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Jalapeño Popper-Stuffed Ribs Will Spice Up Your Fourth Of July

It’s almost time for Independence Day, when we all get together and celebrate the best of the USA. Of course, that involves our favorite foods, like BBQ ribs and bar snacks. This recipe merges together the best of both in a unique rack of ribs that’ll set off fireworks in your mouth.

Photo: Peter Pham

These Firecracker Ribs will add a fiery punch to your BBQ get together. They’re dusted with Stubb’s Pork Spice Rub and marinated with Stubb’s Spicy Bar-B-Q Sauce to get maximum BBQ flavor on just a couple of ingredients. They’re then smoked with cherry wood low and slow to make them so tender that you can pull the bones out clean.

Jalapeño poppers, a bar food classic, then enter the fray as a spicy cream cheese filling is crammed into the holes once occupied by the rib bones. And of course, because this is American food, we added in a bunch of bacon to the filling. I mean, what ISN’T better with bacon?

The final result is succulent, creamy, and juicy with a spicy kick that takes these ribs to the next level. They’ll be even more memorable than the July 4th fireworks shows if you make them for your get-together.

If you wanna make these at home, peep the full recipe below.


1 rack baby back pork ribs

1 package cream cheese

1 cup shredded cheddar cheese

2 packages bacon

12 jalapenos, thickly sliced lengthwise

1 bottle Stubb’s Spicy Bar-B-Q Sauce

1 jar Stubb’s Pork Spice Rub

¼ cup apple juice

2 Tbsp brown sugar

Estimated Cook Time: 5 hours


Step 1

Trim the ribs and rub with Stubb’s Pork Rub.

Step 2

Set up your grill for indirect heat and bring the temperature up to 250 degrees Fahrenheit.

Step 3

Put the ribs on the grill and cook for 2 hours while maintaining temperature at 250 degrees Fahrenheit.

Step 4

To wrap the ribs, prepare a section of foil about 4 inches longer than the rack of ribs. Pour a line of Stubb’s Spicy Bar-B-Q Sauce down the middle of the foil and sprinkle 1 Tbsp of brown sugar on top of it. Place the ribs meat-side down on top of the sauce and sugar mixture. Pour more BBQ sauce on top of the ribs and sprinkle the rest of the brown sugar on top. Fold one end of the foil over the edge of the ribs and crimp an airtight seam down the length of the top. Leave the other end of the package open for now. Pour the apple juice into the open end of the foil package and then fold it shut.

Step 5

Put the ribs back on the grill and cook for 1½ hours while maintaining temperature at 250 degrees Fahrenheit.

Step 6

Unwrap the ribs and put them back on the grill. Cook for another hour maintaining temperature at 250 and basting with BBQ sauce every 15 minutes.

Step 7

Test the ribs for tenderness by grabbing one of the bones and gently attempting to spin it. The ribs are ready if it spins with very little resistance. If the bone does not turn easily keep the ribs on the grill and perform the bone test every 15 minutes before basting. When the ribs are ready take them off the grill and loosely wrap them in foil to rest.

Step 8

Finely diced your jalapeños and bacon. Cook the bacon in a frying pan for 5-10 minutes, ensuring all of the bits are crispy. Mix together the cream cheese, cheddar cheese, diced jalapeños, and diced bacon.

Step 9

Take the ribs out of the foil and very gently remove the bones. Rotate slightly as you pull them straight out of the meat. Be careful not to pull at an angle so you don’t shred the meat. As you remove the bones, pipe in generous portions of your jalapeño, bacon, and cream cheese mixture.

Step 11

Take a step back and marvel at your work, you beautiful rib surgeon. You just carried out the first successful jalapeño popper rib bone replacement procedure in the history of modern rib meat medicine. Is there a Nobel prize in BBQ Physics? There should be. And you should win it.

Created in partnership with Stubb’s BBQ Sauce

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Here’s What A Lot Of Americans Ordered During Last Year’s 4th Of July Weekend

Whether you’re celebrating this 4th of July weekend indoors or raging with a hundred of your closest homies, you know the party’s over if you run out of booze.

If you’re ill prepared or already too wasted to make a trip to the store, we’re quite lucky to live in a world where delivery service apps can be the real MVPs in our time of need.

Online convenience store/delivery app, GoPuff, a service that promises delivery within 30 minutes, shares some data on what people ordered over their app during Independence Day celebrations. While the data is a small sample size, their service is in many major cities across America, including New York, D.C., Seattle, Phoenix, Philadelphia, Boston, and Chicago.

In all honesty, the following data is a tad bit surprising. Well, maybe disappointing might be a word more suitable.

According to the metrics given to us by GoPuff, the most ordered drink by users of their app on July 4th 2016 was Natural Light. Probably better known as “Natty Light” or “Holy shit this beer is disgusting!” Really though? Natty Light is like the “I remember my first beer” of beers.

Well… okay America. Either ya’ll are celebrating your patriotism by purchasing the most American brands of beer (Bud Light came in 2nd), or you’re just going out of your way to look for a hangover the next day. Who knows, maybe they were looking for the most inexpensive way to have the most rounds of beer pong. I’m not trying to judge.

Most ordered drinks on 4th of July 2016:
1. Natural Light
2. Bud Light
3. Chandon Brut Classic
4. Rolling Rock
5. Absolut Vodka

GoPuff also hit us with the top hangover foods ordered by their users the following day. And judging by what drinks were most ordered, I’m thinking the food orders was kept on the simple side.

The top spot goes to Easy Mac probably because it takes the least effort to cook. With a massive headache, dizziness, and nausea keeping you demoralized, microwaveable mac n cheese might have been the right choice.

Most ordered hangover foods on July 5th:
1. Easy Mac
2. Bagel Bites
3. Ice Cream
4. Ramen Noodles
5. Eggs

The Fourth of July is one of the busiest drinking days of the year in America, but let’s not let the celebration of our country’s independence be a reason for tomfoolery. Always remember to be safe this holiday weekend, don’t drink and drive, and live to see the next holiday.


Joey Chestnut Regains Nathan’s Famous Championship Belt

Sure, the average person will enjoy a hot dog or two on the Fourth of July. Hell, someone probably put away three or four hot dogs and felt like a boss. That’s cool, but try eating 53 — in 10 minutes. If you did, you still wouldn’t beat Joey Chestnut.

Just one year after losing the title of the most prolific hot dog eater in the world, Joey “Jaws” Chestnut regained the championship belt by dominating the 100th annual Nathan’s Famous International Hot Dog Eating Competition, by crushing 70 hot dogs in 10 mins.

Chestnut lost the belt in last year’s competition to professional eater Matt Stonie. However, after a year of training, Chestnut was determined to reclaim the belt.

“Last year was rough,” Chestnut told ESPN. “This year was the best ever.”

Not only did Chestnut set the record for hot dogs eaten, at 70, but he but he also won a cash prize of $10,000. Although, Stonie didn’t walk away empty handed with a cool $5,000. Not bad for eating 53 hot dogs. With that said, Stonie ate 63 in last year’s competition.

It’s safe to say Chestnut is an absolute beast. 70 hot dogs is quite an accomplishment. What’s more interesting, last month Chestnut set another record by eating 73.5 dogs, according to Bleacher Report.

I guess the Nathan’s Famous competition was just a warm up. Until next year!


This BBQ Compilation Will Meat Your Beefiest Expectations [WATCH]

When we think of the 4th of July, we immediately go to delicious BBQ. There’s nothing like celebrating Independence Day with your entire family in the backyard, enjoying a giant booze-filled barbecue.

In honor of grilling meat this weekend, we put together this sexy video showcasing all of our favorite kinds of BBQ porn.

Check out the mouthwatering video and get HYPED for the weekend.


8 All-American Liquors To Help You Proudly Celebrate The 4th Of July

With the Fourth of July just around the corner, Americans from coast to coast are preparing for the extended holiday weekend with two essentials: patriotism and a whole lot of alcohol.
We thought it might serve us all well if we combined the two! If you’re going to be drinking this Fourth of July (and if you don’t think you will be, you’re lying to yourself) then you might as well be drinking something that came right from good old ‘Merica.
So we took the liberty of compiling the ultimate patriotic alcohol shopping list, with All-American-made liquors, for whatever your poison might be.

WHITE WINE: Pine & Post, Washington

Located in the Cascade Mountains of Washington, this Seattle-area winery called Pine & Post makes some of the most acclaimed wine on the West coast… and let’s not forget that’s where California, the wine capital of America, is located. So that is seriously saying something.
Pine & Post boasts a particularly delicious Chardonnay, which has lovely aromas of peach, nectarine, baked apple, and pineapple. Have you ever heard of a crisp white wine more perfect for Fourth of July than that?

RED WINE: Iter, California

Iter 3
Voted the best red wine of 2015, Iter Cabernet is a medium-bodied wine that is bursting with summer flavors like blackberry, currants, black cherry, and cocoa. The winery, also named Iter, is located in Napa, California (like nobody saw that coming) and has been praised as one of the best in the country.
If you’re a red wine fan, don’t let this beer-drinkers holiday get you down — you can still be classy AF while celebrating America’s birthday.

WHISKEY: Stranahan’s, Colorado

Stranahan Whiskey
Whiskey fans will love Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey, a cult-favorite out of Denver, Colorado. Their single malt is made in small batches using only Colorado grain and Rocky Mountain water, which fans say makes each batch just a little different than the last. This uniqueness has garnered Stranahan’s millions of fans nationwide, hopefully including you, after this weekend.

RUM: Thomas Tew, Rhode Island

Thomas Tew Rum
Named after the pirate who discovered the infamous “Pirate Round” sailing route out of Atlantic ports like Rhode Island and Bermuda, Thomas Tew Rum is as legendary as its namesake. The Newport Distilling Company in Newport, Rhode Island was founded in 2006 and released its first Thomas Tew Single Barrel rum in 2008.
Since then, the black molasses rum has become extremely popular — fans love the tones of smokey oak, vanilla, and caramel in each sip. If you’re looking for some brash, all-American flavor to celebrate with this holiday weekend, you can’t go wrong with Thomas Tew.

VODKA: Rain, Illinois

Rain Vodka
A super-premium vodka, RAIN is made from corn grown on Fizzle Flat Farms in Yale, Illinois, smack dab in the middle of America’s Heartland. RAIN advocates love that Fizzle Flat is one of the few farms growing organic grain in the United States, and we think that’s pretty cool, too.
To achieve the best smoothness, RAIN undergoes a rigorous production process, including quadruple distillation. Translation: a few shots of this and you’ll have the whole barbecue chanting “U.S.A.! U.S.A.!”

PALE ALE: Hill Farmstead, Vermont

Abner Pale
In Greensboro Bend, Vermont, there is a brewery called Hill Farmstead that has gotten a name for itself as one of the best breweries on the East coast. The little brewery may be off the beaten path, but it makes damn amazing beer.
As a part of the breweries’ Ancestral series, Hill Farmstead released a pale ale called Abner, named after the founder’s great grandfather. The pale ale was made from water drawn out of Abner’s own well at his old Vermont home. We would like to commend Abner and his water for making this stupendous pale.

STOUT: Founders KBS, Michigan

Founders-KBS 2

In Grand Rapids, Michigan, the release of Founders Kentucky Breakfast Stout (or KBS) was literally a week-long celebration. This dark beer has been aged in oak bourbon barrels before being bottled and sold to fortunate Americans like yourself.

But the real magic happens when you take the name too literally. It is a holiday, after all. You could start at breakfast if you wanted to. No judgement here.

IPA: Tree House Brewing Company’s Julius, Massachusetts

Tree House Julius

The Tree House Brewing Company in Monson, MA is like the stuff of myths. It’s legendary IPA, Julius, will come and go so fast, you won’t even know what hit you. Thursday through Saturday, you have a chance to stand in line to buy a bottle of Julius yourself — but they only sell to the first 350 people. You read that right. 350 PEOPLE.

I have stood in this line before and it is brutal, but the refreshing tastes of passionfruit, mango, and citrus in this IPA were 100% worth it. It is by far the best IPA I’ve ever tasted. If you’re an East Coaster, a visit to Tree House is must.

Support American breweries, distilleries, and wineries this Fourth of July by choosing some of these top notch, American-made alcohols! Since you’re going to get drunk either way, you might as well do it patriotically, right?


14 Awful British Foods That Make Us Proud to Be American


This holiday, it’s easy to get caught up in the frills. Fireworks, grilling, the old red, white, and blue. But let’s not forget the true reason for the season, celebrating our liberation from our staunch, haggis-eating, tea-drinking forefathers. Think about it. If we hadn’t told GB to buzz off, we may have never created the Double Down. Girl Scout Cookies would only be eaten at tea time. French fries would be called chips and chips would be called crisps. Crisps!

So, this Independence Day, remember there’s plenty reason to revel in our independence, especially the fact that we didn’t get stuck eating that awful soggy grey stuff they call “food” on the other side of the pond. Sure Britain’s got its cool accents and nifty TV shows, but we’ll take a deep-fried twinkie over this mess any day:


1. Stargazey Pie


Pastry pie topped with fish heads


2. Jellied Eels


Like unagi, only gross


3. Haggis


A pudding thing made from sheep heart, liver, and lungs


4. Black Pudding


A pudding sausage thing made from pig’s blood


5. Baby Gaga Ice Cream


Warning: Made from human breast milk

PicThx Mother Nature Network 


6. Spotted Dick


Another pudding thing made with raisins; thankfully not diseased genitalia


7. Laverbread


Seaweed thing?

PicThx Neil Cooks Grigson


8. Sussex Pond Pudding


A boiled cake with a whole lemon inside. Why is it boiled?


9. Turkey Twizzlers


What looks like Britain’s version of Slim Jims, only a million times more frightening


10. Marmite


Yeast extract-based salty poop sauce


11. Bubble and Squeak


Medley of last night’s leftover cabbage


12. Pork Faggots

porkfaggot copy

Unfortunately named offal meatballs

PicThx Lily In Canada


13. Flies Graveyard


Giant raisin newtons


14. Mushy Peas


Not gross necessarily. Still sad looking though.


Happy 4th of July everybody!

(CORRECTION 7/3/14: A previous version of this article listed Pickled Eggs as a British food. They are British in origin, but can also be found worldwide.)


Dat Salted Caramel Apple Pie Tho


Recipe: Sally’s Baking Addiction


‘Murica Now Has Red, White, and Blue Candy Corn for 4th of July


We already have Halloween candy corn and Valentine’s Day candy corn and even Jesus candy corn, so sure, why not give Independence Day candy corn a spin?

According to a photo spotted on The Impulsive Buy, new “Celebration” Candy Corn by Brach’s is strawberry, vanilla, and blueberry-flavored and made with real honey, and, we’re assuming, pure extract of capitalism. It’s hard to think of anything more culturally appropriate.

Here’s to hoping for sweet potato candy corn for Thanksgiving, cherry candy corn for Washington’s Birthday, and smallpox candy corn for Columbus Day. We’d also like greeting cards.