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Michael Jordan’s Restaurant In NYC Sells Gigantic French Fries

Ever wonder what the biggest French fry in New York looks like? All you have to do is head over to Michael Jordan’s The Steak House NYC with some measuring tape and an empty stomach to experience it for yourself.

In celebration of National Potato Day last month, the steakhouse’s head chef created enormous single French fries made from entire Idaho potatoes. Each fry measures at about 6.5 inches long and 2.5 inches wide. An order comes with three pieces of the deep fried potato and three dipping sauces: truffle cream, spicy chipotle, and MJ’s famous steak sauce.

Foodbeast’s sports lover and resident scientist Constantine Spyrou had this to say about Michael Jordan’s starchy entree:

“He’s got a 3-peat of fries and a 3-peat of sauces.”

He added:

“If those are Michael Jordan’s fries, Kobe’s are McDonald’s. Obviously, Lebron’s fries are the soggy fries at the bottom of the Burger King container.”

That boy sure hates Lebron. Almost as much as he hates Burger King.

Located in Grand Central Station, the bar and restaurant can be found on the balcony under the constellation ceiling. Patrons with a love of thick-cut potatoes will definitely want to shoot their shot with these massive gourmet fries. Keep in mind, however, the dish will only be available upon request.


French Fry Lip Balm

Foodies are a breed of their own, and for some reason, someone on the planet thought it was okay to present to the world a French Fry Lip Balm. Not sure what the ad campaign will be for this fun flavor…traditional lip balm flavors got you down? How but you line your lips with crisp saltiness and grease? Not sure if it rings, but the idea’s one to smile at.

The tube of lip balm tastes like french fries and sits about 2.5″ tall. ($4 @ FredFlare)