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This Ice Cream That Looks Exactly Like Fried Chicken Has The Internet Perplexed

Photo: Twitter – @_ashleyc_

Twitter’s my morning paper. It’s my favorite news source. Why? Simply put, it’s entertaining, it’s informative, it’s insightful. And this morning on the old timeline, there happened to be one tweet that encapsulated all those tent poles:

What in the plot twist did I just see here? Twitter user @_ashleyc_ shared photos of what appeared to be a perfectly good piece of fried chicken that actually revealed itself as an ice cream bar. The sorcery is strong and mystifying with this snack. This is why people have trust issues.

A closer look at the packaging reveals that this pump fake in dessert form is identified as ‘Not Fried Chicken’ by Life Raft Treats, made up of waffle ice cream, a chocolate cookie bone, caramelized white chocolate, and corn flakes serving as its crunchy batter. Now since I enjoy a good smoke and mirrors show as much as anyone and have fried chicken as my favorite dish of all time, I knew I had to get my hands on some ‘Not Fried Chicken’. A quick Google search revealed their availability on Goldbelly, which lead to an immediate purchase of a 9-piece bucket of ‘Not Fried Chicken’.

Stay tuned for the subsequent content and commentary coming once they arrive and here’s hoping that I don’t swan dive my mouth face first into the bucket before I capture said promised content.

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Action Bronson’s Fried Chicken Ice Cream Sandwich Is Not For The Faint Of Heart

Action Bronson is, without question, a man of many talents. When Mr. Wonderful himself isn’t tearing it up on a hot track, you can find him in the kitchen dropping glutton bombs guaranteed to cure you of whatever munchies-induced haze is currently clouding your mind and enveloping your gut.

One of his more extreme creations is this fried chicken ice cream sandwich, created as part of his Fuck, That’s Delicious series with VICE. Dubbed the “Fat Guy,” Bronson equates consuming this monstrosity to the simultaneous indulgence of eating a Wendy’s Spicy Chicken Fillet Sandwich and a Frosty while cooked at levels beyond comprehension.

His version of this experience contains some buzzed refinement, including bananas flambe’ed in Henny and flame-roasted marshmallows for that “carbon dioxide” flavor, as Chef Bronson puts it. There’s even a Mexican chocolate sauce that coats the entirety of the sandwich not any different from how it will eventually glaze your arteries.

Those interested in constructing this amalgamation of food glory can peep here to locate Bronson’s recipe for the fried chicken ice cream sandwich. Be warned, however, that it may take an Action Bronson-sized whiff of DMT to reach the levels of mental elevation necessary to fully enjoy the fruits of your labor.