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This Is Taco Bell’s AIRHEAD WHITE MYSTERY Freeze


While all our childhood friends fought over the many different flavors of Airheads growing up, we always happily grabbed the White Mystery flavor. Y’know, the one in the sleek silver wrapping and the flavor you won’t know about until the taffy snack is wedged between your teeth? Half the joy was in the uncertainty.

Fast forward two decades later and we get to relieve our childhood once again with Taco Bell’s new White Mystery Airhead Freeze. The fast food chain announced a partnership with Airheads to bring the ice beverage to stores.

We’re guessing each batch will be a different flavor and they’ll refill multiple ones throughout the day.

You can find the White Mystery Freeze at participating Taco Bell locations nationwide on September 15. The beverage will be available in a 16 oz for $1.99 or a 20 oz for $2.29.

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Taco Bell Tests Newest Freeze Made With ROCKSTAR ENERGY

TB Rockstar

Looks like more fast food companies are dipping their toes into the energy drink game. Last week, we reported that McDonald’s was selling cans of Monster Energy drinks at select locations. Now, it looks like Taco Bell is doing something similar: Rockstar Energy Freezes.

The Mexican food-inspired chain has begun testing the slush blend at select locations in Tennessee, Brand Eating reports. Taco Bell is incorporating the Rockstar Punched flavor of the energy drink into its Freeze. With the existing line of fruity Freeze flavors, it definitely makes sense to go with that one.

No word yet if Taco Bell plans to expand testing of the beverage outside of the state.

For the college crowd that thrives on late-night orders of tacos and crunchwraps, this might also be the perfect addition to the menu.

Definitely hoping it takes off nationally.

Photo: Brand Eating

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Taco Bell Adds A Cherry Starburst Freeze To Its Menu


After devouring a meal of Doritos Locos Tacos, Quesaritos and Crunchwraps, you’re kind of in the mood for something cold and sweet. So when Taco Bell introduce the original Starburst Strawberry Freeze last year, they got our attention. Now, another contender has stepped into the ring: Starburst Cherry Freeze.

The new Starburst Freeze flavor is set to hit Taco Bell’s Thursday, Sept. 24, nationwide. A regular freeze is available for $1.99 and a large for $2.29.

Patrons are asked to compare the two flavors and blast social media with their preferences. Taco Bell is coining the challenge: #TeamPink or #TeamRed?

Meanwhile, #TeamBajaBlast sips quietly in the corner.


New York Restaurants Must Now FREEZE Fish Before Serving It Raw


New York City will now face a new rule when it comes to serving raw fish. The New York Times reports, regardless of how fresh the fish is, restaurants must freeze it for an extended period of time in order to prevent bacteria and parasites.

While most places are already doing this as a precaution, the process is now law. Outbreaks of salmonella have caused major concerns in the past few years. The new rule will put those fears to ease among consumers who enjoy eating raw fish.

Starting in August, fish must be kept frozen anywhere from 15 hours to an entire week depending on the restaurants’ freezer temperature. Certain seafoods like shellfish and farm-raised fish, however, are exempt from the freezing laws.


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Starburst Strawberry Freeze Now Available at Taco Bell


Taco Bell announced on their Facebook page that they will be launching their new Starburst Freeze on Thursday, Oct. 9. After heralding the release to their fans, the fast food chain assured them, “It’s okay, you can freak out now.” We are indeed freaking out, Taco Bell.

The first flavor, of what presumably will be expanded if successful, is Starburst Strawberry Freeze. Fans of the Starburst soft-taffy candy will be pleased to know that the Freezes do in fact taste remarkably like pink Starbursts. Nice.

Starburst Freeze will be available at all Taco Bell locations throughout the U.S. They are available for purchase in 16- and 20-ounce cups. Customers can also show up during the Happy Hour window of 2pm-5pm daily and get a regular Freeze drink for $1.

So…get one now and come back again at 2?