The Story of the Man Who Proposed with 1,001 Hot Dogs


This is a love story between a young man and a young woman. A man with the surname Wang proposed to a woman with the surname Chen this past weekend. What makes their story different from every other proposal story is that it involves tons and tons of hot dogs. No, seriously.

Wang strayed from the traditional proposal cliches of dinner at a romantic restaurant or something nice and quiet. Rather, the 28-year-old decided to use 1,001 individual hot dogs (buns included) to get his declaration of love across. With the help of a hot dog sponsor, Wang was able to propose to his girlfriend surrounded by more than a thousand hot dogs.

According to Chengdu Evening News, the reason behind the number 1,001 was that it represented 1,001 days the couple had known one another. The reason behind the hot dogs, however, remains to be seen.

Naturally, she said yes.

Proposal-Hot-Dog-03 Proposal-Hot-Dog-04

H/T Kotaku, Picthx WMG Weibo


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