Fresh & Easy Is Closing 50 Stores, Here’s What We Know


The Western states are saying goodbye to 50 Fresh & Easy locations, reports the LA Times. In a move that’s said to finance new development and growth, Fresh & Easy is shutting down 30 stores in Southern California and 20 more between Nevada and Arizona.

A spokesperson for the market chain told the Times that the 50 stores closing accounts for about 30 percent of the 167 Fresh & Easys currently operating.

The locations being sold apparently did not meet Fresh & Easy’s criteria for modern convenience, sources say. The stores that escaped the chopping block will be redesigned to meet more modern expectations.

In 2007 the company filed for bankruptcy due to many unprofitable years, shutting down around 50 stores as well.

A complete list of the recent stores set to close can be found here.

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Fresh & Easy: Set to Close 13 Locations

The recession has hit Fresh & Easy markets across multiple states, resulting in the temporary closing of 13 of its 168 locations. The chain, which operates over three states (Nevada, Arizona and California), will lose stores in particular markets of these three states. For the meantime, the stores will be boarded up and considered for re-opening at a later date. The market’s parent company announced that six locations in the Las Vegas, NV area, six in the Phoenix, AZ area and one in Moreno Valley will get this “boarded up” treatment. Stores currently being built do not have release dates, and their futures haven’t been commented on. California, particularly Orange County has seen a rapid increase of Fresh & Easy markets with many more planned. (Thx OCRegister)