Bruxie’s New Fried Chicken Seoul Mate is Your Ticket to Sandwich Heaven

One of the greatest food quests we all have is to find the perfect sandwich, one that has everything we ever want in it, but meshes it all together so perfectly into a true orchestra of flavor, texture, spice, and deliciousness.

Folks, that quest is over. We’ve officially discovered that perfect sandwich, and it is a true masterpiece.

Everyone in SoCal knows Bruxie to be a craft factory in terms of fried chicken and waffle sandwiches. Every one that they put on the menu is the perfect blend of crunchy chicken and light, airy waffle.

This new sandwich that they’ve unveiled for Noods Noods Noods — Foodbeast’s very own noodle-based food festival presented by Cup Noodles in Downtown Santa Ana — takes sandwich making to a whole new level. This new creation, called the Fried Chicken Seoul Mate, has a perfect blend of ingredients to make it the world’s greatest sandwich.


This sandwich starts off with a spicy fried chicken thigh and Bruxie’s signature crisp waffle. What’s added on afterward just builds into sheer awesomeness. Smoky, rich pulled pork melded with a creamy, spice queso and mixed with ramen — basically, an epic fusion spin on pulled pork macaroni and cheese. Spring onions are also added for that perfectly aromatic note to cut through all the richness.

If that wasn’t enough, the sandwich also comes with a generous helping of kimchi, and the perfectly acidic component to add to the crunchy fried chicken, creamy ramen, and crisp waffle.

This God-sent sandwich will only be available in the VIP section of the Noods Noods Noods Festival this coming Saturday, January 14th. The festival is going on from 12 pm – 11 pm at the eSports Arena in Downtown Santa Ana, with two VIP sessions available from 1-4 and from 5-8. Make sure to get your VIP tickets ASAP (and use the code “FIVE” for $5 off of your VIP ticket purchase) so that you can come experience this once-in-a-lifetime sandwich for yourself.

We guarantee that after a bite, you’ll be in sandwich heaven.