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KFC To Launch Plant-Based Beyond Meat Fried Chicken

The demand for more plant-based fast food options keeps ramping up, with KFC now getting in the mix with its new Beyond Fried Chicken debuting on January 10.

This new menu item launch adds an interesting wrinkle to plant-based fast food, as most options have been seen as burgers. But with fried chicken now going green as well, the question is now which other fried chicken chains will follow suit? As a fried chicken aficionado myself, the option of plant-based fried chicken would be a welcome alternative that will help prolong my fried chicken-loving ways.

KFC first tested Beyond Fried Chicken in August 2019 during a limited run in Atlanta. The response then was overwhelming, as it sold out in hours. In 2020, Beyond Fried Chicken was tested at select restaurants in Nashville and Charlotte, garnering the same positive feedback and support.

Beyond Fried Chicken will be available for a limited time and is served with KFC dipping sauce, as a combo with Secret Recipe Fries and a medium drink, or as six and twelve-piece orders, with prices starting at $6.99.

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Taco Bell’s New Crispy Chicken Wings Will Be Available Nationwide

Last year we spotted a Taco Bell location in Fullerton, California that was testing actual chicken wings. Dubbed Crispy Chicken Wings, the test item at the time drew much buzz and had fans wondering if they will make it to menus nationwide anytime soon.

Thanks to the positive reaction to the wings, that time is now, as Taco Bell has just announced that Crispy Chicken Wings will be available nationwide for a limited time starting January 6, after 2pm.

This limited time menu item features five, bone-in Crispy Chicken Wings coated in flavorful Mexican Queso seasoning then served alongside Taco Bell’s signature spicy ranch dipping sauce.

Fans can munch on the Crispy Chicken Wings on-the-go box for $5.99, available for a limited time.

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Jollibee Kicks Things Up a Notch With Spicy Chickenjoy

Jollibee is the house that the legendary duo of fried chicken and gravy built. The iconic combo of crispy, savory fried chicken dipped in luscious gravy is a testament to the legions of fans the international fast food chain has. Jollibee’s newest menu item looks to turn up the heat for them.

Spicy Chickenjoy is Jollibee’s delectable fried chicken getting treated to some proper heat. Each piece is marinated in spices to ensure each bite of Spicy Chickenjoy satisfies heat seekers all over.

Jollibee’s new Spicy Chickenjoy is available now at all participating locations across the U.S. and will be offered in two-piece meals, three-piece meals, six-piece buckets, 10-piece buckets, and family meals.

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Go Go Bird Is Putting ‘LA-Style’ Fried Chicken On The Map

When you think of fried chicken, Los Angeles doesn’t immediately jump out as a hub for it. But for Chef Brandon Kida of Go Go Bird, his goal is to put the fried chicken he serves up on the map as one that’s uniquely ‘LA-style’.

With just how impeccable this fried chicken is, I’d say Go Go Bird is definitely on to something special. What makes up LA-Style fried chicken according to Chef Kida is an amalgamation of the city’s different influences on his palate growing up in Los Angeles.

It all starts with capturing, then magnifying, the Japanese flavors of Little Tokyo, while ensuring the batter results in a crunch and consistency that mimics Pioneer Chicken, and finishes off with an aggressively spiced Szechuan seasoning that tips its hat to Chinatown. The result is an earth-shattering first bite that is all at once an umami revelation electrified by the numbing Szechuan peppercorns. Truly, no other fried chicken is like this.

Currently Go Go Bird operates out of Lucky Corner via a take-out pick-up window and delivery, so make sure to make your way to the Arts District to get your fix of the undeniable LA-style fried chicken experience.

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These Fried Chicken Cream Puffs Can Cause Some Sweet Confusion

The ubiquitous favor that fried chicken holds is a testament to how undeniable it is. Even in other perplexing forms like ice cream, the mere correlation to fried chicken stirs up interest and oohs and aahs. And though we think we’ve seen it all when it comes to fried chicken, today we learn that fried chicken cream puffs exist.

Go Cakes out in San Marino, California has come up with this whimsical form of fried chicken by reimagining a standard pastry cream puff into the shape of a drumstick. The new item comes in three flavors: vanilla custard, osmanthus ginger, and hazelnut chocolate.

The mere thought of biting into fried chicken-shaped puff pastry and getting into the creamy center of it has my whole mouth flooded. And if you’re a fried chicken lover like me, yours would be, too.

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Imagine The Crunch On This New TRIPLE Down From KFC Singapore

KFC’s Double Down, which features two fried chicken pieces serving as the bun to a sandwich, lives on in fast food lore as one of the most indulgent creations to ever grace our caloric intake. Though it’s been a long hot minute since its graced KFC locations in America, KFC Singapore decided to revive the legend in a big way by making it a triple.

The new KFC Cheesy Zinger Triple Down is a trifecta of crispy chicken and levels and is supported by a savory cast of turkey bacon, American cheese, and cheese sauce. According to Brand Eating, the Cheesy Zinger Triple Down only appeared on the KFC Singapore menu for about a week, though, so it looks like this crazy fried chicken offering will now go forth in infamy as a rare boss stage of fried chicken sandwiches.

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Introducing A Chicken Sandwich That Comes In 50 Different Flavors

With National Fried Chicken Day right around the corner on July 6, it’s only appropriate that a chicken sandwich that comes in 50 different flavors finds itself on my radar. The Chicken Sandwich Wars rage on and Smokey Bones’ virtual brand, The Wing Experience, is looking to enter the fray by offering a sando that can be graced with the same 50 flavors that their wings come drenched in.

So picture a fried chicken sandwich that can be tossed in any of The Wing Experience’s 50 different flavors, from West Indies Curry to Hot Cinnamon Candy Apple to even Harissa Honey. All the delicious possibilities are already square dancing in my fried chicken-lovin’ mind. Round and round they go.

This saucy wonder is now available at all 62 locations across 16 states. For more information, visit

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Popeyes Launches A Loyalty Program

Dubbed “Popeyes Rewards,” the new loyalty program from Popeyes looks to bless hungry patrons with exclusive offers like menu item deals, celebrations, merchandise, and member experiences.

It’s a genius move for the chain, given their recent boom in popularity due to their tremendous chicken sandwich, one that set off an intense fried chicken sandwich war all throughout the fast food industry. But those who know have already been championing Popeyes as the best fast food fried chicken for years now — myself included — which makes a loyalty program a brilliant stroke for rewarding regulars for their unwavering devotion.

To celebrate the launch of Popeyes Rewards, the fried chicken chain will be offering a “Welcome To The Popeyes Fam” meal that’s exclusive to members, featuring eight-pieces of fried chicken, four biscuits, and a large side of your choice. Customers who cop the mail from June 17 to July 1 will rewarded 500 bonus points.

You can sign up to Popeyes Rewards through the app or online via the Popeyes website, with each sign-up receiving an offer for a free apple pie, regular side or small drink.