‘The Deebo’ Is a Dorito-Crusted, Polish Ham-Stuffed Monstrosity


Apparently we’ve been asleep on Epic Deli in Johnsburg, Illinois. They’ve got some pretty beastly looking sandwiches on their menu, but the one that caught our eye goes by the name, “The Deebo.”

An homage to the muscular thug who made Ice Cube’s life miserable in the Friday movies, this sammich is stuffed with Polish ham and American cheese. Its white bread is battered in tempura, then completely crusted with crushed Doritos and fried. With a side of ghost pepper ranch dipping sauce, this sandwich just looks and sounds like fire.

Their site has a disclaimer that the “images of Epic creations are not edible through your computer, attempting to bite your screen could cause damage(s).” Good thing I read that first, ’cause I was about to start gnawing on my laptop.

H/T Epic Deli


‘Desk Beer’ Office-Delivery Service Makes Fridays Less Painful


There’s a start-up in London that’s doing a public service. Namely, one of the “OH MY GOD WHY IS THIS CLOCK MOVING SO SLOW HOW IS IT STILL ONLY 11 O’CLOCK”-variety.

The premise behind DeskBeers is simple: work sucks and beer doesn’t, so why not have local craft brews delivered to your office every Friday to help move things along? According to the website, DeskBeers is dedicated to sourcing only the highest quality local and seasonal beers for “not much” more than you would find at a pub — 12 bottles for £2.50 (around $4 USD), plus tax.


The budding company made its first official delivery back in October at what looks like Vice Magazine’s UK offices and it has big plans for expansion. In addition to providing hardworking Londonites with a range of brews from IPAs to stouts, Desk Beers also hopes to start offering deliveries throughout the rest of the week.

Here’s the DeskBeers facebooktumblr, and twitter, so you all can start nagging for a U.S. branch. Come on, we’ve got work to do.


H/T Design Taxi + Picthx DeskBeers


Rebecca Black’s Time-Traveling Little Sister Brings You “It’s Thanksgiving”

Nicole Westbrook is poised to become the latest YouTube child “singer” star to emerge from writer/producer Patrice Wilson’s tween-bop music video factory. Wilson is the creative force behind last year’s hate-watch sensation – Rebecca Black’s “Friday.” As “Friday” nears 43 million views on YouTube (with almost 880k likes vs. 210k up votes), Wilson has recycled his magic formula with an eye on the holiday season.

“It’s Thanksgiving” marks the return of all of your “Friday” favorites. There’s a calendar where Nicole counts down the days until Thanksgiving, in this case it falls on the 28th, which judging by the flat screen TV you see later means it must be 2013 – NICOLE WESTBROOK IS FROM THE FUTURE GUYS! Just like how Rebecca Black and her friends count down the days of the week, Westbrook helpfully runs us through all of the holidays leading up to turkey day. In case you missed it: December was Christmas, January was New Years, April was Easter AND the 4th of July.

In addition to mastering the space-time continuum, Westbrook is one self-sufficient young woman. She cooks an entire Thanksgiving meal for her tween friends, but I’m docking points for her use of a boxed stuffing kit. Luckily there is some adult supervision as Patrice Wilson shows up to mouth some lyrics and provide the traditional Thanksgiving barbecue baby back ribs. I can’t fault Wilson for trying to make a dollar and he seems to be having some knowing fun. You don’t employ a turkey leg as a makeshift microphone without a little bit of self-awareness.

For all its kitsch, “It’s Thanksgiving” sends the right message. To everyone out there, don’t forget, this Thanksgiving you “can’t be hateful, gotta be grateful!”