollibee’s delectable fried chicken getting treated to some proper heat. Each piece is marinated in spices to ensure each bite of Spicy Chickenjoy satisfies heat seekers all over.

Jollibee’s new Spicy Chickenjoy is available now at all participating locations across the U.S. and will be offered in two-piece meals, three-piece meals, six-piece buckets, 10-piece buckets, and family meals.

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Go Go Bird Is Putting ‘LA-Style’ Fried Chicken On The Map

When you think of fried chicken, Los Angeles doesn’t immediately jump out as a hub for it. But for Chef Brandon Kida of Go Go Bird, his goal is to put the fried chicken he serves up on the map as one that’s uniquely ‘LA-style’.

With just how impeccable this fried chicken is, I’d say Go Go Bird is definitely on to something special. What makes up LA-Style fried chicken according to Chef Kida is an amalgamation of the city’s different influences on his palate growing up in Los Angeles.

It all starts with capturing, then magnifying, the Japanese flavors of Little Tokyo, while ensuring the batter results in a crunch and consistency that mimics Pioneer Chicken, and finishes off with an aggressively spiced Szechuan seasoning that tips its hat to Chinatown. The result is an earth-shattering first bite that is all at once an umami revelation electrified by the numbing Szechuan peppercorns. Truly, no other fried chicken is like this.

Currently Go Go Bird operates out of Lucky Corner via a take-out pick-up window and delivery, so make sure to make your way to the Arts District to get your fix of the undeniable LA-style fried chicken experience.