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Apparently Pokémon Go Players Love Little Caesars And We’re Not Sure Why

In a recent study performed by the analytics firm, Placed, $5 pizza joint Little Caesars was ranked the #1 favorite restaurant among Pokémon Go users. No, I am not Ashton Kutcher and you’re not being punk’d. This is a true statement, and runner-ups included Buffalo Wild Wings and Jack in the Box.

If you’re a living organism with a heartbeat, chances are you play Pokémon Go, or have at least heard of it. The augmented reality app by Niantic was released in the United States, Australia, and New Zealand on July 7, and both gamers and businesses haven’t looked back.


Once restaurants started to realize they could capitalize on the Pokémon Go craze, the floodgates opened. Establishments started dropping lures (a.k.a. items for purchase that attract Pokémon, for you noobs out there), posting pics of Pokémon in their restaurant on social media, and selling Pokémon-related items, like Pokéball ice creams or pizzas.

This fact could explain Little Caesars’ popularity among the Pokémon crowd, although I have mixed feelings about it.

To me, it makes sense Buffalo Wild Wings and Jack in the Box are high up on the list. I will eat those lard-larden boneless wings from B Dubs until the day I die, and no one needs convincing that Jack in the Box is bomb.

But whenever I think of Little Caesars, I’m taken back to a few desperate moments of my youth when the cheap cost barely outweighed what I like to call the “Little Caesars Effect” – the all-too-familiar moment when their low-quality cheese and watery sauce rapidly coagulate into one, disturbing mess in the short amount of time it takes to get from the store to your house.

All rants aside, when you factor in that over half of Pokémon Go users are between the ages of 18 and 29 years old, it kind of make sense. In addition, Nation’s Restaurant News reported that 60% of app users are suckers for business discounts in general, but especially when applied to food.

This is not surprising, seeing as free food to millennials is almost always more exciting than the prospect of scoring weed or alcohol. I may or may not know from experience.

So while the quality of grub at Little Caesars is more than questionable, when you factor in the opportunity for free/cheaper food, and graduating a level by catching a rare Pokémon, it provides a bit more clarity to the situation.


Dress Up Like a Cow, Get a Free Meal at Chick-Fil-A


Cow appreciation day is this Friday, which means you can score yourself a free lunch if you get into the holiday spirit. If you go to your local Chick-fil-A location dressed in full cow garb (head to toe), you’ll earn a free meal. If you’re just looking for a free entree you can go in with a cow accessory. You don’t even have to go all out, the restaurant is making it easy for you with a DIY cow costume you can print at home. To claim your free food, head on over your local Chick-fil-A Friday, July 11.

H/T + PicThx Grub Grade


Canadian Foodie Goes on Blind Dates to Score Free Food, Then Blogs About It


Good news, food-loving sociopaths. It turns out it’s completely possible to leverage your good looks and not-so-winning personality to nab yourself a free meal. Just take it from Erin Wotherspoon, the 24-year-old Toronto actress who’s been working her way down a 48-restaurant hit list simply by 1) pretending to be Jewish, 2) dating recent ex-pats, and 3) presumably, fake-laughing at all of her dates’ awful jokes.

Her tumblr’s called A Penniless Girl, Bad Dates & Plenty of Oysters, and judging by the archive, Wotherspoon’s been doing this since August — tricking guys into taking her to all her foodie bucket list restaurants and then never calling them again. It’s not all about man-killing though. As Wotherspoon writes, “This just in, sometimes women don’t have the best intentions. […] This girl is looking for love in her lobster roll, not your academic achievements…”


In other words, biddie’s just looking for a good meal.

The blog also features some dating highlights courtesy of a few of her more promising suitors, including one guy who admits he doesn’t know what she looks like, and another who calls himself “Mr. Wonderful.” You almost can’t blame her for not calling.



Unfortunately for her, not everyone sympathizes. The good citizens of Reddit have recently made Wotherspoon internet famous, calling her everything from “sociopathic” to “bigoted” to, nicely enough, worth the “$20.” Recent posts indicate she has no intention of stopping, however, and some even muse about her scoring “richer guys” now thanks to her newfound infamy.

What about you, loyal Foodbeasts? Is Wotherspoon’s work that of a heartless (albeit well-fed) sociopath, or is she actually kind of genius?

(Full disclosure: Goodness knows I wish I’d thought of it first.)


Happy Cow Appreciation Day! Dress Up as A Cow & Swoop Up Free Chick-Fil-A

cow appreciation day

Chick-fil-A will be giving out free meals to its customers who wear a full-on cow suit today, July 12,  for its annual Cow Appreciation Day celebration.

For customers who wear a partial suit, even a white shirt with a few cow spots painted on (Trust me), they will at least receive a free entree.

The promotion will be held at every one of Chick-fil-A’s stores across the country and it even offers a starter kit on its site where one can print out a cow suit for the event.

The free meals apply for breakfast, lunch, or dinner as the herds will be welcome throughout the entire day.

For the costume extremists out there, CFA will be holding a Best Cow Costume Contest where contestants can enter through its iPhone app (Sorry Android) and its site from Friday up until 11:59:59 p.m. ET, July 31.

The contest prizes consist of a Chick-fil-A home office backstage tour on Oct., 13-14, a Chick-fil-A
gift card, or “other prizes.”

Chick-fil-A opened 92 new store locations in 2012 and earned $4.6 billion in sales, a 12 percent increase from 2011.

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Wear Flip Flops & Score a Free Smoothie at Tropical Smoothie Cafe on June 21st

naitonal flip flop day free smoothie

June 21st marks the official start of summer, but few people know it’s also National Flip Flop Day. The peeps over at Tropical Smoothie Cafe are celebrating this awesome coincidence in the tastiest way possible by giving away free 24 oz. Jetty Punch Smoothies tomorrow between 2pm and 7pm. All you have to do is show up wearing flip flops in order to score the freebie, AKA this is an automatic win for everyone living on the West Coast. And if you don’t own a pair, just borrow some from a friend, because delicious smoothies, guys!

The event is also promoting a great cause: All Tropical Smoothie Cafes will be collecting donations for Camp Sunshine, a foundation that helps those affected by life-threatening illnesses and their immediate families.

If you’re not able to make it tomorrow, customers can visit any location now through June 30th to purchase a $1 Paper Flip Flop or a $5 Flip Flop Key Fob to contribute to their fundraising efforts. Donations are also accepted here.


College Student Runs Dumpster Diving Cafe with ‘Recycled’ Food


Tufts University student Maximus Thaler has taken frugality to a whole new level by opening up a “freegan” cafe in his apartment that operates on donations and exchanged services rather than price tags. The twist? All food served in the cafe is pulled directly from the trash.

Thaler and other members of The Gleaner’s Kitchen (a Tufts cooperative living house) make nighttime trips to garbage cans and dumpsters throughout the Boston area in search of discarded (but still edible) food to serve in their home-based cafe. Thaler acknowledges that the entire enterprise exists “in a grey area of legality” but insists that he is providing a necessary service to his community, “I eat better out of a dumpster than […] most Tufts students will ever be able to afford.

We’ll be honest: If you can get past the ick factor of dumpster diving, that’s a lot of good-looking free food. And we are all about free food. Props to Thaler for replacing the typical college student cheap dinner of ramen noodles with something environmentally sustainable and delicious. Oh, yum!

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Today, Feb 7: Get a Free Fresh-Baked Bruegger’s Bagel with Cream Cheese


In celebration of Bruegger’s Bagels 30th anniversary, the company will be giving away free complimentary bagels with cream cheese until 11am.  Founded in Troy, New York, Bruegger’s Bagels first opened in 1983 and has since expanded to over 300 locations.

Their bagels are famed for being kettle-boiled and baked in stone hearth ovens using only its five core ingredients: flour, water, malt, yeast and salt.

So pop into one of their joints on your way to work/school/the daily hustle and grab your free morning treat.


Langer’s Deli to Serve Free Pastrami Sandwiches for its 65th Anniversary

Langer’s Deli in Los Angeles has long been considered to be the home of the best pastrami in the world and its No. 19 sandwich has been its staple since the Deli’s inception in 1947. Now, all those who join the deli for its 65th anniversary Friday, June 15 and Saturday, June 16, will have a chance to enjoy a No. 19 for free.

Langer’s is even extending its usual business hours of 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. and will be open 6:30 a.m. to 9 p.m. June 15, and 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. on June 16.

The famous No. 19 consists of a hot pastrami, coleslaw, Russian dressing and Swiss cheese in between two pieces of warm rye bread.

The rules seem simple enough. One per person, per day, and one must be dining-in. The offer is not valid on to-go orders and there will be no curb service available on those two days.

Of course, the rest of the Langer’s menu items will be available for purchase at regular price.

Joining the festivities will be the folks from 710 ESPN as they will be broadcasting the event live.

Langer’s Deli has won the James Beard Food Award, the highest honor for food in the U.S. and has received nearly 1,000 five-star ratings on Yelp.

[Thx Langer’s]