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Chipotle is Thanking Teachers TODAY With BOGO Entrees

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Teachers are some of the hardest working people out there. From the elementary school to the university level, they put in long hours of hard work to ensure that their students learn as much as possible. They give such a huge amount of their lives to our communities and we owe them all our thanks.

Chipotle appears to agree with these sentiments, as they’ve launched a special deal exclusively for educators nationwide. All teachers have to do is bring in their school IDs to any Chipotle between 3 pm and closing time TODAY to snag a special Buy One, Get One Free Deal for any burrito, bowl, salad, or order of tacos on the menu.

Acceptable forms of identification for this deal also include home school IDs or any other documentation from the school that identifies you as a faculty or staff member.

If you’re down to snag an extra meal (or make it super easy for meal prep for work tomorrow), then head to Chipotle during the late afternoon today to claim this deal.

Kudos to Chipotle for this promotion and thanks to teachers worldwide for all the hard work you do.


Chipotle Is Leaning On An Animated ‘Love Story’ For Help

Lovestory lead

There’s nothing that can take away the harsh sting of reality quite like a well-produced animated film. That’s what Chipotle Mexican Grill seems to be hoping for, anyway. The company recently released a 4 minute and 15 second Pixar-esque animated short film via YouTube, titled, “A Love Story“.

The film is a short story about Ivan and Evie, two young juice stand owners, who are locked in endless competition with each other. As time passes and their businesses expand, they finally realize that competition has corrupted their vision of simplicity. The film ends, of course, with Ivan and Evie working together, seemingly in love with one another, and their sustainable vision.  All while a remixed version of the well-known Backstreet Boys song, ‘I Want It That Way’ plays in the as the films theme music.


The food also really looks like a plate that was ordered at Chipotle. I wonder if the guacamole was extra. Of course it was.

It’s safe to say 2016 has been a reality check for Chipotle Mexican Grill. Early in 2016, the fresh and fast food chain experienced numerous norovirus outbreaks that left the public stricken with fear, resulting in empty store locations and the company giving away 21 million free burritos. Some locations will let you get drunk, but other locations don’t — even though it’s the exact same menu.

To add to Chipotle’s list of 2016 mishaps, recently, a Chipotle marketing executive, Mark Crumpacker, was linked to a New York drug ring after being caught for repeatedly purchasing cocaine from a delivery service. Crumpacker was Chipotle’s chief creative and development officer, according to the New York Times.

A look at Chipotle’s stock market presence shows the stock has plummeted within the last year. In July 11 2015, Chipotle’s stock price closed at $658. One year later, on July 11, 2016, the stock closed at $402.93.

While the company’s stock value may not be something investors fell in love with at first, Mark Shambura, Chipotle’s brand marketing director, told the New York Times that Chipotle is looking to reinvigorate the brand’s legacy with long-time Chipotle fans — to remind them of how it used to be.

“We think ‘Love Story’s’ message will galvanize our loyalists and remind people of the Chipotle they love,” Shambura said.

We’re unsure what’s next for Chipotle.

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Chipotle Admits Stores Are ‘Eerily Empty,’ Will Be Giving Away 21 Million Burritos


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Chipotle recently started giving away free burritos to convince folks the food is safe and we, the hungry global populous, will be the eager beneficiaries!

Recall back on February 8th where they gave away 5.3 million burritos during their nationwide closure? Well, the stores are still relatively empty, enough for the chain’s chief financial officer to acknowledge the issue:

‘‘It was kind of eerie — and we’d hear this from customers. They would walk by a restaurant and see, god that was always busy, and now there’s no line whatsoever,’’ said Jack Hartung, Chipotle’s chief financial officer.

Alright, so things are still pretty bad at Chipotle…what about our free burritos?!

At a recent retail tech conference, Mark Crumpacker, the chain’s chief creative and development officer outlined a few key giveaways that will be happening over the coming months. Between now and May 15, roughly 6 – 10 million offers for a free entree are already in circulation.

The chain has general plans to give away 21 million free entrees, a massive cost and undertaking, but one that seems relatively important to jumpstart lagging sales and convince squeamish guests that they won’t be getting sick from Chipotle.

The CFO Jack Hartung noted that it was important to get Chipotle restaurants to “look like Chipotle again.” You know the visual: long lines, healthy people and folks stealing Tabasco bottles. Come summer time, Chipotle might toy with a “Buy One, Get One” free offer as well as target people locally with free meals in areas where sales might be sluggish.


TL;DR: Be on the lookout for more free burritos!