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The First-Ever Amazon Fresh Grocery Store Is Opening In California

Photo courtesy of Amazon Fresh

Amazon has announced that California will be the home of its first-ever Amazon Fresh Grocery Store.

Located in Woodland Hills, CA, the Fresh Store is the first of many models that will feature Amazon Fresh produce and grocery items offered at a lower price point than traditional supermarkets.

Photo courtesy of Amazon Fresh

Convenient store features include Alexa Shoppings lists, which customers can access through their Amazon app while they’re inside the store. Alexa will help them navigate the aisles to find what they need.

There will also be a Dash Cart Lane, which expedites the checkout process using computer vision algorithms and sensor fusion to identify the items in your cart and charge your account accordingly. It’s kind of like Amazon Go in shopping cart form.

Photo courtesy of Amazon Fresh

Customers can also schedule in-store pickups, something that’s been exceptionally preferred while folks are currently minimizing time out in public spaces during this pandemic.

Set to open in a few weeks, Amazon Fresh has already invited a select group of customers to test out the new grocery storefront ahead of the grand opening.

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Watch This Piece Of Sushi Suddenly Come To Life, Shocking Diners

One of our biggest fears eating raw food from a restaurant is that it’s so raw, there’s life left inside. Ever since we saw that footage of an eel coming to life, we now have to take a beat when we’re about to go in on some “fresh” seafood.

Imagine the surprise of these diners when they discovered their sushi was still alive.

SoraNews reports that patrons of a Sushiro, a conveyor belt sushi location in Japan, were shocked to find that one of their pieces of hokkigai (surf clam) sushi was still wiggling around. You can see in here in the video exactly how fresh their food was.


What’s ironic is this particular chain is known for their inexpensive sushi — leading customers to occasionally complain about the quality of the seafood.

The viral video garnered more than four million views, sparking up a discussion on whether the food was actually fresh or if the movement was simply a failure to follow proper sushi preparation techniques resulting in reactions from surviving nerves.

Now, unless you’re Marc Singer’s The Beastmaster, there really isn’t any way to tell for sure. The diner who posted the video did, however, eat the sushi and claimed it was delicious. Bold move.

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Postmates and Halo Top Want To Give You Free Ice Cream This Valentine’s Day

While Ben & Jerry’s finally tries its hand at low-calorie ice cream, Halo Top continues to show it’s growth by coming up with a way to scoop up a sweet deal on Valentine’s Day for Postmates Fresh users. Instead of waiting for a bouquet of roses to eventually die off, why not get your significant other something healthier and cheaper than most other desserts out there this Wednesday? 

Halo Top ice cream and Postmates Fresh are coming together to offer a free pint of ice cream for users of the food delivery app.

With Halo Top ice cream being so low in calories and sugar, it’s a better option than doling out cold hard cash for a couple chocolate-covered strawberries that’ll be gone in a minute.

On top of being able to get dessert for free, using Postmates in the first place provides a good opportunity to have a cozy stay-at-home dinner. There’s nothing more romantic than making someone a meal that you’ve cooked up and then chowing down on some Pancakes & Waffles flavored Halo Top right after.

Supplies are available while they last, so that means get on this quick. To sweeten the deal even more, Postmates is even waiving the delivery fee for this! Get all your grocery shopping out of the way bright and early and keep the Halo Top tucked away in the back of the fridge, and best of all, you can do it all in your PJ’s without breaking a sweat.


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This Kitchen Trick Makes Sure Your Cake Doesn’t Dry Out In the Fridge

The speed at which cakes dry out is probably the number one problem in the cake world. You celebrated a birthday, had a delicious strawberry tres leches cake, and don’t want the leftovers to lose that moist essence in the fridge the next day.

Thankfully, there is a way to cut your cake, that while a bit unconventional, will keep it tasting fresh, longer.

Typically, the square, pie-chart cutting method is employed to cut a round cake. It’s tradition. But as soon as you make the cut and leave the inside of the cake exposed, the drying begins.


To avoid that drying, Mathematician Alex Bellos of Numberphile found that making two cuts straight across the cake, and pulling out the middle piece was a better option.


After serving the middle pieces to your guests, there are two huge pieces of leftover cake, which can then be pushed together,


And use a rubber band to keep it together while in the fridge.

With the insides of the bread getting really cozy with each other, like siblings in the south, the moisture stays within the cake, and won’t dry out the next time you try to dig into it.

I was never a big fan of math, but when it’s used for good, and not for causing mental breakdowns in a college classroom, I’m all for it.

People might question what the hell you’re doing cutting your cake like this, but if you want to keep the fresh taste in tact, this method might be worth trying out.

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McDonald’s Ditches Frozen Patties For Fresh Beef


McDonald’s is finally taking a fresher approach to their beef. The fast food chain is currently testing beef that’s never been frozen at more than a dozen locations in Texas.

NRN reports that 14 McDonald’s spots in Dallas will feature fresh beef. Because it’s a big change, even for a test, only a few burgers will feature the fresher option. This includes the Quarter Pounder with Cheese, the Homestyle Burger, the Bacon Clubhouse Burger and the Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese.

If successful, this could be a huge change for the fast food company. Franchise owners, however, would have to adjust to the longer preparation and cooking time for the beef patties.

McDonald’s started the year strong with a 5.4 percent same-store sales increase in the first quarter, a huge thanks to making all-day breakfast available. The company has since been shaking things up by also testing garlic fries and different-sized Big Macs.

Perhaps this new test will be another game-changer for them.

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Papa John’s To Drop Artificial Ingredients From Entire Pizza Menu

papa johns fb stock

Papa John’s is losing artificial flavors. Last year, the company promised that they would be switching to antibiotic-free chicken. Now, they’re shooting for something a little grander. Papa John’s will be the first national pizza chain to drop all artificial flavors and synthetic coloring from the entire menu, Business Wire reports.

This includes all of their pizza ingredients, toppings, sauces and desserts.

It seems the tagline “Better Ingredients. Better Pizza.” isn’t just for show. The company reportedly invests $100 million a year in cutting artificial ingredients.

We reached out to Papa Johns and the entire menu has already been rid of synthetic and artificial flavors.


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This ‘Blogger’ Rips Into McDonald’s Employee For No Damn Reason


Shitty self-proclaimed blogger Brandy Wooten has officially gone viral by being a complete asshole to the manager at a California McDonald’s for no reason at all. Actually, I apologize, she did have a good reason. Apparently that “muthafuckin’ McDonald’s never has my muthafuckin’ fresh cookies.”

Brandy begins filming herself verbally accosting the manager of the McDonald’s while intermittently slinging claims of her validity as a blogger. Apparently she “called ahead” to have them prepare their baked cookies for her. What kind of psychopath calls ahead to a McDonald’s?

As you can see in the video, princess nutcase screams bloody murder over her cookies not being prepared PRECISELY upon her arrival. Then the manager calmly tells her to pull off to the side and wait a very doable two minutes for the cookies. That’s it, just two minutes. Of course, this attention whore doesn’t have time to wait around for two minutes, so instead she continues berating the manager. Guess how long the video is? TWO FUCKING MINUTES.

I checked out her YouTube page, and this woman does indeed have her own channel with a collection of really stupid videos. She talks directly to the camera in every video for upwards of eight or nine minutes, mostly of her complaining about shit the rest of us call “life.” Move the fuck on, Wooten. Nobody wants to hear your McBullshit for nine minutes.

Props to the manager for keeping her cool the whole time, but honestly, I don’t think anyone would have blamed her if she threw a Filet-O-Fish right into that hellion’s face.

Clearly this piece of shit is only doing this for the attention, evidenced by the manager asking her multiple times to pull over and her responding with, “I am”…then proceeding to argue with her and repeat the same things over and over again.

Here’s to hoping that the next batch of cookies she buys from McDonald’s has wasps baked into it. Fingers crossed!

Image Source: Daily Mail


End Your Rotten Luck: ‘Food Huggers’ Keep Leftover Fruits & Veggies Fresh


Spoiled veggies got you down? Well that rotten luck is a thing of a past with Food Huggers.

Besides having a cute name, this kickstarter funded product does just that and literally hugs your chopped produce, forming a tight seal to prevent your favorite veg from rotting. They also double as the perfect can covers and help keep your veggie odors from spreading in your fridge, because onion milk isn’t cool kids.

Screen Shot 2013-07-01 at 8.51.27 PM

These nifty little dodads come in a variety of shapes so you can safely keep kiwis to onions to grapefruits. Already surpassing their original $26,000 goal with nearly $100,000 raised, creators Michelle Ivankovic and Adrienne McNicolas will also be creating Avocado Huggers as part of their stretch goal. These specialized Food Huggers help keep your avocados protected from the air so they won’t turn that nasty brown color.

Screen Shot 2013-07-01 at 9.04.29 PM

For a more in-depth look at Food Huggers check out their video here.

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