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5 Foods You Should Never Store In The Fridge

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When it comes to the fridge, it seems to be a vault where all tasty things are kept safe until we are able to consume them. But do all foods belong there? There are some items you should never refrigerate, and we’ll tell you which right now.

Some foods actually belong in the pantry and should not be left in the cold (of the fridge). I will give you one before I start out my list: bread. One of my giant pet peeves when it comes to putting things in the refrigerator is bread. One of my former roommates used to do that and it drove me insane. And it wasn’t the only thing like that she did. But I am getting off track here.

It’s time to find out what you should never refrigerate, but what to do with those items instead.

5 foods you should never refrigerate

1. Bread

Like I said above, I cannot stand the taste of bread that’s been stored in the refrigerator. The cold experience completely ruins the taste of the bread and takes away a lot of its moisture. Sure, refrigerating tends to make the bread last longer, but at what cost? If you are going away for the weekend or for some reason you need to store the bread to last longer, then wrap it in plastic and keep it in the freezer. Then toast it straight from the freezer when you’re ready to eat.

Foods to Never Refrigerate and Why
For the sake of all that is good and holy, don’t refrigerate bread.

2. Avocados

If you’re eating a lot of avocado toast, maybe we shouldn’t lecture you about the proper way of storing avocados.  You are probably already keeping them out of the refrigerator. Cold temperatures tend to ruin the fruit’s texture and lovely flavor. That is if it’s still intact. If you’ve already cut it in half, then you’d better keep it in the refrigerator. But only for a day, before it will undoubtedly go bad.

3. Potatoes

Potatoes have no business being kept in the refrigerator and that has to do with chemistry. When you keep them in the cold, the starch that is in them tends to break down and ruins their texture and taste. But how should you store them? Pick a cool, dark place in your kitchen and stick them in there. They will keep for a long time and many mashed potato meals.

4. Honey

Has your honey been crystallizing and you’re stumped as to why? Well, odds are that you’ve been keeping it in the refrigerator, where it doesn’t belong. Low temperatures are the reason your honey changes its consistency, from smooth and viscous to grainy and with a nastier taste. Take your jars out of the fridge and place them in the pantry, stat! But also, don’t forget to seal them properly.

Foods to Never Refrigerate and Why
If you store your honey in the fridge, it will end up crystallizing and losing its texture.

5. Tomatoes

Putting tomatoes in the refrigerator is like a death sentence… for flavor. Yeah, sure, that sounds pretty dramatic, but exposing your beautiful red, meaty and ripe fruit to cold temperatures really destroys their flavor. Keep your tomatoes in a cool, dark place. But if they’re about to go bad, then try to turn them into something else: a sauce for pasta, perhaps?

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Hit-Or-Miss Humor

Kitchen Hack Turns Your Fridge Into A Pizza Roll Dispenser [WATCH]

When I got my new fridge, I used my ice dispenser as it was intended, for ice, like a sucker.

Apparently there are better uses for it, like instant access to your pizza rolls.

Chase Laub posted a video to YouTube, showing how his ice dispenser was transformed into a snack dispenser, as he used a classic Winnie the Pooh plate to activate it, and let the little pizza heroes fall in a dramatic cascade of munchies.

This makes us wonder what else we could be using the ice dispenser for. Maybe fill it with mini corn dogs, jalapeño poppers, even Oreo churros? Getting rid of that pesky ice leaves so much more room for other creative liberties we can take with the dispenser!

We have to thank Chase for showing us that traditional use of ice dispensers needs to stay in 2016. Dispensing pizza rolls are exactly how we want to spend 2017.


Glowing Blue Meat, Snakes Under A Fridge And The 6 Craziest Food Stories [THE KATCHUP]

It’s been a crazy week in the world of food news. If you’ve been swamped with work or personal problems and haven’t had a chance to keep updated on what’s delicious, what’s dirty, and what’s trending right now, the Foodbeast Weekly Katchup might just be your new best friend.

We’ve definitely got some pretty tasty, weird and terrifying headlines this week.

Check out our Katchup in the video above. We’re still cringing from that snake story.

1. Mozzarella Marinara Shot Glasses


A new player in the world of cheesy food creations has entered the game. Through The Eyes Of My Belly created a deep-fried mozzarella SHOT GLASS that she fills marinara sauce. We definitely wouldn’t mind pounding a few of these.

2. Snake Under The Fridge


An Australian woman woke up one morning to discovered there was a giant brown snake under her refrigerator. Even worse, it had laid 14 EGGS. So it looks like we’re going to be cautiously afraid of refrigerators for the rest of our lives.

3. Starbucks Barista Stealing A CC


A video recently went viral showing a woman driving up to a Starbucks drive-thru window explaining that she had her credit card information stolen and that a barista at a Starbucks she visited was behind the theft.

The video shows the angry mother confronting the 19-year-old girl over the theft.

4. IHOP Journey AYCE Pancakes


When one of our writers, Sean Fahmy, said he could demolish his fair share of pancakes, we told him to put his money where his mouth was. Boy, did he.

Sean hit up the local IHOP and attempted to break the restaurant’s all-you-can-eat pancake record. What happened next was a morning filled with four different kinds of syrup, sticky laptops, and a massive sugar coma.

5. Glowing Meat From China


A man in China bought himself 92 pounds of pork. After seasoning it and leaving it overnight in a bucket, he came back and found that the meat started to GLOW BLUE.

What crazy thing could cause every-day pork to turn such a luminous color?

6. Cheetos Pipe


Honorary Foodbeast Tym Bussinach, known for his Breakfast Sushi, and more recently the White Castle Pizza, decided to turn a Cheetos puff into a pipe. Probably his simplest recipe yet. All you really need are three ingredients.


Maryland Teen Breaks Into Home, Eats Food, Whacks Off Then Bounces

Some little fartling has raised the bar for shittiness worldwide by not only breaking into someone’s house and stealing shit, but then eating the homeowner’s food and masturbating into his fridge. Don’t read that sentence again, you read it right the first time. This little hellspawn literally chowed down then began badgering his witness right into the fruits and vegetables drawer.

Kids these days, am I right?

The crime of passion took place in Laurel, Maryland, on the 3400 block of Old Annapolis Road.

The victim had been robbed before when an intruder broke in and stole an electronic tablet, so he decided to set up cameras throughout the house in order to catch any future would-be thieves. It was later discovered that the little splooge scrooge that was punchin’ his munchkin into the fridge was the same suspect that robbed the house the first time.

On November 7th, 2015, the Anne Arundel County Police Department was alerted of a breach in security at the home. After reviewing the tape, police saw the suspect walk into the kitchen and eat the homeowner’s food. The little semen demon then topped off the night with his pièce de résistance, which was his plan to smite his knight into the fridge.

Dude…why? I can’t figure out why this 15-year-old spermin’ vermin chose to bash his bishop directly into the fridge rather than pop a squat on the couch or take a stroll into one of the bedrooms.

Police eventually tracked the sproglodyte down and arrested him, charging him with two counts of first degree burglary, three counts of theft and my personal favorite, cause to ingest bodily fluid. I didn’t even know that was something you could be charged with.

Moral of the story? If you’re going to adjust your antenna, do it in the privacy of your own home, on your own food.

Image Source: iFunny, Comic Vine


This Genius Created His Own Candy Dispenser Using His Ice Machine

candy bin

Finally, someone found a practical use for the ice machine during the fall and winter seasons. Reddit user dericpeace had the idea one day to stuff his ice bin full of candy since he wasn’t really using it for ice. The very next day he dropped $40 in candy at a local Rite-Aid and behold, his in-home candy dispenser became a reality.

Dericpeace even did a Reddit AMA where other users asked him about the idea and what other sweet concepts could be devised with his fridge. A commenter mentioned the idea of repurposing the water line with something like a root beer barrel or juice line, which is freaking genius. There was some talk of adding more unwrapped candies and testing how the crushed mode would work, but in the meantime this guy is winning the Internet.

Check out his video to see how you can make your own in-home candy dispenser.

H/T + PicThx That’s Nerdalicious


Canadian Beer Fridge


Picthx fedge


Stop! Han Solo Fridge Needs to Become a Reality


It’s been a rough summer. Google “2013 heat wave” and you’ll come up with pages of cities, states, countries, and continents whining about the brutal temperatures this year. With power outages and scary “don’t leave your house, seriously, like, ever” warnings coming at us left and right, what’s a melting Star Wars fan to do?

Apparently, invest in Photoshop. That’s what the winner(s) of the Fridges contest at did. And while it’s not real, it’d probably be perfect to store your C3PO candy and lightsaber pocky.

Perfect. Great job, guys, just really stunning work. We’ve got a workable prototype. Now who’s gonna build it? I say we start the bidding at 1500 Ralltiiri colonials — and yes, I did have to look that up.

PicThx B3TA


Kegerator Hybrid Has 60-Inch Screen, 140 Video Games and a Beer Keg


You might want to sit down for this one. The folks at Dream Arcades have invented the Kegerator Pro 60, aka the “ultimate party machine.” No, it’s not a keg with your favorite brew nor is it a nostalgic video game marathon. It’s not even an HDTV screen of epic proportions.

It’s all damn three, and a fridge, because why f*ckin’ not.

We apologize for any fainting spells of disbelief that may have caused.


The Kegerator Pro 60 features a built-in fridge, a keg with three separate taps, a 60-inch HDTV screen and more than 140 classic video games including Street Fighter, Pac-Man and Centipede. This beer-flowing arcade hybrid also comes equipped with a DVD player, MP3 software and internet capability. So, when you’re not furiously lightning kicking into the air, you can watch TV or listen to music.

Think The Last Barfighter, which debuted in February, but more games and booze.

In an email to CNET, the company promised that “players never have to stop the action to refill their drink” and thanks to the arcade’s two built-in cup holders, “players can keep their drinks topped off while keeping one hand on the joystick.”

Sadly, as Nobel Prize-worthy as the Kegerator is, it also comes with a $5000 price tag. Dream Arcades indeed.

Kegerator Pro 60, $5000 @Dream Arcades

PicThx Dream Arcades