Man’s Fridge Has a Different Drink for Every Type of Girl He Brings Over [WATCH]


This guy had swag before swag was a “thing.” The meticulous arrangement of his refrigerator is borderline genius as he has planned out every situation in which he’d have to satisfy the craving of every thirsty girl he brings over to his place.

Whether it’s Vitamin Water for girls who like to stay fit, or the Snapples for the “suburban chicks,” he keeps his fridge stocked to the very back with a variety of drinks and flavors.

As he explains his thinking behind every drink in his arsenal, you can hear the seriousness in his voice. This is not a game for him, it’s real life strategy. This was way back in 2008, too. Back when everyone was finding out who Barrack Obama and Katy Perry were, this guy was perfecting his pimp game. He even has freeze pops for girls who go over with their kids.

Check out the blueprint for yourself and adjust your fridge game accordingly.