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Competitive Eater FreakEating CRUSHES 5 Pound Burrito Challenge

In the world of competitive eating, Naader “FreakEating” Reda is a household name. You’ve probably seen him before, once when he tried to smash a 50 X 50 In-N-Out burger, or when he ate a shit-ton of McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets to break the world record.

Or perhaps more recently, when he completed a 5 Pound Burrito Challenge in less than 25 minutes.

On July 6, more than 100,000 viewers tuned into the FOODBEAST Live Stream on Facebook to witness FreakEating take on a burrito so big it required two people to roll it.

“The Buehler,” a gargantuan burrito stuffed with carnitas, shredded beef, chicken, rice, beans, cheese, black olives, and covered in a spicy ranchero sauce, was created by the Santa Ana-based restaurant La Chiquita Mexican Food.

La Chiquita has been open since the 1950s, and since then only six brave souls have been able to sign their name on “The Buehler’s” shirt of champions.

In total, it took FreakEating 23 minutes to completely dust the five pound behemoth.  It’s safe to assume this challenge was just a walk in the park for FreakEating. The dude didn’t even finish a whole glass of water.

Think you can take on “The Buehler?” Pull up to La Chiquita, and tell them FOODBEAST sent you!

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This Guy Ate SEVEN POUNDS Of Ketchup In 3 Minutes And Every Second Looked Painful

There’s actually an audience for watching people ingest massive amounts of ketchup on the Internet, and after watching this latest Freak Eating video, we can see why. It straddles the line of fascinating and nerve-wracking and you just can’t take your eyes off of it.

Our buddy Nadir, also known as competitive eater Freak Eating, is the type to evoke such fascination in us, especially in his latest eating endeavor when he set out to consume nearly seven pounds of pure ketchup. Freak Eating claims that this might actually be the most ketchup consumed in one sitting documented on the Internet.

The popular condiment typically consists of high fructose corn syrup, tomato paste, and vinegar. Usually, a few ounces is more than enough to get you through a large meal. Seven pounds, however, might as well be torture.

Watch the painful process as he shovels spoonful after spoonful of ketchup straight into his mouth without the aid of French Fries. And if he looks familiar, you may also remember Freak Eating as the dude who broke the world record for eating the In-N-Out 50×50.

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Watch This Freak Eater Try To Crush A Box Of Donut Holes In 3 Minutes

Competitve eating-badass, Nader “Freak Eating” Reda, is not one to shy away from chasing records, holding the In-N-Out burger record that he crushed right here at the Foodbeast offices recently and even the team ice cream sandwich record. Dude is always trying to top himself, somehow keeping his stomach intact.

This time he shot for the donut hole eating record, which admittedly didn’t exist, which he is now the king of, crushing 27 of Pinkbox’s donuts holes in 3 minutes.

Watching this guy eat will not only give you heart palpitations, but will make you fear that his jaw will unhinge at some point as the doughy little balls kept being shoved in his mouth with no mercy.

How he did it without milk is beyond me, but he took it like a champ and added another record to his illustrious wall of accolades.