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Nashville Hot Chicken Tortas Are The Specialty Of This Creative Pop-Up

With the cravings for Nashville Hot chicken continuing to sweep the nation, you often find folks attempting to recreate their own take on the OG. At the Rojos Hot Chicken pop-up, however, they’ve added a unique Mexican twist in both the preparation and the bread. In lieu of the standard white bread, Rojos opts for bolillos instead, creating their own spin: a Nashville Hot Chicken torta.

Rojos’ owners Rolando and Jose (the pop-up’s name combines their two together) have been cranking out the sandwiches since 2017. Inspired by Howlin’ Ray’s, and a mix of their own favorite flavors, the tortas are filled with ingredients like griddled pieces of nopales, (or cactus) American cheese, and fried chicken with their blend of Nashville/Mexican inspired spices.


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NASHVILLE HOT CHICKEN & CHILE VERDE MILANESA TORTAS 👀🤯 //Served on a traditional bolillo, these Mexican inspired hot chicken tortas feature grilled nopales, pickles, slaw & American cheese. 🧀🔥// The deep fried chicken breast can be dipped in hierarchy of spicy sauces that range from spicy to very spicy. 📶♨️ // While this hybrid hot chicken torta ahogada might peel pack some eyelids, the real star of the show is the DEEP FRIED CHILE VERDE MILANESA TORTA, featuring a robust chile verde oil made with serranos. 🤤🌶 // Thanks to the boys at @RojosHotChicken for poppin’ up the #Foodbeast office and feeding the crew! 🥵😋 // Find out where you can find these hot chicken hybrids by reading more on!

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In true Nashville hot format, they have different spice levels to the chicken as well, with the Rojo X being the spiciest.

Having endured a few spicy challenges myself, I can say that having tried Rojos’ hottest format, you will definitely need a glass of milk or two to cool things down afterward.

Rojos isn’t just pushing the envelope for hot chicken, however. During a special Foodbeast live stream on Twitch, Rolando and Jose unveiled a Chile Verde Hot Milanesa, taking cutlets of fried pork, dousing it in a chile verde oil made with serranos, and giving it the same treatment as their Mexican hot chicken. The acidity of the verde oil meshes with the crispy fried pork for a flavor combination that has to be tasted to be believed.

You can find Rojos Hot Chicken at their various pop-ups via their Instagram page.