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McDonald’s Is Now Bottling Their McCafé Frappe Drinks

Fans of McDonald’s McCafé drinks will be happy to know that they can now forego the drive-thru line and grab a handful of the drinks at a local grocery store.

The McCafé Vanilla, Caramel, and Mocha Frappes have made the move to stores, as McDonald’s is following in the steps of Starbucks with ready to drink coffee bottles.

The drinks are being distributed by the Coca-Cola company, and a press release read, “As longtime partners of McDonald’s, we look forward to working together to expand the reach and availability of McCafé coffees to more people across the country.”

Made with 100 percent Arabica beans, McDonald’s emphasized the fact that they use real milk and sugar for these popular drinks.

For those who read nutrition labels, the caramel and vanilla flavors have 260 calories per bottle, and the mocha has 270 calories.

McDonald’s revamped its McCafe lineup in early 2017, and really made a push toward the coffee line, making the drinks with a very Starbucks-esque feel.

These new bottled drinks fall in line with the idea of dipping into Starbucks’ market, being similarly sized, priced, and flavored.

The drinks do hold their own with flavor, still tasting true to the Frappes you get at the restaurant, so the transition seems smooth so far.


Off Duty Starbucks Barista Just Made The Most Beautiful Valentine’s Day Frappuccinos


Last year, our local Starbucks crew made us some pretty insane custom drinks from their drink menu. Because of Starbucks’ expansive selections, there are THOUSANDS of ways to customize a frappuccino.

Redditor Tony Aguilar (2ony) is a barista at Starbucks. He recently posted three photos of custom drinks he and his coworkers made specifically for Valentine’s Day. Seen above, here are the descriptions of what’s inside them from left to right.

Love Bean Frappuccino: Vanilla bean made with raspberry pumps. Topped with raspberry infused whipped cream and chocolate curls.

Valentine Frappuccino: Strawberries and cream with raspberry pumps for the color. A layer of vanilla bean in the middle and blackberry on top. Topped with whipped cream.

Java Berry Frappuccino: A Java Chip Frappuccino that’s topped with raspberry infused whipped cream.

Though Aguilar posted descriptions of the first two beverages, he didn’t give too much detail on that final frappe. Luckily, Cosmopolitan fills in the blanks of that last drink.

Single or in a committed relationship, you’ll definitely want to try these.


Starbucks Ran Out Of Ideas And Let Fans Create 6 Crazy New Frappuccinos


A while back, Starbucks asked its fans to create a bunch of wacky flavors for the coffee chain’s beverage menu. The company announced today the six winners of Starbucks’ Frappuccino Fan Flavors.

Taking existing combination ideas from regular patrons, Starbucks officially made these popular off-menu frappe hacks an official option for fans to enjoy.

Sure, our entry of Chorizo Maple Sundae was met with laughter. However, we can definitely live with these winners.


Red Velvet

The Red Velvet frappuccinos are blended with chocolate chips, mocha sauce, vanilla and raspberry syrup and topped with whipped cream.

Cotton Candy

Made with Starbucks’ standard Vanilla Bean Creme Frappuccino and blended with raspberry syrup, the Cotten Candy frappe is topped with whipped cream.

Cinnamon Roll

Taking regular coffee and blending it with cinnamon dolce syrup, white chocolate mocha sauce and vanilla bean; the Cinnamon Roll frappuccino is topped with whipped cream and a special cinnamon dolce sprinkle.

Lemon Bar

The Lemon Bar frappuccino is combines both the citrus flavor of lemonade with the rich flavor of vanilla in a blender. It’s topped with the staple whipped cream and a caramel sugar sprinkle.


Who doesn’t love a good cupcake? The Cupcake frappe is made with Starbucks’ classic Vanilla Bean Creme Frappuccino and blended together with hazelnut syrup. Wish there was actual cupcakes inside, though.

Caramel Cluster

Coffee is blended with toffee nut syrup and a dark caramel sauce. Once the whipped cream is added, the Caramel Cluster is topped with a mocha drizzle.


Each frappuccino runs averages about 350-510 calories for a grande cup and will cost you about $4.75. The drinks will be available at participating Starbucks menus for a limited time.


How to Order Horchata, Creamsicle and Cake Pop Frappes from the Starbucks Secret Menu


You don’t often see many fast-food chains embracing their secret menus. On the way to work, I stopped at a Starbucks in Santa Ana, CA and noticed some secret menu frappes on their Pinterest-friendly chalk board. These drinks included “Happy Horchata”, “Orange County Creamsicle” and the “Incredible Cake-Pop Surprise”. Not your regular menu items, but this store was more than happy to share them with their regulars. Take note, every other Starbucks.

For anyone who’s adventurous enough to try the Horchata, Orange Creamsicle and Cake Pop Frappuccinos, here’s how to order them. If you don’t mind the extra charge, they’re definitely worth experiencing at least once. While these are not your official drinks, the store seemed to care very little about the secrecy of the coveted menu. Looking at you, In-N-Out.




  • Order a Tazo Chai Creme Frappuccino
  • Add vanilla syrup, Cinnamon Dolce syrup and Chai syrup
  • Add whipped cream and cinnamon as a topper


Orange Creamsicle


  • Order choice of milk
  • Add Orange Mango or Valencia Orange Refresher Juice
  • Add classic syrup and a creme base
  • Add whipped cream
  • Orange wedge not included


Cake Pop


  • Order Vanilla Bean Frappuccino
  • Add cake pop blended (maybe throw in two for extra creaminess)



McDonald’s Testing Horchata Frappes in Southern California


Horchata is a kind of cinnamon-flavored almond-rice milk, popular throughout Spain and Latin America, that tastes pretty much like drinking liquid churros. Now, just about two and a half hours north of the border, it seems a Los Angeles McDonald’s wants to make the sweet-sweet-nothing even more addictive, by loading it up with coffee and whipped cream.

GrubGrade reports a new Horchata Frappe was spotted in Los Angeles as part of McDonald’s McCafe Social Hour for buy-one-get-one McCafé Beverages, everyday from 2 – 5 p.m. Funnily enough, Starbucks just wrapped its own half-price happy hour, with at least one location in Santa Ana also offering a Horchata-flavored Frap. No offense SBux, but I think I would rather have fries with that.

Picthx GrubGrade


Starbucks Japan Has a Frappuccino with an Entire Chocolate Cookie Blended Inside

Starbucks Cookie Frapp

Starting May 12, Starbucks locations in Japan will be serving the new Crunchy Cookie Frappuccino. Yep, it’s a cookie-flavored frappe. Officially added to my list of Japan food envy, the drink is made with a vanilla base, chocolate chunk cookie clusters and almonds. Oh, and it also has a whole cookie blended into it.

The cookie is specially designed, and baked for an extra length, to keep its crunch even after the frappuccino melts. You can literally enjoy a cookie and a frappe with one hand.

The Crunchy Cookie Frappucino is only available from May 12 through August 31 at participating Starbucks Japan locations. They’ll be sold at 540 yen ($5.26 US) tall, 580 yen ($5.65 US) grande and 620 yen ($6.04 US) for a venti. I wonder if the charge accounts for both a frappe and a cookie.

H/T RocketNews 24


McDonald’s Launches New Cherry Blossom Frappe and Mocha


Cherry blossom-flavored treats are nothing new, at least not in Japan, where the famous pink buds have inspired everything from Starbucks water bottles to NSFW vagina pastries. But with the 2014 spring season comes a whole new range of pretty-in-pink sweets, including a limited-time cherry blossom mocha and frappe from McDonald’s Japan.

Because the traditional cherry blossom plant does not bear fruit, both drinks are instead infused with a cherry syrup made from the bright red Japanese cherries known as satonishiki. The mocha features a cherry syrup-infused espresso mixed with chocolate syrup and topped with a raspberry drizzle, while the frappe fetters a frozen cherry syrup base topped with strawberry candy chips.

Now all we need’s a cherry blossom hand pie. Yum.

H/T Rocket News

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McDonald’s Singapore Gets Lychee-Chocolate Frappe and Clementine Orange Mouse Cake


Alright, McDonald’s US, you’re doing something wrong. At least, that’s the case when McDonald’s Singapore is decking out their menu with Litchi Coco Frappes and Clementine Orange Mousse Cake. Yes, Clementine. Mousse. Cake. Who even knew those words were possible on a fast food menu?

The new Litchi Coco Frappe is the latest addition to their McCafé line-up and brings together the flavors of lychee with ice-blended chocolate. As one of our favorite fruits, we’re incredibly disappointed that we’re not sitting pretty in Singapore right now. For a limited-time, the Clementine Orange Mousse Cake will also be available. The sweet treat layers orange mousse embedded with orange slices and orange-flavored cake. Probably just the thing you were craving to nibble on with your lychee-flavored icee.  Probably.

Picthx McDonald’s Singapore