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Don Francisco’s Giving Away Free Dozen Donuts In These States

Who: Don Francisco’s Coffee

What: Receive a free dozen mix and match donuts from the bakery with the purchase of select Don Francisco’s Coffee products in honor of National Doughnut Day.

Where: Albertson’s and Safeway locations in the Portland, Seattle, Denver and Intermountain areas. Click through to find a Safeway, Albertson’s or Stater Bros near you.

When: June 7th, 2019 for Portland, Denver and the Intermountain (ID, SD, WY, UT, MT) area; June 5th – 11th, 2019 for Seattle.

Why: Because no one is having a day so good it couldn’t be improved by free donuts.

National Doughnut Day is June 7th and in celebration, Don Francisco’s is running a promotion that ups the ante from the standard “one free doughnut per person” – a free DOZEN mix and match donuts! Check out the details below:

Albertsons/Safeway Portland: Buy one 10-12 oz. bag of Don Francisco’s coffee OR one 12 count Don Francisco’s Single Serve and get one assorted dozen Private Label donuts. (6/7/19)

Albertson’s/Safeway Denver: Buy one 10-12 oz. bag of Don Francisco’s coffee OR one 12 count Don Francisco’s Single Serve and get one assorted dozen Private Label donuts. (6/7/19)

Albertson’s Intermountain (ID, SD, WY, UT, MT): Buy one 10-12 oz. bag of Don Francisco’s coffee OR one 12 count Don Francisco’s Single Serve and get one assorted dozen Private Label donuts. (6/7/19)

Albertson’s/Safeway Seattle: Buy any two 12 oz. Don Francisco Coffee Cans, Cold Brew or 12 count Don Francisco’s Single Serve and get one dozen assorted Private Label donuts. (6/5/19 – 6/11/19)

Overwhelmed by the possibilities? Read these suggested pairings to make the most of your designated dozen!

#1. Glazed & Cinnamon Hazelnut

A classic deserves a classic and nothing screams all-American, fried dough goodness like a traditional glazed doughnut paired with the spicy, nutty flavor of Don Francisco’s Cinnamon Hazelnut.

#2. Sprinkled & Hawaiian Hazelnut

Who says the unofficial drink of adulthood has to be drab? With a warm hazelnut aroma and hints of coconut, Don Francisco’s Hawaiian Hazelnut Arabica blend meets it’s match with a sprinkled donut for a combination that brings the whimsy.  

#3. Donut Croissant & Breakfast Blend

Some trends are so delicious that they outlive their fifteen minutes of fame – the donut croissant is one such creation. Tuck into this brilliant breakfast food hybrid with a mug of Don Francisco’s Breakfast Blend for a sweet start to your day.

#4. Sour Cream & Espresso

It’s a universal truth that darkness and decadence fit each other like a slipper. Tap into that with Don Francisco’s Espresso and a sour cream donut for a combination that’s the taste equivalent of watching true crime in a comfy sweater.  

#5. Persian Donut & Organic French Roast

Delicious and underrated, the complex, concentric Persian donut balances beautifully with Don Francisco’s French Roast, for a dark horse duo that balances sweet with smoky.

Out of the area and feeling left out? Those of you in SoCal are in luck with Stater Bros – buy any two 12 count Don Francisco’s French Roast Single Serve Box or Don Francisco’s French Roast coffee bags and receive one dozen free Hostess donuts for your trouble! (6/7/19)

Created in partnership with Don Francisco’s Coffee.

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Taco Bell’s Nacho Fries Are Coming Back, Here’s How To Get Them For Free

Taco Bell’s Nacho Fries were the hot new fast food item of 2018, so it’s only fitting that the chain kick off 2019 with a brief return of the fan favorites.

nacho fries returnPhoto courtesy of Taco Bell

Starting January 24, Nacho Fries will be back on the menu nationwide. This is only going to be for a limited time run, so those of you looking to get those custom fry-filled creations should head to Taco Bell sooner rather than later once the fries return.

Taco Bell representatives have confirmed that all forms of the Nacho Fries will be back on the menu. This includes the regular side of fries with nacho cheese sauce, as well as the two different sizes of loaded fries (Supreme and Bell Grande) that come topped with same beef, nacho cheese, tomatoes, and sour cream.

Prior to the official launch, there will be a few chances for some people to get Nacho Fries ahead of their targeted release. Starting January 18, guests who travel to certain Taco Bell locations between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. may find a surprise order of fries and nacho cheese sauce with their meal. It’ll be completely random as to who gets the fries, but if you want an early shot at them, head to any of the following locations:

  • 2222 Barranca Pkwy, Irvine, CA
  • 2404 North Washington Avenue, Dallas, TX
  • 4248 Dale Blvd, Dale City, VA
  • 303 West Imperial Highway, Brea, CA
  • 1100 Rockville Pike, Rockville, MD
  • 4300 Highway 360, Fort Worth, TX
  • 4101 Campus Drive, Irvine, CA
  • 500 8th Ave, New York, NY
  • 840 8th Ave, New York, NY
  • 224 7th Ave, New York, NY
  • 4030 Belden Village St, NW, Canton OH
  • 5772 Hollister St., Houston, TX
  • 3350 W. Roosevelt Rd, Chicago, IL
  • 1037 Chestnut St, Philadelphia, PA

This giveaway will only happen while supplies last, but if there’s fries leftover after Day 1, the whole thing could start over again on the 19th.

If you’re not near any of these areas, you’ll still be able to buy the fries when the nationwide drop happens on the 24.

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These Restaurants Are Serving Free Meals To Federal Workers During The Government Shutdown

We’re a little over two weeks into the current federal government shutdown and the end to it isn’t in sight as of right now. It’s worrisome to the tens of thousands of federal workers stuck without their paychecks.

Fortunately, restaurants around the country are helping the furloughed, granting free meals to those who show their federal government ID as a way to help offset some of the expenses they still have to pay for while waiting to return to work.

Here’s a look at how these establishments across the United States are lending a kind helping hand.

Washington, D.C.


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Chef Jose Andres has brought his feeding force to DC to help those in need during the government shutdown, as several restaurants in the area, including his own, are offering up free meals with a government ID. You have to show up between 2pm and 5 pm each day, according to WTOP.

The restaurants in the area participating are as follows:

  • America Eats Tavern
  • Zaytinya
  • Jaleo
  • Oyamel
  • China Chilcano
  • Beefsteak



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The family behind Smokin’ This and That BBQ in Florence, Kentucky is committed to serving federal employees in their area for as long as the shutdown lasts. So far, according to WLWT, they’ve been feeding over 100 local furloughed workers.



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Local restaurateur Neal Brown has committed to helping federal workers in his area, and that means that any of his restaurants will offer those who show their government ID meals on the house. Brown owns three restaurants in Indianapolis, including Pizzology (craft pizza), Ukiyo (sushi), and The Libertine (a local gastropub).


The town of St. Ignace is home to a Coast Guard station, part of the workforce that’s on the clock without pay during the shutdown. Nearby coffee shop Java Joe’s Cafe is thus offering up free breakfast to any member of the Coast Guard while the government is closed, with the owner saying “It’s the least I can do” on a Facebook post.


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Meanwhile, in nearby Traverse Bay, Coast Guard members are also struggling with no guarantee of a paycheck in January. Bayside Market, however, is offering to pay for the groceries as long as servicemen show their IDs. The whole local community is on board, too, with donations from both residents and suppliers helping Bayside provide this act of kindness.


In Colorado Springs, downtown spot Poor Richard’s is offering up free meals to government employees and their families, and is encouraging others to follow suit.

“We urge other businesses to follow suit!” a Facebook post reads. “We hope this undue hardship facing our loyal government employees ends soon!”


If you’re in Mobile, Alabama and are affected by the shutdown, Sylvia’s Biscuits and Po Boys has you covered. They’re offering free meals for you and a guest until the shutdown ends.

New Jersey

Thanks to fellow Foodbeast Erica for the tip!

Atlantic City restaurant The Iron Room is providing free dinners for the Coast Guard, who’s directly affected by the shutdown and working without pay. Active members and their spouses can get these meals between January 8-10.

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Bacon Lava Cakes Exist, Here’s How To Get One For Free

Bacon lover’s rejoice! Treat yourself one last time before committing to that New Year’s Resolution, again. Forget scarfing down a sheet of bacon on National Bacon Day, Slater’s 50/50 is changing the game. They are giving away decadent bacon lava cakes to every person that downloads their app on or before Sunday, December 30th. The best part is you don’t even have to buy anything!

There’s no better way to ring in National Bacon Day than with a molten dark chocolate cake served with a thick slice of salted caramel smoked bacon. Slater’s went the extra mile by adding bacon caramel sprinkled on top along with a dark chocolate drizzle. Candied pecans are sure to add a satisfying crunch and the sweet coolness of vanilla ice cream will compliment the warm, gooey chocolate cake. We never knew this could be a thing.

It’s rare when free really means free and you won’t want to miss this opportunity. Just show the app in-store at any Slater’s 50/50 in California, Nevada, or Texas and you will be rewarded.

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These Kimchi Fried Chicken Bao Are Being Given Out For FREE, Here Are The Details

Fluffy bao combine with crispy chicken in an explosive combination of flavors in this handheld delicacy.

These Fried Chicken Kimchi Bao were created by celebrity chef Brian Malarkey, who runs the greenACRE Campus Pointe restaurant in San Diego, California. His take on the fluffy bao bun adds levels of texture and taste with each component.

Malarkey starts off with double-breaded tempura fried chicken that’s tossed in a furikake seasoning. That’s topped off with a spicy aioli, kimchi, pickled Fresno chili, and some fresh vegetables for multiple layers of crunch. The sweet bao bun intermingles with the heat of the aioli and kimchi for a delicate and delectable balance of flavor.

If you’re interested in checking this item out, it’ll be given out for FREE via the Hubert’s Lemon A Go Go Truck, where it will be paired with bottles of Hubert’s Raspberry and Strawberry Lemonades. For more information on the giveaway, head to

Created in partnership with Hubert’s. 


How To Get Completely Free Chick-Fil-A This September

It’s rare to see a deal where you get free food with relatively no strings attached, but you can actually get some free Chick-Fil-A this September.

Little by little, we’re seeing major fast food restaurants adapt to phone apps, and when you download Chick-Fil-A’s new “One” app, they’ll thank you by giving you a free breakfast item. You can choose between the chain’s chicken biscuit, hash brown scramble bowl, or egg white grill.

I downloaded the app myself—because journalism—and it’s legit. You just pick one of the three entrees, and have them scan the QR code on your next visit.

Yeah, there is a bit of effort involved, as you have to download the app, but it won’t cost you anything but space on your phone.

If you want some free Chick-Fil-A breakfast, make it work. If you don’t, then screw it, thanks for reading my article anyway.

WHO: Chick-Fil-A

WHAT: Free breakfast entree when you download their “Chick-Fil-A One” app

WHEN: Through September 30

WHERE: All participating CFA’s

WHY: Because they want you to download their app

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Chick-Fil-A Is Giving Out Free Food TODAY If You Dress Up Like A Cow

If you’re looking for something to pair with your free Slurpee tomorrow, don’t worry, ’cause Chick-Fil-A’s got you covered.

The fast food chain is giving out free entrees, whether they be for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, from the time stores open until 7 pm tomorrow, July 11th. The catch? Well, since they’re doing it in commemoration of “Cow Appreciation Day,” you do have to show up rocking some beefy attire.

Now, you don’t have to show up fully dressed up as a cow if you don’t want to. Any cow-patterned accessory or clothing item will be enough to get you the entree, just like what Chipotle does with their annual free burrito giveaway on Halloween.

If it means getting free food from one of the top fast food fried chicken chains out there, I’m all for wearing some cattle-spotted apparel tomorrow.

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This Shady McDonald’s Hack Lets You Get A Free Meal At The Drive-Thru [WATCH]

We’d never encourage you to be a dishonest person, but if you’re already one and are interested in continuing your life of deceit, this video will fill your criminal heart with joy.

The HandleBandle YouTube account posted a pretty shady McDonald’s hack that can get you free food at the drive-thru, but it may eat away at your conscience.

The guy in the video explains that requesting a cup of water, which is free at McDonald’s, let’s you bypass the first window paying routine, and by the time you get to the second window, the worker is under the impression that the bag of food in his hand, is yours.

You’d think the person in the second window would still be aware that someone asked for a cup of water, but at least in the video, the customer grabbed someone else’s food and drove off with two Big Macs and a large drink.

The video caption says it “works every time,” but that’s a little suspect.

Someone commented on the video saying, “I work at McDonalds and honestly this shouldn’t happen. It was the fault of the guy taking the order because it seems like he didn’t even enter in to the machine that he had an ice water, so they just trusted the customer to tell them they didn’t order food. lol.”

That sounds like it might be true.

Either way, it’s good to note that the rest of the videos on the channel are weird alien and sasquatch found footage type of videos, so there’s room to believe that this drive-thru hack was staged for, like, a college project. But it’s also good to note that when I told some of my coworkers about the video, they looked at me, like, “Yeah, dude. That’s an old trick.”

Try it if you must, but if the person behind you ordered a McChicken, you already know what’s up.